Democrats are playing a 'con game': Trump

The president said the Democrats are trying to make Judge Kavanaugh into "something that he's not" and that he is a "high-quality person."
3:20 | 09/25/18

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Transcript for Democrats are playing a 'con game': Trump
I think he's just a wonderful human being and in I think it's horrible what the Democrats. It's just I'm in Winnetka. They're really confidence there's been trying to convince. You know they don't like I don't think for yourself if they know he's a high quality right yeah don't. Here's region's lobster. They're playing it I'm games. Very welding plant actually. Lousy politicians and at lousy policy that Ottawa they're doing to get rid of ice. In wanna get rid of law enforcement they don't wanna take care about military. They were outrageous taxes. But they're good at one thing bigger one thing that's obstruction and resisting and cod. This quality. But you know he's that really when he was focused on was trying to be number one in his last at Yale. To me that resulted only from what I understand college very well and we know what he would class that I understand a lot of what he said that I understood exactly what he was so. Truthful I think it came I hope it came out but yeah. Trying to make yourself. It's been nice about it he's not he's a high. There's great and left. You're also not seeing him on his voting this isn't just but he's never think of and he charges. I mean judges come up from 36 years ago that it totally unsubstantiated. Watch this as the president of public grief. Let's say how it is possible. Six years. Nobody ever nobody ever heard of it now and noon show comes up and she's not. There were gaps said she was totally in the all messed up but she does it. Over here. And being played by Democrats also. Look at the lawyers these lawyers are the same lawyers had been fighting for years. They keep fighting and a look at the voters that is a shame that you can do this to a person's life I don't value. Maybe even more horse gonna want to tell people. Those systems and the supreme court judge ordered to be the judge we're to believe he's a politician. I can tell you that. False accusation. And false accusations our own all types are maybe it's a lot. This is a high quality version and I certainly hope. I certainly hope it would be a horrible insult to our. Judges that you want it a horrible thing he's big religion not if you're not. Still ahead they patent. Held high quality. And they wait he'd just no way. They know what kind.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"The president said the Democrats are trying to make Judge Kavanaugh into \"something that he's not\" and that he is a \"high-quality person.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58069870","title":"Democrats are playing a 'con game': Trump","url":"/Politics/video/democrats-playing-con-game-trump-58069870"}