Denver mayor who marched with protesters speaks out

Mayor Michael Hancock discusses how his city is doing.
3:48 | 06/05/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Denver mayor who marched with protesters speaks out
For over a week protests have swept our nation and the world in the wake of George Floyd's dad. Here to update us on how his city is doing is Denver mayor Michael Hancock thank you so much for joining us mayor I know that you knelt yesterday. At a memorial for George Floyd you marched with the protesters on Wednesday telling the crowd it's time to get to work. Tell your thoughts on the protest we've been seeing and what you think needs to happen next. OK Brandon need this morning AME gotta be here what are phenomenal conversation would Terrel Davis hall of Famer wiping sets the tone very well you know the demonstrations. In Denver. A mall or extremely well. Summer times very early on. But I'll tell you we've seen amazing. Take control of the demonstrations. And I'd say we're not terrorists down. On the administration and we wanted to teach them wrong. Leadership has allow for the police chief our records AT. My cell members of my mice that. Go I'll be our demonstrations to collaborate. Really are no consolation. Also to your point encourage them it's time for us who. Get out and to sit down have a conversation about what our next week and protests and demonstrate don't want. We can get all speeches you want. Reality is though the real progress made but we sit now. An actionable plan Denver police officer Thomas a clay was fired Tuesday for posting a photo this weekend of himself. And two other officers in uniform with the caption let's start a riot. How are you dealing with situations like this. No horse we're gonna we have some bouncers who. Don't represented. The real sentiment of our police officers I'll tell your officers and I want to help the demonstrations they don't want to make sure everyone would say they don't want to be engaged. The whole point from day one was just prima a perimeter say well. The secret though for me. Hours before he demonstration took place in Denver Colorado. Partially this young officer barely a bill. Job for all about six months made me very difficult and tragic decision to. I think our social media. Posting and I'll tell you that police chief of record CD act swiftly and dismissed him from not only the line. Also probably department and you know reared its Oxford city. You have certainly had a tremendous amount of work to jackal over these past few months and especially these past weeks because in. Addition to the protest here's city is still dealing with the code in nineteen pandemic so give us a sense of what the latest is hunt how Denver is doing right now. We well with regards the pandemic we have been able to flatten release you don't have decided he had incurred a tremendous work on behalf of public health officials and the bowl under. Quite frankly who have you know comply with or stay at home or are he's covering odd social scene. Doing the things necessary quite frankly to to really get control at least spread out of the virus in our community. We our concern obviously would be social. Ari with the demonstrations that occur are we do have a mask like we set upbeat view or demonstrations. Or local center where Denver Nuggets are. In wait and and you can go and get tested three. It's very quick. And that's gonna help and I have strongly hurt solar industry go get tested yet seen the real. Dull life lessons demonstrations begun. Thank you so much. Mayor Hancock for taking time out of your very very busy day we appreciate it have a great. PureAV.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Mayor Michael Hancock discusses how his city is doing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71091118","title":"Denver mayor who marched with protesters speaks out","url":"/Politics/video/denver-mayor-marched-protesters-speaks-71091118"}