New details on Capitol Hill siege

The Department of Justice and FBI discuss the investigation and the charges related to the Capitol Hill riot.
8:08 | 01/12/21

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Transcript for New details on Capitol Hill siege
That is the long arm of the law or reaching out to grasp a hold on hold people accountable. For the riot and attack on the capital last week and what we heard there. From the acting US attorney Michael assure win here in the District of Columbia and the assistant director in charge the FBI field office here in Washington Stephen them Kono. Is that this is a fast moving and aggressive. Had criminal investigation they are essentially getting a 100000 more digital tips they are working the case very thorough they got. Strike forces on various issues and some of the striking lines that the that I thought I don't wanna go to Robert voice forward you've detectives in. New York City on this is that acting US attorney here in Washington Michael sure when said. Did they are looking at a range of charges these first got complaints that have come out. The first charge she should come out to a misdemeanors and trespassing but he says he's looking all the way up of course to felony murder. For the deaths of officer Signet but also seditious conspiracy. I just as somebody who's done a lot of investigations but when you heard what we just heard what do you make of this investigation. The couple is more than an Yeltsin was sure it was an artist Shirley scale and the epic scale should say so what we're is illegal immigrant numbers assembly chases said he is already charged in those charges are not to solicit bit in April from there. 100000 pieces of digital materials a look at so you have a lot of FBI agents do this as well as locals or rule us forces. He is who tremendous undertaking. It's going to go forward. And I think it's gonna go for a couple weeks it is looking at you crimes drop or crime stopper approaches. Putting you know these depictions. Having people call in. So that takes a lot of hard luck then you have to go gotten to know what's sorties people what where they don't. You've your trespassing on the on the on the copy for situation and they'll follow that person exactly. I don't collude wearing bury their represented colon where is he what they did point Jim isn't so good eyepiece and people's well. And unfortunately unfortunately song recital of the wanna Wear masks this so reading to be important Clinton he's easily and what they carried in what they did. Control people there are a lot of them. This assault on democracy so they laid out quite well the tip requests will be of people are the case social media who are examining and don't vote. I was I was very encouraged what he says I want to the assistant director in new DC said seeded top Buteau. Oh undergoing NASA's full or want people who don't want public trust that this will not see it go forward. As high as Horton sticker. And Robert it sounds like they're still trying to uncover how much of this. Was a planned attack how much of this was a spontaneous event Heidi go about piecing that together and how much does that impact how this investigation moves forward. So it's gonna go home to hundreds of indirect heat at least at this nature you know 21 person you'll see to talk out of the person that we're there works what they didn't. They have seven euros ready solely at seventy degrees in Zurich see what the wounded some degree outside and I don't think we're just in boss. They reported it is location by cultural and no heroin index they said they shouldn't indestructible according. But it's individual actions tell us what's matter and the and the offices who's gonna have different schemes. Assigned to different. It's of the investigation a specifics team prosecutors to get people lose of the press or attack. And others looted. Senator prosecutors who addressed the number of police officers sold fifty. Our investigation would clear Bruce Greenwood right now in the year mention that I was studios to DC police. We'll see with a group lowered so he's laid out. Good to framework for the investigation to. And if I could do I want to bring Rick Klein into this. Our political director on this is the first level of accountability and that is one of the key questions. That are leaders in both parties citizens in all parties want is accountability for this. For this atrocity whose political atrocity here. How much do you think. This gets that going. For the people who are concerned that because it is it was. Mob associated with president trump all wearing Mogg a hats and the rest of everyone arrested. Associate with them. How much will this satisfy people who are saying there are concerned that. Maybe people won't be able to count. This was a massive failure at so many different levels of law enforcement agencies and political leadership. I and it's going to take the kind of full accounting the U beginning to hear now from law enforcement authorities having some people be asking what took so long well I think you heard from. FBI officials from DOJ officials now they're starting to say look this is just the beginning they are going to find people and they are going to bring further charges and I'd add Terry. Did this is not it just the notion of going back and finding out what happened this is real and relevant right now today. There are major security concerns about the capital during his high profile votes over expecting tonight and tomorrow all the way through the inauguration we have been reporting. On the death threats against the United States capitol as well as all fifty state capitals. Next Wednesday a week from tomorrow and the concerns that I've heard including from members of congress about. Whether capitol police can be trusted with security whether you can trust the national gore ready to trust law enforcement agencies whether you can even trust. Fellow members of congress when some of them were involved in fomenting this insurrection at least at least in directly. These are real and relevant concerns and I think the mess is the law enforcement wants out today is that they are taking it extremely seriously and we will find people and I I hope just as importantly up for -- anything going forward follow those tips follow those leads and hope to gather that information. Before anything worse than what happened last Wednesday can happen again. Yes definitely a daunting SoundBite from that press conferences to hear the capital described as a crime scene inside. And out secure what is being done now especially given these high high profile low what's happening. In congress now to ensure that law enforcement isn't caught off guard again. Right see that that that's what might take away was here. Is when we heard from the FBI and then we heard from the acting US attorney Michael Sher went twice they were asked first by Brian Williams of NBC and then Shimon Peres at at CNN. You know what happened inside and outside the capitol that day what do you know they were asked that directly. And Diane neither of them answered that question and and that's my biggest concern is. I know there are expert at experts and analysts inside the FBI the CIA the Department of Homeland Security. Outside agencies. That track. Individuals like this that gather and talk and chat and plan in ended within that. Down in the deep dark well this wasn't just something how everybody just decided to do was stormed the capital in a Matalin a matter of a couple hours when they work inspired by the president the United States. This took organization and planning and what worries me the most is that one of those agencies with just one expert one analyst within one of those agencies that our tax dollars pay to protect us. Didn't see some sort of red flag popped up. On all the various sites that they monitor that they were getting ready to do this and storm that capital so yes there is a lot to be done with regard to the investigation and moving forward and protecting the capitol in our country in the fifty states that we are now hearing are are being threatened. Come inauguration day but why eight. Why weren't people. Seeing the red flags before this even happened and neither of those individuals could answer that question today and that. Deeply concerns me when. So many questions on holding people accountable and as cure or points out. On protecting the country going forward cure Phillips Rick Klein and Bob voice thanks very much for joining us.

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{"duration":"8:08","description":"The Department of Justice and FBI discuss the investigation and the charges related to the Capitol Hill riot. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75208082","title":"New details on Capitol Hill siege","url":"/Politics/video/details-capitol-hill-siege-75208082"}