A brief discussion about the ‘nuclear football’

One of the Inauguration Day traditions will be handled differently this time.
3:21 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for A brief discussion about the ‘nuclear football’
One of the rituals we have not yet talked about that was followed this morning some essential one want to bring in our chief global affairs anchor Martha Raddatz for more on this. I will never forget the look on Bill Clinton's Jayson Blair house the morning of his inauguration. In 1992 after President Bush's. National ski advisor Brent Scowcroft left and came gave it from giving him in the briefing. On the nuclear codes. Joseph Biden at this point has gotten that briefing. He's going to be accompanied by a military is something very different this year and only the presidency together she only need one. One satchel today there too. There are too because Joseph Biden will not get that nukes so called nuclear football that suitcase where he can put in the codes. For a nuclear attack until he becomes president so Donald Trump has that right now. On the way to Florida because he is still the president still commander in chief of course you remember George. After January 6 Nancy Pelosi put in a call to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Worried about Donald Trump carrying that nuclear football having those codes. He assured her that there would not be any sort of accidental launch those Collins that called. The biscuits. And the president usually carries that is supposed to carry that code on his person. Nineteen. 81 after Ronald Reagan was shot in in the hospital there is a brief moment of panic. Because it couldn't find the codes it's supposed to be honest person of course she went into surgery they later founded in his shoe. So Donald Trump surely has those codes on him now. But when they the second satchel is pastor Joseph Biden I can imagine. That is a very sobering moment I have also heard from a lot of people about those procedures that are now in place they think they are strong procedures. I thought it really is up to. The president to decide there is that procedure what happens you bring in a joint chiefs you. You bring in a joint staff to talk about exits only supposed to happen if the United States is under attack. But I think there are many people particularly after the trump presidency who want to take a second look has seen if you see if you can put stronger procedures in. Twice artist in one of the defining debates of the nuclear age Martha no question about that in the end the president does have sole control. Even though the safeguards are in place want to bring presidential story mark up to grow. As well all the president's. Who've had to deal with this responsibility talk about how sobering it is. That's exactly right George he's sober guy he's the most sobering responsibility a president. As the reason it's called the football is because it's passed it's it's handed off. From one military officer choose another and of course today it will be handed off from one president to another cousin that they're not going to be in the same place. There are two different systems. Sohn president trust we'll Rockwell at noon. When constitutionally Joseph Biden becomes president and then there will be another system and other sexual. Containing those codes here in Washington. Where Joseph Biden to begin. His tenure as our nation's commander in sheets. And as Martha said he will not be given that this can with the actual codes until noon. When he does become present United States.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"One of the Inauguration Day traditions will be handled differently this time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75369596","title":"A brief discussion about the ‘nuclear football’","url":"/Politics/video/discussion-nuclear-football-75369596"}