An emotional Lindsey Graham remembers John McCain on Senate floor

"If you were loved by him you knew it ... and I was lucky to have been loved by him," Sen. Graham said.
3:15 | 08/28/18

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Transcript for An emotional Lindsey Graham remembers John McCain on Senate floor
Anybody who may be watching on television. This is a Naval Academy tie. What listed agent on. Donna are you learn to annoy you all at the saint. He would constantly tell me Lindsay wish to or in my naval. Academy class as Celeste very nice John you don't islands in us that no John. If he had been not plaza had been six from the bottom not to. Thank you very must Jihad. Healy humiliation and affection were constant companions. The more he humiliated you have more like she's in that regard Alice will served he had wanted to be president. He was prepared to be present. But it was not his. I remember above all levels the speech he. China taught us how to lose. There are so many countries. Where you can reportedly discussing Q. Insurance. That night. President bombings man oppressed. So he healed and action. And the time he was hurt he taught me that honor and imperfection. Are always in competition. I do not cry for a perfect game. I try for a man who had honor. And always was willing to admit it is it perfection. He taught me that likely that passion and love. Is a set up. Yet happy. He had. Ten lot acts. He was involved in thought aviation action at accidents that we sent John a deal for all the planes crashed in their. Us if you were loved by him you knew it. You a level all your false. And Alice lucky. To have them hand I'd have been approached. Since his death. Cab drivers. Waiters. Cops. They say it sorry for your loss. My name is grant. Not McCain. But I feel like a McCain. I don't know if I've earned that honor but I feel like in the void. To be field. But John's passing. Is more than act. Don't look to me. To replace its. Look to me to remember what he was all about. And try to follow his footsteps. You want to help me. Join the march. If you want to help the country. Be more like John McCain. Solar friends. Could you get. He lived in the shadow of words to our father and a four star of rent other always worried. Would you disappoint. You did not.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"\"If you were loved by him you knew it ... and I was lucky to have been loved by him,\" Sen. Graham said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57455758","title":"An emotional Lindsey Graham remembers John McCain on Senate floor","url":"/Politics/video/emotional-lindsey-graham-remembers-john-mccain-senate-floor-57455758"}