Fmr. Gov. Jennifer Granholm Calls Trump a 'Danger to America'

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks and LZ Granderson interview Gov. Jennifer Granholm at the Democratic National Convention.
7:47 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Fmr. Gov. Jennifer Granholm Calls Trump a 'Danger to America'
We are joined now by or our governor. Thank you so. So you're. Sol. Excited to be in this. Leckey I don't. Acts and I have to at. Not op art. And one. Acts. Almond. It today. It. And its allies. Accuse our. Adversary. It each audience asked EIs. And eight. Election. And that's on. Each. At the Republican. Us. A sop. For. Mail that was going. To protect crane. Horse. Taxes so we don't know what. Augment sports news. Work with. Pros oh. It's. That she. But. An. Here. It. It. And acts. Years. Birds. Here. There. Does reach out there. I really. Well despite all of that. I spoke with rated you know it as you chose to cheer at a party to secure. In excess it's that if it's good to beat Laura red. He's at this is the highly contested state. Part of the reason life currency. When mr. at a party at the whole. As the retreat right bill voters which is the core. Don't routes or base as corporate or is hearts and ridiculous. Obstacles which. She. Oh. Wells whose. Work. Ports. Earth. It's. His. Acts. And every body knows. Each. Structure auto industry that's choir days everybody. Oh. S. Auditors. They eat. You better. Speak. Way. So. Paper. Jobs in the air apps made. Up. Acts. Warts. Her she wants to treat. Each hour at the world trade or. Horse well. At. Have jobs. Her or her. World. I. Evidenced. By. What she marked her. Right. It she. EXI. Port is by health care's east or before. He. Or. She. Eat it it is. It. Now. You. Apps. Jobs. It. I know she. Aren't apt when immigrants and a bottle you're later tonight passing it on Hillary Clinton. -- you get that message across a lot of people still say you're not administration it is not easily. Economic growth in their wallets. Out there. Even 1980 lacking in. It. And at very publicly at least striking at Democrats Democrats for not play as well as well it will cost America. What he's proposed. We'll damage. One or two after a night are we under brought the bottom six straight months. Job creation and unemployment has been not have. Your stock market is well and yes wait just get started but we worked and rapidly. We have not so far we have not so much but. People still eat. Need to see rising rates that's what was that about. Rising wheat. Apps in a letter rate it's it's. But what you got a picture that people are able. You know it sent its. You don't Wear like governor but this can't there be greater or braids. It that he deeply sorry you all the best of states beat it secure its OC but this is that you back Ricky quick to get elected. If she were aware. Which opens her interest rates it is so it's capacity it's who's. Well as it is day. Ever where. Sex partners out. Students. It worked. An apt. I'm not the other thing I've got a petition. It. University. Or. At the key to be doing so I've not get anything. I just wonder but if she says at current at a two hour. Well. He added. Weight. Or. It's strictly. At.

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks and LZ Granderson interview Gov. Jennifer Granholm at the Democratic National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40940513","title":"Fmr. Gov. Jennifer Granholm Calls Trump a 'Danger to America'","url":"/Politics/video/fmr-gov-jennifer-granholm-calls-trump-danger-america-40940513"}