Gen. Schwarzkopf's '5 Minutes of Unimportant Questions'

U.S. general jokes with reporters before a news conference regarding the Gulf War.
3:46 | 12/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gen. Schwarzkopf's '5 Minutes of Unimportant Questions'
-- -- -- -- -- It not that you don't have the -- -- best times are starting now. And generally told me when I interviewed in a couple months ago that the problem with this operation when it was it was the logistical tail -- the operational right. Power logistics are you ready -- goers -- just it's still. On the just six of the problems have been solved emergency situations -- -- super fan and I am delighted to have to deal with. When did they become. Could be solved it's very well they're they're being solved every day but but what I'm saying is is right now we have no logistic problems aren't gonna that are going to be issues. General what -- what was the purpose of meeting with the generals to just to get together to talk talk talk over how the United -- record store and what their status as to talk a little bit about. Different types of operations talk about amphibious operations which is one of their special. Just -- just. Just checks they are -- don't update talked about program or. What kind of dates you mean going out on a day fight fire yours -- candidate Kevin -- The lowest in more than that you -- no other mother going to be at what the -- -- the ground offensive right that you -- idea. I'm not gonna -- these decision the president does things. Both of them. At least the event that would keep on -- well not that specific. How serious a problem are the players in Kuwait in in the oilfields it's -- require a bypass. We don't want to thank you hear about it the fires they talk about all of smoke they're gonna create in the difficulty that's gonna -- usually an hour or not very far from Kuwait right here. And you're looking at the smoke over there and you can say it really -- that bigger problem itself I think again that some -- -- -- -- overblown. And I think about it whatever difficulties they cause it can be neutral. And therefore they're gonna -- the same difficulties for the enemy that they would cause for us and I think -- art technology -- -- Generally heard snippets of information on the radio last 24 hours that Saddam Hussein may be willing to. Negotiator cumbersome -- compromises that change your thinking at all -- -- -- -- Stay off your riot although -- -- the only compromise with Saddam Hussein. There's that he gets out of Kuwait that's what we've been there all along and I am seeing Saddam Hussein's burial platform for our vindicated before -- -- on the board. Is your view of us Saddam Hussein's son behavior unchanged since about two weeks ago that it is very disturbed -- was taking tranquilizers. -- think is a very disturbed guy I'd. You know I will still play upfront and I think it's an absolute tragedy that one human being is willing to him but does much good punishment. On the people of this country -- -- -- -- I think -- -- very very tragic thing tonight. I -- think that most unfortunate for the Iraqi People because we felt all along our. Our fight is not -- the Iraqi People we don't want to damage Iraqi People we don't want to damage Iraq. You know for the next hundred years that's not our intention to call our intentions fairly. Again Iraqi military --

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"U.S. general jokes with reporters before a news conference regarding the Gulf War.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"18079384","title":"Gen. Schwarzkopf's '5 Minutes of Unimportant Questions'","url":"/Politics/video/gen-norman-schwarzkopf-dead-general-jokes-gulf-wars-18079384"}