General Motors to close another plant near Detroit

The automotive giant announced that they will be closing transmission plants in Detroit and other locations across America, leaving thousands of workers without jobs.
5:19 | 07/30/19

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Transcript for General Motors to close another plant near Detroit
Now speaking of the heart and soul of Michigan in this area it is. In large part the auto industry in fact one small town mayor not far from here told us that mortar oil. Is in the veins of everybody. That lives in this area but over the past few years notwithstanding the promises a president trump to bring back the auto industry did Big Three automakers GM Ford. Fiat Chrysler have actually been laying off workers in this part of town a GM transmission plant not far from here actually in Warren Michigan. Is that she set to close on Thursday one of five. Factories that GM will close by the end of the year in a short time ago a number of workers there. We're speaking out to look. Latvia continuing their road was just let recommended me his bottom house had a thirty year mortgage. I don't know where I want if it now. We sacrifice and that and we given that these companies. Fled into just life. Issues workers. In that he had nobody is happier than they treat us. And that factory closing after seventeen years of making GM transmissions. For more on this order bringing Christian G check she's been with us here in the briefing her before she's. A vice president at the Center for Automotive Research leading industry analyst an independent one at that Christian thanks so much for coming and so what's the significance. Of this plant closure one of five this year for GM give us the context around us. In the auto industry is feeling that heat here is my team I'm sales we're out of reach peak level and sales and production have been trending downward spent 2019 it. I'm here I'm artsy you know all of this or. I'm the United States can make about fourteen nearly equals existing plans that we out. But we sell seventy your vehicle see Europe who are at. And so fiercely out and that's largely built by. And about half. Mexico. So this is an industry has varied and country extremely dependent on trade with our neighbors here in North America Canada Mexico. And that British and skewed and asked treatment. And it's no not yet passed. It's extremely critical post to the company's end to the workers and plants out at all well. And the terrorists as you've talked about before have also been something as of a damper. On the industry interesting though is you talk about how cyclical businesses. Overall gains in auto worker jobs since president from came in about 51000. By my last check out many of those further foreign auto makers producing cars and parts here. Oh can you say from your perspective Christian that the industry from worker perspective is better off over the past two years and this president Kim men. Well you know he's the it industry absolutely anchored out in Michigan went and our act. I own and it is an answer to go out and it goes down we obscene ung. A slowing in growth so as rock group 2009. Recession. Coming out of that we are seeing double digit growth. In sales and production and employment. I'll get started isn't growing it started slow. Us slowing in investment in this industry in North America investors and particularly the United States. And that's slowing investment start it is equal in picking up 26 T. Bieber Newton with the presidential candidates would be an election and certainly did what we knew any policies this president. Presidential candidates should they take office so. Slow on the museum's loan arm that's next. Trial as a candidate. And what's your big picture 30000 foot. Long view on this Christian before I let you go for the for the Big Three year Ford GM and Chrysler. Ten years out are those industries. Safe are they going to be around do you think we'll they actually continue to grow as they restructure. Here I think there's a lot of unknowns on the street or on spring street. Act an unprecedented number none among her uncertainty her treat terrorists. There is is cyclical downturn perhaps in the works there's a number of new competitors and it's these. Or I mentioned earlier as well Alan's. Just huge technological change and mature collector keeps on each vehicle so it isn't being mixed a lot of uncertainty. And eight you know there is going to be auto industry are still be evils. I don't know ownership in this country and for the next five or six years. I can absolutely knows companies mentioned her and you're out an act CA's and he plant in Detroit just announced this year. This should be very good here for investment because that the tree three earned negotiating with NW. And no announced school four years of investment activity this fall when they reach the senate agreements that you need. So mixed bag two years Internet here's an of the trump administration certainly. A lot of factors out of the president's control very dynamic cyclical industry. A Christian she checked with the Center for Automotive Research always appreciate your analysis Kristen thanks so much for your time.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"The automotive giant announced that they will be closing transmission plants in Detroit and other locations across America, leaving thousands of workers without jobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64665924","title":"General Motors to close another plant near Detroit","url":"/Politics/video/general-motors-close-plant-detroit-64665924"}