Georgia voters turn out for primary elections

Georgia hasn't elected a Democrat as governor since 2002.
3:38 | 05/22/18

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Transcript for Georgia voters turn out for primary elections
I'm Steve listen sunny and it is primary day we are here in Georgia. Outside of a church and Brookhaven Georgia which happens to be in the sixth congressional district where there are. A number of candidates. All vying for the democratic nomination. For the congressional seat here on the democratic side. Hoping to face off against now incumbent Karen Handel in November. There are a number of candidates on that side but the real race here that people are watching very closely is the race for governor. On the democratic side there are two women running for that nomination. On either win it would be historic one of those women is African American and they're both named Stacey. Stacey Abrams. And Stacy Evans both are long time career politicians. But both of them and uninteresting backgrounds. Stacy Evans. The white candidate comes from lower class manly she was able to go to college using something we have here called hope scholarship which is. A scholarship that pays for almost your entire tuition if you get a B average. In high school Stacey Abrams has been a democratic political leader in the stage. She is probably the more well known of the two she's also leading and current polls. And of course if she wins the nomination tonight she would be a black woman running for governor. Which both ends this raises and changes the dynamic considerably. On the right running for governor are a number of candidates it's unlikely that either will get the 50% needed tonight they'll be headed to run off. One of those candidates leading candidate is Casey Cagle views the current lieutenant governor. He is probably well known on the national scene for having stood in the way of Delta's tax breaks. After delta refused to give members of the NRA. A discount on airline tickets after the high school shooting in fla. He was instrumental in stopping that. Fuel tax break. Not and the heat along with the other candidates on the right have essentially been spending the last few months trying to out trump each other. Basically touting how much they align themselves with the president. We have candidates running on the right who are calling themselves social conservatives. I Christian conservatives running for state insurance commissioner is if either of those two. Matter in that particular role. But on the Republican side before governor. Running against Cagle the candidate I think who probably is going to given the most competition at the current secretary of state. His name is Brian camp. He has run political ads where he is holding a shotgun. Sitting next to his daughters date. Basically telling him that doesn't treat his daughter right egos that you know did you look him in the shotgun. He. Absolutely celebrates his NRA bonafide its. And in one of his advertisements. He's seen and his pick up truck where he says he could use his pickup truck to round up. Criminal. Illegal immigrants. Mom there is absolutely. A war on a legal immigration. On the right side of this field almost every candidate has talked about it. This race will be very interesting to watch tonight we're looking at a run off most likely on the right that will take place. In July we expect history to be made either way tonight on the democratic side. I'm Steve us and Sami. In Brookhaven Georgia but the latest on a bright colors.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Georgia hasn't elected a Democrat as governor since 2002.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55362292","title":"Georgia voters turn out for primary elections","url":"/Politics/video/georgia-voters-turn-primary-elections-55362292"}