Giuliani warns of Mueller 'doing a Comey'

The former NY mayor talked to reporters outside the White House Wednesday.
1:31 | 05/30/18

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Transcript for Giuliani warns of Mueller 'doing a Comey'
First public should have an explanation we'll moment. I really want them because I don't begin then a court on first and second trial. The only way they could rob Goodman. The judges like Ellis. About you know being one right there are only doing it to track. We're. Oh yeah I. Metals well he does that really doesn't. A file a report by September 1. September. So we'll be fire resilient than all the reports I don't think. Easy and affordable. Don't. Leave it there gentlemen please pull your leader over the next order season. You write this maybe mistake maybe the American people have concluded that impeachment not. David Remnick can save the park and featured everything that's found. In the flooding at a graphic meaning meaning meddling in the election. Hillary in July. Can for the far you're gonna get a report from bar which I believe.

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{"id":55548384,"title":"Giuliani warns of Mueller 'doing a Comey'","duration":"1:31","description":"The former NY mayor talked to reporters outside the White House Wednesday.","url":"/Politics/video/giuliani-warns-mueller-comey-55548384","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}