Highlights From Donald Trump's Super Tuesday Speech

The Republican hopeful reiterates his campaign goals of a wall on the Mexican border, creating jobs and more.
7:19 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for Highlights From Donald Trump's Super Tuesday Speech
This has been an amazing. Evening already we've won five major states and it looks like we could win six or seven or eight. Nation is in. Serious trouble we're being killed on trade absolutely destroyed. China is just taking advantage of us I have nothing against and I have great respect which. But their leaders are too Smart for our leaders our leaders don't have a clue. And the trade deficits at 400 billion dollars and 500 billion dollars are too much it won't be that was along we have the greatest business leaders in the world. On my team already. And believe me we're gonna redo those trade deals and it's going to be a thing of beauty we're gonna create jobs would create jobs like you've never seen. We'll get a lower taxes I'd a plan that. Larry Kudlow and so many others think is the best play and they've seen you look at all the companies that are moving out. When you see Pfizer moving to Ireland and you see so many other companies constantly now the leaving they used to move from New York to Florida. Or that moved from New Jersey to someplace else Chris but now they're moving from here. Not that many people living here today. But Chris understands the problem fully understands now they're leaving from places that they used to move to. Into other parts of the world we can't let that happen. So we're gonna work very very hard I'm so honored by this evening if you would have told me on June 16. When I was with my wife my money and we came down the escalator in trump tower and it looked literally a little bit like this you have a lot of cameras here. It looked literally like the Academy Awards I'd never saw so many cameras in my life and it. Starts to run up to you what it takes a lot of courage to run for president. I've never done this before I've been a job producer I've done a lot of things but this is something I've never done. But I felt we had to do when you look at the incompetence of the Iran deal we can 150 billion dollars we get absolutely nothing. When you look at all of the problems our country as you look at our military which is really being depleted rapidly depleted. We're gonna make a military bigger and better and stronger than ever before and nobody nobody nobody's gonna mess with us we have expanded the Republican Party. When you look at what's happened in South Carolina and you see the kind of numbers that we got in terms of extra people coming in. They came from the Democratic Party like the Democrat party and Democrats and long time Democrats and they would never gonna switch and they all switched. And they were independence. And we've actually expanded the party I am a unifier. Once we get all of this finished. I'm gonna have to one person that's Hillary Clinton on the assumption she's allowed to run specific sub I don't know that's going to fill out. I'm just doing what's. Look Planned Parenthood has done very good work for some for many many for millions of women. And I'll sign it and I know a lot of these so called conservatives. They say that's really because it's evident but on the common sense gets in Africa. But millions of women have been helped by planned. But we're not going to allow it or not to fund as long as you have. The abortion going on plan and we understood that and I said it loud and clear. Maybe that's not a perfect conservative view but I can tell you one thing a more conservative than anybody on the military. When taking care of our vets on the border. On the wall. Point getting rid of Obama can. And coming up with something much much. And certainly getting rid of common color and bring it education to a local levels so that. You're gonna have good education for our children who are being absolutely starved. For proper education. So Sarah and me you know you can call it what you want but. I am a truth teller and I will tell the truth. These trillions and trillions of dollars should be brought into the country. The president gimmick it. The reason is he doesn't know how to make a deal probably doesn't work at it probably doesn't care but you're talking about tremendous numbers of tremendous amounts of money. So when you have something that everybody wants and you can't make a deal there's something going on that's really wrong we are going to have a wall I can to. We are going gavel I watched the ex president of Mexico the arrogance of this man. I get along great with Hispanic you saw in Nevada I want in the old Hispanic vote I have thousands of people that work for me right now that has that. Mexico's gonna pay for the well we have the trade deficit with Mexico. A 58 billion dollars a year 58. It's so easy I've had these guys item on the stage with come out really mean Mexico's gonna paid for we'll. One Asia as you're standing there 100%. Mexico's gonna pay 100%. Radical Islamic terrorism big. Big big problem not only for us and when it will allow people to come into our country who we have no idea they. We have no idea where they come from they have no paperwork they young and this strong. With a look at being said. I feel strongly have a bigger heart than anybody. We'll have billed as an accident it's going to be at security and I'm gonna get the gulf states who have more money than anybody. We got to loosen up their wallets a little that was gonna get but they're not accepting people we're gonna get wait wait wait we're gonna get the gulf states. Because they should bring jobs back. I'm gonna get apple to start making their computers at their iphones or our land not in China how does that help us when they make a giant. And it creates jobs. I'm really get along with yours okay. Paul Ryan I don't know what album Germany along great with them and I don't have it Nick Price OK our infrastructure is going to Hal. Our roads our highways our schools our hospitals our airports. Going to be very proud of even you will be very proud of is a president. But we have to rebuild our country our country is going to hell and people don't understand that then you look at her record as secretary of state. Its abysmal. You look at what's going on with Syria you look at what's going on with everything it's a disaster. So we have an interesting. Time I don't know that she's going to be allowed to run what she did as a criminal act. If she's got to run I would be very very surprised but if she's allowed to run. Honestly. Dubious eight that this country I think if somebody is doing is well isn't doing and just speaking for myself with their meat or anybody else. But if I'm gonna win five I've already won five but maybe it could be 6789. Could be nine when nine states and if it went all of these states with tremendous numbers and if I'm gonna come in the worst is second. In the two or three that I might not win. You know we're a democracy it's awfully hard to see that's the person we want to lead the party and I just wanna leave you with as I am a unifier. I would love to see. The Republican Party and everybody get together and unify. And when we unify is nobody nobody that's going to be this thank you very much of.

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"The Republican hopeful reiterates his campaign goals of a wall on the Mexican border, creating jobs and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37328442","title":"Highlights From Donald Trump's Super Tuesday Speech","url":"/Politics/video/highlights-donald-trumps-super-tuesday-speech-37328442"}