Honoring an American hero

Americans from across the country pay their respects to Sen. John McCain in Arizona's capitol.
3:15 | 08/29/18

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Transcript for Honoring an American hero
When you saw John McCain go bond its last journey Hatfield in his. Until your what moment when measurements he was about three feet from him. Yeah yeah. Starting two counts third tier. Yeah. Where design you knew what she's going through. It's. I'm privilege and an alternative either we're glad that the crew were invited us to enough to come and participate otherwise we wouldn't be. Talks here today. I don't mind as we're doing the best I've felt this a personal. You came I was very easy John McCain is behind us. Because of what he revenues. Not me. Or something I haven't seen in years and that we haven't seen live. You can't. How strong the evening in his illness and glasses scandals relentless night. So you can't do everything on his first night. I was actions. Some volunteer helping out. But it and 83. Had the privilege of getting. What must he became attorney general. Who's in LA now was like McCain's best friend and none. Whatever happens. His whole life. Pretty sad moment in today's closure I don't. Eleven hours to with the unions the water. Well because. I felt I needed to fund management community. Good my experience that is very you know how much hype. So grateful. Totally different military and the civilian clothing or what he's fit for our country. He was. A true American. They never Vienna and John McCain ever. As a retired military want us hurricane every pay my respects it's legacy of leadership and lying about senator John. And at the end of the day for me this is what it's all things like people. Who respect the life. Then when you put into the work that is what matters a lot of times people give roses and people are gone. But you gotta appreciate people while they're here while they're making something happen he should appreciate give them the accolades that babies are. Sixty years and observed. I only got to be twenty. And I'm just now learning on the late I'm grateful I've been through his office or on the war on veterans' care issues. I'm an advocate for veterans. And so was he and that is what mattered. And you know yeah he's that he really didn't why. I'm just everything that I didn't give it everything he's done our he's cancer prevention and I'm very proud of that like that I never had anybody in the service. Good. Good of a good. I just need attention and made another part of eastern.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Americans from across the country pay their respects to Sen. John McCain in Arizona's capitol. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57485422","title":"Honoring an American hero","url":"/Politics/video/honoring-american-hero-57485422"}