Houston readies for Trump rally

Texans are excited for President Trump to campaign for Sen. Ted Cruz tonight.
2:21 | 10/22/18

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Transcript for Houston readies for Trump rally
Want to turn now to Devin Dwyer who's outside that area where the president and Ted Cruz will be together in just a couple of hours and not DeVon I know you've got a big show. A for the big vote tomorrow afternoon but what are you looking at in terms of Texas our early voting has begun a what's the buzz on the ground. All of the buzz on the ground there Rick it's not about so much about Ted Cruz a back to be hard pressed to find. I Ted Cruz sign around here is this is as Johnny was saying very much the feel of 20/20 already. But I gotta tell you. I won't be able to hear the crowds had an out of control I've been a number from brush fantasy anything like this this is just a fraction an odd Thomas a minister around here unbeaten trump supporters that has been pouring in all afternoon we've been talking to folks let's ask desires are willing to wait in line. Yeah using. While the overall and four hours they've known waiting for our hours from Austin, Texas. Not big crowds today Rick they resist a few days ago expecting about 101000 people here in the trump campaign. Switched out the venues as the Toyota Center here holding 181000. I'm and they're actually calling this gathering believe it or not that Texas size. Tailgate I guess I've got to find. The food and beverage but they do and the entertainment and headline news. It certainly adds that in carnival atmosphere although again it's a rally for tech crew has been very much pain reelection Donald Trump. Case in Texas all along him hunters they'll work through that event in August with Willie Nelson had 55000. People. In a mid term year. In Tex isn't for a Democrat I mean these pants sizes. Are unbelievable it is gift to uphold new interest in politics is that it. Yet totally minutes it's this is Texas size everything we talked earlier today just and that's O supporters. Many knocking on doors were talking about in the energy downhill right now and unlike anything we've seen hop and he you know. Reminder of what's around the corner I mean this is truck country has risen to media that much of a surprise to see the president's vanda based on here but I gotta tell you that trump campaign is testing things out there testing. Their new trump TV behind us they're testing their text messaging. They are gearing up we got two in two years ago they don't have a challenger yet but he certainly get a feel here that this is. This is what they're all about.

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{"id":58672677,"title":"Houston readies for Trump rally","duration":"2:21","description":"Texans are excited for President Trump to campaign for Sen. Ted Cruz tonight.","url":"/Politics/video/houston-readies-trump-rally-58672677","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}