Hundreds Attend Funeral of Freddie Gray, Who Died in Police Custody

Baltimore police say there is a credible threat that gang members have joined together to "take-out" law enforcement officers.
8:33 | 04/27/15

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Transcript for Hundreds Attend Funeral of Freddie Gray, Who Died in Police Custody
Guys have this country. All onus. Because they want to see. Whether we've got good stuff. To make this right. They want to know where that leadership is up to the task. They want to know whether we gonna act as one people instead of a community divided. By the super fish realities. Of race. Emotions raw and on edge at the funeral service for Freddie Graham Baltimore Maryland today. Point five year old died in police custody after being arrested April 12. Well Dan Butler New York on it ABC's Karen terrorist outside of that Baltimore torch church for the very latest Karen. It is a very somber scene outside this church in west Baltimore. Emotional and reflective and very different than what we Dolly in downtown Baltimore Saturday night when those protest turned very ugly and violent. Some of the mourners here and they are in the hundreds sometimes say they didn't even know ready gray but they wanted to come here to show support for his grieving family. And also expressed outrage at his death. Mourners packed this west Baltimore church to pay their respects to Freddie grace family. It's been a week since gray died from injuries sustained while in custody of the Baltimore police today his family overcome with greener. Trying to put aside their questions about how the 25 year old died. They want answers from them police department but right now their primary concern is bearing Frederic. Today's somber scene was a far cry from Saturday's demonstrations that turned violent. Thousands took to the streets for what were mostly peaceful organized marches but I keep paying attention desperately. A small group smashed windows and looted a store Baltimore's mayor blamed the violence on out of towners. Many of the people who work from our community. Were. In essence trying to hijack the very wrong motions have some of those who. Live in Baltimore and brick and were. Expressing anger. Over the death of mr. gray. Baseball fans are kept inside Camden yards after the Orioles game and did due to concerns about the clashes happening just outside the stadium. 34 people were arrested Chris Stanley said it was a sad demonstrations turned ugly. And called for calm. All right as ABC's Karen Travers with the latest on. A want to go to our crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett with more on this and Brad Anderson there's not a threat credible threat against law enforcement in Baltimore. That's what the most recent law enforcement goals and apparently stated Dan. Mention the number of games like the crips the bloods. And the gangster disciples and some others. So. Its interest in the police are using the word credible which means they're taking it for real. So you know the problem. Of figuring out pick the gang threats is. Even though they might even be specific. As to what is the real intent in carrying amounts because. You know games played cat and mouse game of law enforcement did sort of maintain their a level of criminality. They know certain lines if they step over them or cause them a lot of heat. So you know who will seat but the reality is the police certainly are running have to take defensive measures. With a statement like that. So the protests were obviously not peaceful on Saturday night there was thirty arrests that remain there the mayor of Baltimore sent a fact. That most of the cause of those arrests and the violence it was breaking out there were for a view from outside of her community is tempting attempted to. To hijack those protests if in fact that he is the case. Are they then also hijacking the message being we heard right there from that plea from inside the funeral that all eyes are watching of what that community will do. Well. Due to a certain extent I mean and unfortunately. Violent dissent gets attention. You know and I talked about it in reference to Ferguson. Butler you know in Ferguson they had a number. Outside agitators. Who sort of who drew all the oxygen out of room as far as attention because. You know they did the violence they've broken distortion sector. And that there is some of that going on now. You know we'll have to see I don't recall and Ferguson though any sort of the sort of direct or credible threat against the police there were threats that. And this is taking on it interstate escalation sorted and a different direction. So CB he brought up Ferguson there and looking at the investigation that's going on right now the city says that they're not gonna have those results until Friday may first. And unlike Ferguson. Officials in Baltimore are going to be presenting this information to a grand jury right. Well I don't know at some point perhaps but. What potentially ever happened and Freddie gray. May well all happened inside this van. And the presumption would be if there had minute an officer in their I don't think there was. That he was injured. And basically died of negligence. Which as they didn't get any medical help. You know has all sorts of. Civil ramifications. But you know they're all there to prove criminal intent by the driver. Who police officer driver of media transport banned. It it's probably not likely so. You know the biggest problem Baltimore city and stand. Is being vary vary specific with the public. About what they found and why they believe it to be true from forensic standpoint from an interviewing standpoint. Because one of the reasons this is escalating is sort of this lack of the perception of lack of candor. I think in reality the police are still really trying to figure out exactly what they do have. That you have not been a straightforward. Like in person we you know we knew the officer. Shot Michael Brown. He admitted he did it and had justification in his mind and obviously grand jury agreed with hill. This is much murkier because it's it's. With the arrests but after the arrest during transport. It's so the local departments conducted their investigation the feds are also connected their investigation what's it mean that is between its. Well the feds are looking for civil rights violations. Which you know I'm gonna guess as this gets further away. If it's true away from the six plus officers that arrested. Freddie to some sort of negligence or malfeasance by. Basically the transport people. You know not adequately hurricane then. Not getting him timely medical. Treatment except for a. That. That that that and on on the island of Lebanese civil rights violations mean the whole purpose of civil rights violations is that. There there's a racial bent. To your actions are your motivation that you know in short. That white officers went after an African American person. Would be Kong is they were African American. So this gets very murky as far as they're ruling what we you have a civil rights violations mean into the day. Based on the facts currently as we know them. Eight. I suppose I doubt that. Tarrant crime a terror analyst Brad Garrett with us on this latest investigation Bret thank you. Keep up with the store in real time as it continues to develop by download in the ABC news happens star and story for updates on the go. I'm Dan I find New York.

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{"duration":"8:33","description":"Baltimore police say there is a credible threat that gang members have joined together to \"take-out\" law enforcement officers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"30619810","title":"Hundreds Attend Funeral of Freddie Gray, Who Died in Police Custody","url":"/Politics/video/hundreds-attend-funeral-freddie-gray-died-police-custody-30619810"}