Hunger amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Kristin Warzocha from Greater Cleveland Food Bank discusses how millions could go hungry without COVID-19 relief.
8:16 | 11/23/20

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Transcript for Hunger amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Long before the pandemic childhood hunger in America was. A real have overlooked problem in our country has cases rise now and removed many millions remain out of work drums only gotten worse food banks across the country. Are being inundated with long lines of people needing food Americans has so many Stanley struggled to get by at the same time congress. Has made zero progress on another relief package Keira Phillips has a closer look to the eyes of some of the families. Who need that help most. This is no ordinary walk to school because you won't see Shawn agrees three children. Or how she usually gets them dressed packs their backpacks. And extend lunch. Because in this pandemic and there is no school. And there is no lunch. Unless she makes this war on I ninety minute journey one way for my children has already. And I will be sold them for free lunch. Which means dinner to you are less sense so in the end so imagine my family. It's it's time Sean I never imagined we'd get this back. Sometimes embarrass saying. This lets you have to go through. This there and I that you and your husband go without food just make sure the kids have food and most of this. We want to make sure that they have had their polish and then maybe another portion before we would eat. Benny and and it kind of got to the point of matter we only eat maybe once a day can't rights. That set us also now meet to grace family three kids was special needs dad I dishwasher and and Shana a server statistics get a little bit of fools. Is hard nowadays both of them lost their jobs when restaurants were forced to close some milk this morning entering their apartment. Is humbling in the shadow what is the hardest part of your day at this point. When you get your door to say to you. Well McCain we move. His place is tax and meaningful it's on me it's had and then dug them mice ran across my feet when I go to bathroom I wanna get them go to bathroom. Worried and anxious but thankful. Because they are one of one in every six families getting food from a food bank. Hispanic and black families we'll hit the hardest to root let me ask you guys this. What are your favorite foods that you get from school. Apple was believed were only acts. It's. I can't and that's sounds delicious. Hey are you grateful for the food food. And grateful hearts. Fueled by an unprecedented. Pandemic pays pantry production. This is Dick capitol area food bank. And this is what's happening seven days a week. Eighteen hours a day Friday here we are in our nation's capital to give it to me straight every day how many kids are going hungry we have over 200000. Kids. Who are going hungry everyday and that's a 60% increase just in these last few months of the pandemic. See your getting families Colleen and it never expected to ever be in this position never ever because they had paychecks they had jobs rightists says this pandemic is pushing child hunger to debris. The capital area food bank has gone from serving thirty million meals. Just fifty million so you've purchased five to seven times more food in this time. That's right from Kent to NN sued peanut butter to rice to cereal in the dry area and produce 40% of everything that we provide to my neighbors in need is Freddy's. Onions cabbages potatoes turnips carrots and fresh healthy nutritious thing. Food get right now is any tunnel glass. Thank you put this is what did you let me every day every mines around the corner and every local food bank in the nation's capital in. Isn't big man rain or shine. Things. For maximum offense right now network the number of hungry Americans tripling in just one year. French parent thanks to cure Phillips for that report and joining us now for a closer look. At one hard hit community Christian martial to create greater Cleveland food bank president. Christian I cited tearing up bully were listening to that account from the great Stanley at what do you feel giving your experience when you see a story like this. You know it's just heartbreaking and yet it is in time. I'm so. And this are you together to make sure that it is available in blending yeah I'll tell you beating England in addition reminded. Our one partner programs across the northeast Ohio should because I didn't Abbott and we've also started doing large scale drive to distributions. Many of the clients come to our planes Weezer. I've been handling errors and are breathing getting distribution of more than 8% recipients or children in your citizens. So Ohio just set another record of turning new Kobe nineteen cases adding nearly 121000. Cash in just the last day what's your view. On the ground there in Cleveland when you look at the last few years are using a difference now in need. I got absolutely. Need has skyrocketed to resist pandemic hits we answered a 100000 more people this year than we did last year. In the same time here and I'm more than 40000 handling is our new. I haven't turned to us for the first time you know her before needing help from anyone in the emergency food. Now we're even getting news and we are telling us. Coming up today. This pandemic started in March and certainly with a negro and at least to date on how. Three month emergency under a month emergency funds. You know were no matter and dollars have run out. And so we are still seen new families in line. And Kristen it's Terry Moran and I wanted to ask you how people are responding. How are the donations understand that the Ohio State attorney general partner with our house take a look at nonprofits finding that there are operating under budget. How are people responding to this. You know I just I just I don't glass until the very generous community our community had seen and he and interest on edge and that is what is allowing us to step up and did you are we have. Purchasing I think killing more than this year with community dollars. We distribute half million more pounds of food since March and we did last year at this time and we absolutely would not nearly do without very generous community. We know we're getting calls from. People who used to be donors are calling this and so sorry I can't contribute. But I confining myself in need of food and what do I do. And so thankfully. We are able to happen to partner agent he heard directly distribution and make health food available. And Chris and we just heard our business correspondent Andrew Bolton talking about the economic picture of the forecasts right now for the end of the year the beginning in next year the economic picture the expiration of some benefits. What do you think about that when you look at that and holidays. What worries you most when you're trying to plan for the months ahead. You know more federal help desperately need in Klein and and milk concerned that we haven't seen any additional dollars and route yeah I'm telling you we're planning to all next year when we put our hands together for 20/20 one that we hear that we are going to be getting good at it very well. Do next all out longer. We certainly hope that's not necessary but Christian we're so glad that you are there in case it is president of the greater Cleveland food bank Kristin thank you for your time and thank you for your service. You.

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{"duration":"8:16","description":"Kristin Warzocha from Greater Cleveland Food Bank discusses how millions could go hungry without COVID-19 relief. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74367040","title":"Hunger amid the COVID-19 pandemic","url":"/Politics/video/hunger-amid-covid-19-pandemic-74367040"}