Hunter Biden on getting married after 6 days

Hunter Biden was not alone when he stepped out of the shadows in his first broadcast interview since drawing the ire of President Donald Trump.
5:31 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Hunter Biden on getting married after 6 days
By the way what ever happened to hunter went. President trump says urine hanging. Hiding in plain sight I guess there now Monroe. It's. Yeah. It's. It. Actually have a very. Incredible. Extended honeymoon with query beautiful prize what's the honeymoon didn't like. It's been based here in the end in the LA and we are. We can hold personals. I would collect cut the payments it's ethnicity alone. A heads and intonation. That I'm in ambient hiding in phase jail time and these are wonderful and some on and anyone who doesn't love Montana it was him. In his home of cold. Do you worry that all of this noise even though I don't know that it could affect your surprise of course not but I I don't look you don't live in the work. Because in your feeding the beast. And it really I mean look I have no I have no answer other than this. Is there. You gotta live in in in the love. You gotta live in the connections that you have to healthy things and I have so many other. An analyst there instead of living in here click on link the stress is gonna make me drink of the stress is currently used. Are you worried about her on going through something like this with. It's so much public pressure. Listen can at least young. Now we don't worry that much. And paying off a lot more than money. And we try and stay and a positive light. Maybe not where goes the lock him up I don't know it. And I. A. The bottom line is is that I talked to regenerate it. I live my life in the open. I get my car in morning and I go down the road and they get coffee and I go to the same place for lunch with Melissa and I go about doing my business in my work. I was a lawyer and I was asked as a lawyer for voice shall reflector of counsel to pay one of them most prestigious law firms in in the world and I was asked to. By any associate who welcome. Who had. And doing business with Greece will. Two. Look at ways in which beat Brees looked could enhance its. It's. I'm positioned to act outside of Ukraine and then and attract western investors. I think people and we're thinking how can that not crossed your mind you wouldn't I'll just a little bit Erica I needed this isn't a good idea. To go and sit on the board of disagreeing and company. I took an attribute in retrospect I recollect behind you never never never thought this might not look right even if I'm doing everything perfectly legal. You know what the exit and the human. What didn't make a mistake well maybe in that isn't in the greater scheme of things yeah. It inflicted I'd make a mistake based upon some on at the collapse absolutely not. If your last name wasn't I. I don't know I don't know probably not. In retrospect. But that's you know I don't think that there's a lot of things that would happen in my life that that if my last name wasn't. What I regret is not taking into account that there would be. A Rudy Giuliani. And any the president of the United States that would be listening to these. These ridiculous conspiracy idea which has again been completely people and fight every war. Look this isn't really has no. Basis in fact in anyway in have you received any money from not business dealing not at all not once it. So you'd welcome an investigation because stolen. And in. And it's gonna ten and in what color being. I think probably be a waste of taxpayers' money. That they felt would bring peace of mind. To hear Anna needs peace of mind for most of us. I know we have pace and on and where OK we mean adventures. Special.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Hunter Biden was not alone when he stepped out of the shadows in his first broadcast interview since drawing the ire of President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66355311","title":"Hunter Biden on getting married after 6 days","url":"/Politics/video/hunter-biden-married-days-66355311"}