Impeachment hearings to go public

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., announced open impeachment hearings will begin next week.
27:47 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for Impeachment hearings to go public
Yeah. Everybody welcome to the briefing her mom Devin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us on this Wednesday a lot of impeachment news to get too off the top some breaking news from Capitol Hill a short time ago the top. Democrat leading the impeachment investigation into Donald Trump. Announced that next week public hearings will begin in the probe. For the first time giving the public a chance to hear from the witnesses. You'll see. Throughout the course of the test when not only their test mode but many others. The most important facts are largely not contested. We are getting an increasing appreciation for just what took place during the course of the last year. And the degree to which the president. And listed the whole departments of government. In the illicit aim of trying to get you frame. Two dig up dirt on the political opponent. As well as further conspiracy theory about the 2016 election that he believed would be beneficial. To his reelection campaign. And let's bring in our investigative reporter Catherine fall there she's up on Capitol Hill today following all the developments Catherine let's start with that announcement. From Adam Schiff this'll be the first time the American people will be able to judge these witnesses their stories and their credibility for themselves a very significant moment. Well that's our and that's what ship. A hit on in that statement there obviously Republicans have been undermining the credibility of these witnesses. He wants them to appear publicly the three that he announced there will be on Wednesday. And on Friday there significant witnesses and really what this represents is at the closed door. A portion of this investigation on Lee's deposition. Depositions have been happening behind closed doors were moving in to a new phase of this investigation these witnesses will appear publicly and perhaps there will be more than these three that's just announced who also appear in a propagandist. This is just the beginning it'll also give it a wrote us a chance to see how Republicans respond to some of the testimony the damning testimony that these witnesses party for fourth. Who will come first next week on Wednesday and Friday what do you know. Is so you'll have that Bill Taylor is a top diplomat in. To Ukraine you see the Fed is right there in George Tenet says State Department official now in those two are scheduled to happen on Wednesday and I will bits of this an amendment but that the transcript of a Bill Taylor is a closed door deposition has just been released which are which were pouring through now now though the Friday one marine Ivanovic it this is significant because we've been hearing a lot. About her throughout the course of this week and transcripts. That have already been released she was the ambassador that was ousted a from her post in an contest of many in her closed door deposition she describes this. Pressure campaign specifically. By the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani so we'll get more details from her on that a public setting as well them. And you did talk about those transcripts Katherine to remind everybody what is happening this week is Democrats are now. Giving the public a chance to read hundreds of pages. Of testimony from those witnesses which we'll hear from again about why are they doing this in phases like this why are we seen. Both Bill Taylor for example he appeared on the hill he spoke for ten hours of the committee demo see him again next week what's this all about. Oh well I do think it's a few things and it represents the fact that ended this portion of it is. Coming to an end that I think is the reason that there it you know releasing these in phases. In a sense is because that the any changes to their transcripts so perhaps as he testified later behind closed doors we won't see those. For a little bit of time but there releasing his today they've we expect them to release more transcripts as the week goes on it's quite possible that we could see. All the transcripts of these closed door depositions by the time that they begin need public hearings next week. Pretty incredible stop detailed stuff we. As we support through those hundreds of pages from Bill Taylor Katherine voters think is so much your reporting up on Are right now you can read the transcripts there for yourself as well but I do want to bring in are White House reporter Jordan felt for one other impeachment related headline. I Jordan because as we prepare for public hearings in this spectacle that the public will watch next week the White House is staffing up. To push back on some of this what do we know about some new strategist they've hired. Yet DeVon it's an interesting because the White House is always insisted in town now that they don't need a war room Stephanie Gresham the Press Secretary dimasi sent president trump is the war and he's a one man. War ram but this is an acknowledgment that they do need help as. The impeachment now moves into this critical public phase next week. They've hired Tony sci act Gil has only been out of the administration for a few months he's the former spokesman over at the Treasury Department. They're also bringing in Pam bonding a long time trump ally and of course the former attorney general of Florida so they're gonna help craft those public message. As the administration moves and communications team in place some new public faces to defend the president as well Jordan Phelps thanks for that have mind. Shifting gears now to the race it's 120 a big night last night in the race. To 2019 the results and a handful of states last night the first multi last multistate test. That voters will have ahead of the presidential election next year political director Rick Klein is here were also drummer Jefferson Elliott 538 he joins us. As well via Skype Jeffrey thanks for being Erica want to start with you though because big picture. Last night a good night for Democrats and also some tea leaves in what we saw happen in the suburbs women turning out. And particularly Iran and its suburban women turn out along with. A lot of younger people as well. That's a revenge of the suburbs and is a continuation DeVon of what we've seen in all the major elections in the trunk Barre twice seventeen to a lesser exit 2018 to a major extent we saw. The house wait propelled by these victories in the suburbs you saw he's victories and it wasn't just in Kentucky. I and Virginia although those are two big ones but also places like Iowa Pennsylvania where you had local races that were decided. In favor of Democrats in large part because of this activation. Of suburban America against Donald Trump talking to that the chair of the Democratic National Committee just today he said look this is proof the trump isn't just doesn't work that kind of divisiveness doesn't work. And the Democrats see a lot of bright spots in the suburbs of these states and anymore. And of course there were some we should group context all of this with the fact that there are some really local issues at play and a lot of these races as wells rich be careful with some of those. Dynamics but certainly Jeffrey skelley. An out people boat caught. Watch closely watching what happened in Kentucky last that the current Kentucky gubernatorial race still up for grabs are now very close but does look like the Democrat. Indeed this year could pull this out what do you make of that. Nationally what can we take in terms of this this this race for Donald Trump. Well I do think that they Kentucky result is a little embarrassing for the president and that. It is fair and orderly election campaign for Matt Bennett in the Republican incumbent. And it didn't work out forum. I'm the same time it is possible that bad news attachment to president try made the race even closer than it might have been otherwise. Kentucky's mayor I'll stay and and in his very unpopular. So perhaps attached himself trot and the president and so actually Babylon but it's hard seat act because in the end it now. One Democrat who is closely watching this race of course as you know Rick is aiming the grafts she's the retired. Marine Corps fighter pilot one of the first woman if fighting comments she's it in the race to take on Mitch McConnell next year she's watching what happened last night. As a Democrat in Kentucky she joins me now. Obvious Skype from that state any it's McGrath it's great to see you thanks for for coming and how do you read the results from last night. Just think that it shows that Kentucky incident done with. People who put their political party above the state and about the country and then they're ready for a new generation of leaders. Yelling and trying to get we need to get rid of people that have been there for 34 years and now I'm just represent special interests and is this what this shows momentum. I mean that's that's the biggest things that you know. It for us it's not about our political party it's about doing what's right that's when he this year talked about over an hour and half organic in his campaign. And that's been my message online is let's put our country and our political party. Any. You grab you fell short in your house race last year it obviously a presidential year is different you're gonna have a different turnout picture presidential carry Kentucky by some. Thirty points what makes you think that the landscape can be sufficiently different for you in a presidential year where you have Donald Trump who let's face it is probably a win Kentucky by a lot. On the ballot next year how you'll be able to the take on Mitch McConnell the same time. Do you think last night's results showed you a little bit about that you know president drop came here and yet we still had a very unpopular governor. Who was ousted by new generation. The leadership who wants to do what's right for can sake. And you know it was not who else is not popular in Kentucky is Mitch McConnell. And that's because you know he epitomizes the dysfunction in Washington. That dysfunction that so many Kentucky news or a different retired and he built that DC swap that so many Kentucky has frankly voted for. President trump seemed to get enough. And so you know I think that this is an interest in race that's going to be one that's very tight and you know I think we're going to be wanted to be missed Connell. You have to get through the democratic primary after in the senate race first. And we do know that you're not the only 19. A chance to take Mitch McConnell on Kentucky sports realist Matt Jones of course as you know launch an exploratory committee he's talked about you being the establishment. Candidate. In the democratic primary and he says what's really needed is an outsider. Says you're the insider hardy respond to that. Well it's pretty interesting since I spent my entire adult life as a military officer I was an independent for many years my husband is that Republican. And you know somebody that didn't grow up within a political party at the last race I ran I defeated democratic establishment in the primaries. You know to me it's not about that certain enzyme based thoughts about the person has the date the best message. I'm and the person that some best suited to take on Mitch McConnell who. You know frankly is something people don't like cure in Kentucky and they're looking for a new generation of leaders. I think leaders who have served the country and has proven that they can put this country and other political party. Can be a fascinating race to watching immigrant thanks for coming in today hope to speak with you again as this. Our race progresses and and we will be watching the results in the gubernatorial race that they're in Kentucky as well I want to shift gears number Jeffrey skelley back into the conversation because of Kentucky wasn't the only race to watch him outside big. Developments in Virginia and Jeffrey were Democrats they are now control the entire government both houses. In a Virginia Statehouse for the first time in 45 years. Yeah the last time they held power and to this degree it was our for the 1993 gubernatorial elections it has been quite a while. I'm Democrats were able to pick up a couple seats in the state senate about six seats in the house of delegates than their manes who recount they are ending. Enough was enough to get majorities in the house of the legislature. And now Democrats are position where they legislator all host of issues in the next session. And you could see gun control. So we're leading the way. In Virginia he's been shooting and made it was push. The gun control legislation by governor north and a Democrat. And I got shot down by a Republican legislatures. That might be something you see and when Dana biggest issue community Ager she watches what Democrats do about districting. I'm there's a reform the reform legislation on the table there that could possibly get going to expect. I'm and British CC democrats' CU. A revision commission or they decided Robert Johnson's house. And quickly gently before that you go we should say there was a bright spot for Republicans us that Mississippi a place where president trump stumped. Lieutenant governor down their T Reeves pulled out a win. Nor does that tell us anything and that race. Well I think you could say that Democrats the reform to some extent there as well but he may have had the only candidate in getting we'll doing that mean attorney general Jim hood. I'm sick series it's it's a solid issue or how he full control government there such an insulin in. I got a bright spot for Republicans Jeffers sky 538 thanks so much greater analysis at 530 attack com right now as well. Before that you are record do want to turn to the democratic primary race which continues apace right now in a very interest in development. Over health care plane out of the last 4448 hours between Elizabeth Warren and Joseph Biden started by Elizabeth Warren taking on Joseph Biden. With some pretty interest in swipes this listen to her comments that started all this. So. If to Obama doesn't want. Her staunch U. Undated. All the we're building up quality affordable care if they don't. Democrats. Are not gonna win. By repeating Republican talking points. And light dusting off. The points of view. I'll try it. Insurance companies. And the giant drug companies they don't want to see any change in the law my interview. Warren paint in Biden as a defender of insurance companies and is potentially a Republican talking points pusher. Hitting back today and a post on medium where he. Goes after Elizabeth Warren suggests that she herself was a Republican at one point and is in a representative of a leak isn't. It's working for that working and middle class people do not share we know you best you know nothing. If you're only as far as I'm you agree with me mentality this is no way to get anything done is no way to bring the country together he says annoyed to be count dropped. Rick the eve of the (%expletive) or get sharper this is. An escalation from July and he was asked as we have a fund raiser in Washington today media about his attacks on bulletin warns of attacking her I'm just responding to her tax sure we'll get slot that's an attack that those are fighting words and he knows exactly what he's doing with that. And I actually think he's election results are going to give new life to this debate because you have in the wake of this a range of moderate saying look. These people that one in Kentucky and and in Virginia the see Cecil candidates that we saw even in Pennsylvania and I Iowa. They didn't win by running on Medicare for all they way they read by being pragmatic. The postal progressive Democrats who go out there and trying to reflect local issues and local values and there is he growing concern about this divide that that is epitomized now by Biden. That for all of the advantages the Democrats have coming up to 2019 and going to 20/20 biggest drop by getting the wrong candidate. It's going to be an explosive debate night in Atlanta coming up on the twentieth and remember we know you'll be there thanks so much Rick for coming over thanks to movie not know yesterday's election results also. Included a setback for the very popular. Site era B&B if you Houston if you've been aghast if you've been a host. You want to pay attention to this one Jersey City, New Jersey just outside New York City approved an ordinance. That imposes now some of the strangest regulations. On air B&B despite the company's aggressive four million dollar push back campaign ahead of the vote yesterday the new rules. Here's what they would do they put prohibit air B&B Reynolds. For more than 6090 years to owner is a president would band rent control properties those. Rent. Price controlled properties from being used for our air be India will also impose a fee. For some operators this is a small town you might think Jersey City what's the big deal here but it will have a big impact the company of course. Going public and also trying to expand nationwide let's bring in now the mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey mayor Stephen full up. Who was an advocate for these rules on air B&B and S sided with 69%. Voters in your city mr. mayor thanks so much for coming in so tell us what this means for your city that this now has been passed and these regulations were wrong place. Sir and the Sudan would extend you know basic feedback for a man committee of residents and that. That's common sense rules around registration and armor occupancy and that route through a lot of complaints and feedback program. Officials and that's safety issues and so red we think bad. This is best practices it wouldn't be fed ascended and prevent food that overwhelmingly the public said that the rent regulations rules. Yeah indeed that company does say you in a statement to us that cities from buffalo. To San Francisco to Boston to Seattle and managed. To pass conference a short term or two regulations without punishing tenants are creating red tape and owner's registration systems they're taking name. Impart at that permit fee for folks who want to make a little money on the side with air B&B what do you say to that is that. Punishing folks who just want to use their home two make a little cash. I disagree with anger and registration and best and transparency chewed the communion. Near rab members who is occupying and who's losing here be abuses important. And I think registration provides a mechanism to have a safe and we're preventing their so I think that's important. I'm and net you know look at the minute the component about renting your home after that it wouldn't need is upset about which are remembered and allowed. Was because there's commercial operators that when dozens if not hundreds of units blew us the money Caribbean blue as short term hotels. And puts pressure and has imposed rules and enterprises for every resident throughout Jersey City. And that's my roof there. And that you can look at the face an uncertain with some U movements were booming you do background check and credit check all sorts of checks together add that blood Samantha. An apartment hasn't fit with the person next moves are proving. Ever attended every group something different coming and they are so it's about safety and some kind of just common sense up ahead member. Nations the Al lot of these state companies as you say using air BMB is something the loophole. A round hotel regulations and the like we see it in New York City a lot of other states. It into Kenya flush out a little bit more for folks who are unfamiliar with air B&B and save maybe there libertarians who say hey wait a second this is more regulations here we go again trying to crack down. On on this self funded economy here what are some of the problems that your residents 69 percentages and residents. Were so concerned about. So so. I also read if you're an unoccupied blooming and you're using Libyan descent from enduring calm yesterday. And to pay your mortgage renting their apartment when you're building where it in your camera a bedroom I'm really proud yesterday were still around tomorrow. The biggest issue was Iran companies communion and batting 56 homes and a block. Terminal there until the real test or renting dozens or hundreds of lives and charge Myanmar and Libyan BS hotels unregulated. And that includes K. As markings here so recruited some battles but at the same time. We have been good. And perhaps setting a trend for other cities and states across the country as they look for ways to. To grapple with the problems that you've talked about there mr. mayor are from Jersey City thinking so much for coming on ABC news life and good. Moving on now finally today to the first of its kind clinical trial that's under way right now to help. Patients suffering from OP way to addiction you may remember the last month we were in Ohio for the democratic debate. We were talking with people there. Who are on the road to recovery after suffering. Through a very difficult time well Virginia is a West Virginia rather is also hard hit me an epidemic in 2017. There were 833. Drug overdose deaths in that states when the hardest hit. And he'll toward crisis and it's about fifty deaths per 100000 people won the highest rates in the country. Well doctors at West Virginia University came up with an idea to test the brain implant device something of a brain pacemaker. Help control addiction impulses in the brain help people were suffering from a Piorek. Addiction and one of those surgeries is performed last week with a gun in Jerryd Buckhalter we caught up with him right before the surgery news where he told us. I'm feeling you know anxious nervous. All the tires Billings. If anyone who would kill. You go here. Brain surgery. I'm just anxious to see you know it works. Com sure that it will. Anything to help set me free from chains prediction. The or make an. Itch. Jared and doctor James Mahoney from west Virginia university hospital helped that the surgery. I join us now guys thanks so much shift for coming in Jarrett wanna start with you how are you feeling how is can you tell the devices in there and do you think it's working. I'll. Can definitely tell it. Saw things written gotten there's. Nothing wrong quite. But I noticed a bit of difference is again. You know I'll call my. Yeah a little bit too early to tell about it. A little bit. Just everything we didn't hurt us Brawley it sure looks like a pretty invasive. Procedure we see or seen some pictures now from when you. Weren't surgery. How concerned were you'd about having something a brain pacemaker putting your brain. Something experimental. Well. And some boring yeah dude take about barrier like deputy. Well without going soft. Isn't the first line treatment. Shots gotten. Him. Think about it during surgery are a hundred. I am. A white person Collins. Case. Best chance. Best outcome would be Sterger. Oh and and talk talk to us about why a what led you to making that decision and you'd grappled with addiction for for some time that mission you tried a number of therapies and different approaches to try to eighteen get that under control. And that we can kind of hear the desperation in your voice is used as you as you decided to do this. Why was this are necessary. And it was necessary. This. Every. Every type of treatment. Worked out and this newest song and it. You're. Sounds crazy and it. Certain. Doctor citing ias. Probably best which is sorrow. Art. Deciding. To but I. Op who also everybody's better ball lets us. Her. Treatment team everybody's come. House familiar. And I. Oh wait you all the options and that was. And me doing this. You know doctors. We're really varies. I didn't. And and and doctor Mahoney want to bring you into this this is the first of its kind clinical trial in the United States to use deep brain stimulation. To try to target these or cured addiction impulses it. DC this is a breakthrough is this something that really amended basing your experience here could be applied. On to a large population. Yeah absolutely you know this is deftly trial are excited about. Column. Main focus it is her and is rigorous clinical trial we have important. Elaborately with the Majlis news. Problem and it really steal its that's gonna you know makes changes in the user comments treatment. Op has your nation's first line treatment her you know. I'm Rea medications. Out period April treatments which are successful but they're not successful for a curriculum. So for this trial specifically for us that we we sanitary and fracturing meeting they've tried as much like Jerry had. I come back he trying to keep real. Trials yet. And in very quickly for for folks watching this who either may beast is struggling with addiction or they have a loved one who struggle and they've tried so many different things like Jarrett has. What can folks do to pursued either this procedure or something else perhaps it's in the pipeline clinical or experimental what's your advice. That's a little. Burst its best the you know Tom there's difference that's out there. I'm a first. Distance you know on this leash outing. He's trying to protect. Yes and it's only you know he's he's back all Ebbers. And pushing zero there's the mountains out on the bottom right. And individual. That treatment for a. That is in that is great advice keep up the hoping Jared Buckhalter you certainly are doing that and you are proving that and hopefully will be inspiration for others. Who watch this and hear your story and doctor James Mahoney from West Virginia University I think you both very much for joining us today and great story wish you both very well. As the recovery process continues thank you and thank you for watching us today here in the briefing room on ABC news live where her everyday at 3:30 eastern time 530 and 630 with the biggest headlines. Otto Washington today and in developments across the country. Download the ABC news asked to follow the latest on the impeachment inquiry in the other stories we talked about today you can also watch is commercial free there live button. At the bottom of the app on Devin Dwyer in Washington hope to see Wright tech here. Tomorrow. I don't think.

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