Indiana Senate race: Mike Braun wins GOP primary

In a surprise, the businessman defeated two established names in Indiana politics.
2:20 | 05/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Indiana Senate race: Mike Braun wins GOP primary
We have some big news. OK we excerpts we have some breaking news to report now. Mike brawn has just won the Republican primary in the race for senate in Indiana this is a huge development rate that is just happen right now and Al. Outsider. Basic. Two house members running against each other when it might wrong do he uses that. To his advantage he runs those who against each says look at these two guys literally kicking cardboard cut outs of that around the state think they look the same they act the same they talk the same they dress the same. I am going to be different I have a businessman he blankets the airwaves and these two candidates that ever that are. Will duke it out for a year now in in rookie and Luke messer to people that represent congressional districts in Indiana blown away by a guy that has never runs they. Why before an outsider was once a Democrat I ran against Washington let's go to Stephanie Ramos she's live in Indianapolis she's out at the eight. Victory party could never really predict where these things are gonna go but what what's the atmosphere in the room where you're at right now Stephanie. Well everybody's going to bars every client is and heading to get it. Not an outcome that they expected it. But it it is what it is that we just saw congressman toddler need you took the stage with his family his wife it is it's it. At the close enough he got choked up thinking his staffers thinking donors since especially donors for the money that came in. It during throughout his campaign but CN in front of that podium with his tax rates from the campaign quote defeat the only he was. Very emotional and again knocking out that they expected adhesive the Hoosier state. Needs help fight a fighter like America has been the White House those were his words he says. This wasn't what they want but he congratulated micron and he couldn't also essentially said that Mike brawn. Paid his way to this general election by the way micron spent about six million dollars on his campaign with TV ads in just. This spreading his message asbestos he could. But repeated that's the big lights will be in the general election the big fights to unseat a democratic senator Joseph Donnelly services. Back to life. Stephanie Ramos Steffi rebels for us tonight reporting from Indianapolis the trend is your friend that's what happened with Mike Ronnie.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"In a surprise, the businessman defeated two established names in Indiana politics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55032620","title":"Indiana Senate race: Mike Braun wins GOP primary","url":"/Politics/video/indiana-senate-race-mike-braun-wins-gop-primary-55032620"}