Jeb Bush Talks Iran, Donald Trump During Stop in Iowa

At a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, IA, Jeb Bush addressed the nuclear deal with Iran and Donald Trump's controversial immigration comments. ABC News' Josh Haskell reports.
6:39 | 07/14/15

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Transcript for Jeb Bush Talks Iran, Donald Trump During Stop in Iowa
And now her. And I think I think the president was on the right track the very beginning. When he said that the objective was to make sure that they didn't have the capability to build a nuclear bomb now we've created legitimize. Iran being a nuclear threshold country and that in and of itself creates. Huge and stability in the region. It's not that they. And tomorrow make they could make. The capability. With the breakup technology to do a relatively short order but in essence a signal to facilities so courtesy I think. The danger corporation now increased because of this all of this is done by the way. Without any consideration or there missile launch capabilities that have improved. With the here efforts to promote. State resources terrorism in the in the region creating instability so I think it's the wrong approach from the beginning and I think it's. Jeb Bush on the campaign trail in Iowa commenting on trump and also reacting to news of the historic nuclear deal with Iran. The 2016 Republican presidential candidate denouncing the agreement calling it the wrong approach saying the deal creates more instability. In the region. Hello everyone I'm with bit her in New York ABC's Josh Haskell is in council. Bluff Iowa we're Jeb Bush's campaign event yes wrapped up just. It sounds like bush covered various topics first talk was about the event and also I think offering builders what are our daily. Yeah I was a bit vs wanna say it's ninety. Two degrees here the event was not outside it was inside a pub right around the corner from here kept talked about everything from ice this. VI rain deal to Donald Trump. And it was packed but about 250 I went here and counsel law. One voter I asked her how many other bench he's been through she said so far it was this year scenes in forum. He plans to go to Scott Walker who just announced. Com and he'll be actually in Iowa this weekend including Friday she'll be here in Council Bluffs so she's gonna see him. She plans to see not just the Republicans. All fifty of them at this point also the Democrats. Here is us some of what she had to tell me here on the street to help block. Well I love courses. The midwest and we. Been known to have. I. Work ethic values. But. Judea Christian. Ethic than we would like our country not ago. Completely against. It like birth president. And street. And what we recently. We would likely not to beef. Does it seem like we have a whole different country then when we were. Kids and when we were young adults which is exactly what it seems like it's going through now. Here break. A lie it's. That was Patricia half of Council Bluffs she also told me what she was impressed about Jeb Bush with his leadership. But which she really wants to see if the debates it was a bit. That's gonna be to be deciding factor of course the first debate which will be an Ohio takes place in about three weeks. And Josh at the event today gave Mr. Bush make it any more clear about where he stands up when it comes to. Support them trump as well as the nuclear deal we talked about the news of the day. Where different channel. It. Well he did spend quite a bit time after the event he actually during the Q&A portion. Was not asked about Donald Trump it was the press who asked him about it and he's said he does not believe that the vitriol and and what. Trump has been seeing out there on the campaign trail it's helpful at all to his party. He laid out very clearly what he believes Republicans have to have to view and in he believed preaching hopeful ideas rather than pessimism let's hear what you have had to tell us about try. Why my apartment. Clinton talked about it that much the question. We're. I do think though. For my Republican Party perspective. We have to be big and bold. Divisive and we have to be hopeful and optimistic. The weakness of us. We're never gonna win it we're grievance board will win it would offer something that gives people their lives today. Mr. trump has every right ever believed he had us. And that's fine but I don't I don't want to be associated with the Israel news. Spewing out this. Jeb Bush also took some questions about Hillary but. He got more questions about Hillary from those here in attendance they ask them about press access made of rope line he'll. Also on the economy because Hillary Clinton has been hitting jab. As of late about kept comments that Americans have to work harder ships that today. Quote Hillary Clinton is Obama economics for a third term would best. And finally jive has seen note fifteen candidates in debut he field is yet feel confident. Recently. He's he left the press goggle by saying I plan to win I'm here to win. He was questioned numerous times. If your last name hurting you. Some local press here in Iowa said voters are telling us they don't want another bush they don't want another Clinton and Jett said. I believe the voters here in Iowa where he planned to spend a lot of time are gonna take the time to get to know me. My values what I stand for and he actually asked that reporter drove a lift to the people they have an issue with who my brother wasn't what my last name is. Let me give them a call my way to the airport. Jeff of course heading to California for a series of off fund raisers and event the next few days. Thank you look at an ABC's Josh high half school reporting for us indie pop Council Bluffs, Iowa thank you for your report. And you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring that story for exclusive updates on the go I'm with a pair. In New York.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"At a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, IA, Jeb Bush addressed the nuclear deal with Iran and Donald Trump's controversial immigration comments. ABC News' Josh Haskell reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"32451041","title":"Jeb Bush Talks Iran, Donald Trump During Stop in Iowa","url":"/Politics/video/jeb-bush-talks-iran-donald-trump-stop-iowa-32451041"}