Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski on Russia investigations

The "Morning Joe" hosts discuss their experiences with Donald Trump and his ties to Russia.
5:10 | 09/21/17

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Transcript for Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski on Russia investigations
Just hop. Hey you need a big accountants and this year about needing a Republican Party right becoming an independent is that official now. Well I mean yeah yeah I like alcohol I guess I'd still I thought that time to get in town hall and and mark independent but yet I'm. You Leon party and I'm the final struck and there are a lot of instances we still and it actually yes yeah. Now you know I think it's bad over fifteen years. And and Nicole who you guys all know Nicole Lawler get out of Jessica. Worry if whether it's a conservative Republican Party are a moderate Republican Party I'm just tired of a stupid Republican Party. Yeah. When you look at the fact that they're pushing health care plans that have like 151617%. Approval rating. There there there are trying to reorder 16 of the economy. Without having a single hearing. Without knowing how much it costs. I can tell you the type a conservative buyout which is a small government conservative. That's suspicious. Of the big government controlling all of our lives. To make that sort of jump without knowing what you're doing that's not conservative that's radical and unfortunately. The party has. It's not been about conservative. The values for a long time that deficit doubles on the Republicans the national debt doubles under Republican. It Bankrate under Democrats either. But getting better but Baghdad and out and out. That's right let's do upon subject for Muller investigation. Yeah. Yeah however GAAP watching and I'm glued to it so he's getting a little closer now would mount a fort on the subs tepid T think what he's doing banana port. Is gonna actually lead to the White House say yes. We asked joy yes what do you really think I don't think it looks good every day you know but it got to don't get ahead a bit. I think that's our challenge is to stay with what we now yeah and it doesn't look that's right yeah. You know but I think as I remember all the Clinton investigations. And it was Republicans would always burst through the door and so we've got a smoking right on this time. And it wasn't just what Monica it was up with a thousand different things so I learned hearing that year after year after year after year. You just sit back and you way. Let Mohler do his job. And it stories speak for us out like this story speak for itself. I don't get it and I think we get all say. Donald Trump and Russia I don't understand. He came on our show in December 25 and came during the campaign. Run. You eat for it was an apologist for Vladimir Putin was it would don't he kills journalists killed and he's still defended Vladimir Putin. It don't you you don't. Attack everybody on the face of the earth including your own family members at times and then give Vladimir Putin a free pass for summary and he's still don't get help that tower yet well. Because I really do believe at the end of today we can over Reid Timothy McDonnell talked and the he was gonna get elected. It was about money what he was running a campaign right I believe I think actually is horrible as this may sound. I still think it's about money I still think he's looking at what happens when he leaves the White House what projects he can do in Moscow or in turban on. New York that Condit that doesn't yeah yeah. I've got to ask about their. We took a lot about the gender pay cat don't pay gap here and we understand that you're working really hard and some yes. Big announcement today know your value our next events September 30 the grand Hyatt right here New York City. And you can get tickets at know your value 365 dot com we're gonna have Laura Brown. Bobby Brown catty Kay Martha Stewart Sarah Jessica Parker Joseph yeah really diet and many many more Tracy Anderson. Great conversations workshops competitions all about knowing your value. Communicating if it effectively and we need that now more than narrative the pocket its coming because that's her platform and bunker is not coming. I'm glad you noted that changes are. I think it's going to be an amazing event and I think the conversation is important now more than ever so definitely if and Joseph you brought something. A bit on inspected with you today your rock band tonight well. And 554 year old cable news house who's really all that's what to expect an event at new free and if it's an all out patch Genesis you know NBA like he didn't it's funny it's actually what I've done since I was 1011. I never let anybody know it but I've been writing songs nonstop well out. So this is the. Back nine to Joseph Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of morning Joseph airs weekdays and for more information on because million value event you can go to what website.

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{"id":50006903,"title":"Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski on Russia investigations","duration":"5:10","description":"The \"Morning Joe\" hosts discuss their experiences with Donald Trump and his ties to Russia. ","url":"/Politics/video/joe-scarborough-mika-brzezinski-russia-investigations-50006903","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}