John Lewis Commencement Speech at Emory University

U.S. congressman and civil rights leader, "Never hate, live in peace."
12:03 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for John Lewis Commencement Speech at Emory University
Probably. President -- -- -- of the board of trustees. Distinct groups back up -- Hand. Family and friends. The political class that when in fourteen. I'm delighted and very pleased to be with a few. On this -- -- occasion. Not let me enjoy it. President what. This man in Paris tank. -- scary. Each and every one of you will receive the other breathing. Congratulation. Congratulation and this is -- day. Enjoy. Be happy. Just be happy. Have a little fall on. Us mom. -- looked good. It looked beautiful. -- Anyone else tell you that you really look the colorful. I let me just tell you -- moment. I think -- and they big -- like the -- done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Having broken a big city like go above. -- -- Chicago alone in New York to Los Angeles. On Atlanta. I grew up in rural Alabama ripped -- miles from Montgomery. Asked that a little latest poll troll. My father of what -- -- that problem -- -- Look back in nineteen Porter for open -- -- -- 44 years old my father has the -- and -- dollars. And looked at -- -- -- dollars. You bought a hundred -- land. My family steel -- -- today. Have been if you remember you for. What happens the rest of us. -- -- -- -- -- There than it looked Ronald throw it then that Montgomery and give up just digging -- Birmingham. -- -- -- -- -- they're white men colored men white women colored women white waiting colored waiting. -- welcome home and asked my mother of my father my grand they have migrant Rembrandts wa. It was the best -- is. Don't get -- -- don't get in trouble. But one day and might mean for the 515. Years old. In a temporary. -- heard about rules applause. I had a -- mark but changed -- all of our radio. Ninety -- it to seven. -- -- -- -- -- -- the age -- seventeen. My -- -- eight at eight of eighteen I met mark at the king junior and these two individuals is by. I mean -- get in the way he -- until. Slot on the get does that to you this morning and all his beautiful examples. With debris that occasion. You must find a way to get in the way you must found a way to get and travel but travel map seven crap. A week. You -- a petition. One of potatoes. Want to put that but -- health. Researchers. Knew what to look at you don't learn that you don't. To help make that -- current and make our world about a blaze but don't want what they left out -- left Baja. You can dirt and you must do it it is -- time. In a few short -- -- commemorate. -- be called in Mississippi summer project. -- another cloudless builders. From all over Parker. -- -- -- Made a trip to Mississippi. -- people to register to vote. And Osama Michael -- when -- first 196. Have fought bringing young men about -- Two runs. And one African American. -- -- And equipment and -- -- We're not to investigate the Brennan of an African American church W local voter registration -- drop these three young men. -- -- -- -- And the bill that the pilots hope to annulment of a plan that -- beaten shot and still cannot tell students today it do you think young man. Been behind Vietnam. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It did die in Africa a center of South America -- not right here in our own country. Drumming -- all of us citizen become participants in the democratic problems. Of young people. You must understand that -- applause when -- -- us back to another period. Which you must that there when -- went behind the make too much progress and we'll warn small ones. That -- sums that backed. Some delays eased some disappointment. But the months now probably -- -- -- give them. You must keep the faith. -- -- so eyes on the prize. That his show quality data show mission that -- -- moral obligation that Israel mandate get up and do it. Given away. -- -- -- -- We -- must learn to live together. As Brothers and sisters. Not just on American but around the world. I want to tell you one little story. -- -- -- You know I've got -- rest of the few times in his sixties. Florida times. The return and then Johnson my great friend. President irritated. And wanted to be on the -- -- -- -- people. That all of that short it was drop in business. Since have -- in congress. The occupants and secondly congress forget -- rest of -- In the restive since I've been in congress -- -- times. It and -- may get arrested again. The last summit got arrested was trying to -- to the congress we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform -- -- people on a path to citizenship. The right thing to do. It doesn't make sense that we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- more than twelve. -- people a living in -- out of live it in -- that is not right that is not map and that is my job and you must get in the way. It away demanded the way -- -- no way. -- I was growing up but I was brought up rabbits -- or Alabama. I haven't signed by the name of speedy vote. -- -- it what it called a shotgun house. I know and -- students. Some directory the end of -- in -- articles. You don't even know what I'm talking about. My house payment and have a green managed -- long. Out of step up to me -- thought. This comment my you can look up don't rolls. -- -- -- The rules and its general. Returned to stalls. But current range of -- got to pay a bucket up job. -- catch the Rainwater. That if you really want an open question them house look like in the Mumbai Constance. All house one way in one way out. When you can bounce a basketball -- -- front -- the most productive night. My sense than even the U punishment then house and -- walk and a trip to the bullets. Pick -- graduate from my dog would -- anti these branches together to make what you call a British. As she respect mr. -- apparently. Some time to and three times a week. The special on the Friday of Saturday because she wanted to Dick -- looked good in the region. -- -- -- -- -- A group of my Brothers and sisters and a few my first cousins. Lapland in my Princeton human dirtier. And -- -- -- storm came up. The wind storm blowing it up just borrowed and -- this time left him. In the rain stood beating me mention rules lose lotion on them miles. Moment he entered. Stuart -- To proposals want to. But it appeared that warned that corner of the -- want to blow away. Mind on hand council will hold her hand and won't have slowed to try to holding hands on with -- -- -- -- with -- -- news. But who appeared to be -- -- -- won't do that flat -- -- children walk a little wind let me in now after the house. I'm -- and you had to relieve. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Over the house -- -- note the use. We all live in -- frame house. And it doesn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Latino Asian American and it. It doesn't let up straight and we don't want people -- one -- we'll follow live in the same house. -- -- Be courageous. Stand up speak up speak out. -- To create the -- the community. The beloved world. Well -- peace. War or the recognized that dignity. Of all human. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but -- parts of nova hate. Human peace. We won. When people. And wallow. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"12:03","description":"U.S. congressman and civil rights leader, \"Never hate, live in peace.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"23739630","title":"John Lewis Commencement Speech at Emory University","url":"/Politics/video/john-lewis-commencement-speech-emory-university-23739630"}