Julian Castro joins ABC News Live to discuss debate performance

Democratic presidential candidate and former HUD Secretary Julian Castro says of the debate, "I felt great!"
2:28 | 10/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Julian Castro joins ABC News Live to discuss debate performance
Castro to see you budgeted tonight as you feel up there I've got great I've Belgrade you know it's always. Battle for time up there because they're twelve people on the stage at the time that I did get at thought it made the most news. And I've tried articulated this campaign is strong positive compelling vision. And from the very beginning the campaign to lift up the voices. Some of the most vulnerable communities out there. And so I think I did that tonight about how we're gonna create jobs for all Americans how we're gonna make sure that. That we protect. Folks from. Police brutality. Insure that we tackle climate change. You know we had a good conversation if they're denied even though we didn't get to all of the subjects that I think we should get there we we talked to were just talking about the. Being the first debate that we've had the opportunity to discuss impeachment. Publicly on stage everyone seems to being consensus about where that stands for certain degree. How did you feel about the questions. Put to the former vice president about the role his son played do you feel like he answered those adequately. If it's not okay for sun to be in those rules as president. Why wasn't an okay when he was vice but I. I thought he answered them. Well and I agree with some on the stage who said. You know why are we focused on that we have a president who's committing crimes actively right now in office and we should be focused on the guy who was president. And who. Tried to obstruct justice a smaller chronicled and then made this call to Ukraine is trying to get countries to do with political dirty road work. Always basically using the 2016 played book that he used against Hillary Clinton. Is trying to use that against Joseph Biden and I think Joseph Biden is an honorable man that he and his family are honest. I have my disagreements with the vice president whether it's on health care policy or immigration or other things. But I fundamentally believe that this is just dolphins playbook to smear somebody and that we should focus on the things that Donald Trump the story. Now we've got the November debate just around the corner when debate to the next debate. But it is a marker for these campaigns as we sort of moved towards the end of the year how you feel about November do you feel like you're gonna qualify what have is becoming I'm new orders ours I can't get there you know we have about three and a half weeks we need for polls. We are ready method number of donor threshold the donor requirement. You know I mean work is hardly candidate to get there I hope that folks will go to my website we on Castro dot com and help us with the resources to get there. But we're gonna keep fighting. Lancaster secretary thank you so much and thanks for coming and he's in his life and Q.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Democratic presidential candidate and former HUD Secretary Julian Castro says of the debate, \"I felt great!\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66308383","title":"Julian Castro joins ABC News Live to discuss debate performance ","url":"/Politics/video/julian-castro-joins-abc-news-live-discuss-debate-66308383"}