The American Reaction

Frank Reynolds talks to Chicagoans about the assassination of their president.
3:06 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for The American Reaction
It's a marathon Chicago State Street -- we'll be -- after known as. Much the same as in any American city groups of people gathered about wherever televisions that is displayed. And -- mold and who they know the president is -- they know the vice president Johnson has become president Johnson. This was always a Kennedy. Whenever mr. Kennedy came to Chicago -- he did a few times. Since entering the White House he was greeted by huge draw people would wait. Along the lines from O'Hare airport for the better of the city for hours. Just to catch up passing went -- there was never any doubt about how the election would go in 1960. Everybody know that Chicago. I was Kennedy. The reaction of the people here today it -- just -- -- Almost quite brazen but come to mind. I apply here. As a young man in the crowd who's been standing here watching the ABC report of the sad event. Good to see the president get -- plan in the political campaign of 1960. I was one of the workers for him -- right before a huge sport bike parade that we had a about a month before the election. And he shook my hand and at the end. But all I can almost my name. The FB a few questions that was the kind of an off even if it's a great person. And I remember him -- -- -- keep up the good work if you actually not only. We're told not only to keep up the work with the four party that involve the young people particularly whereabouts -- -- manners you know that your president has. Well I feel terrible thing it for the coming we're gonna have to live -- -- I don't think we can often handled traveling -- do you believe he might already -- It's something that happened they -- it should be brought -- doctor but I don't think there was any world. Thank you doctor. Ma'am. What's your reaction now -- president Kennedy is. I think it's a great job for the country and of -- well. Maybe with a good man. -- did a great job. Nervously the president when -- -- You know I've never been. And their mother and as the wide eyed. -- -- -- work. Terrible. Your thinking of this kind of game the thinking of the Kennedy. And -- any way. Much about it there's a little girl you know but the president is good. -- to -- the president. He's studied about -- and school. What are your thoughts on his. I -- him and can't pay it could have been dead and I feel very thankfully place. And -- thing. About all there is to -- Crowd gathered here defending around. -- at this. Finally will absorb the ball. -- the front runner on great street in Chicago. About Camille.

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{"id":20539686,"title":"The American Reaction","duration":"3:06","description":"Frank Reynolds talks to Chicagoans about the assassination of their president.","url":"/Politics/video/kennedy-assassination-americans-react-20539686","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}