Key votes remain undecided on Kavanaugh nomination

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp decided to vote against President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.
2:59 | 10/04/18

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Transcript for Key votes remain undecided on Kavanaugh nomination
After weeks of debate and controversy it appears there are enough votes to come firm judge Brett Cavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. The first procedural vote could happen as early as tomorrow. Two of the three key undecided Republican senators say they are satisfied with the FBI investigation. All day long senators have been visiting this secure room in the US capitol to read the 46 page FBI document. Meanwhile on the streets of Washington protesters are calling for senators to reject Kavanagh is nomination. Our coverage begins with political reporter Dave Evans with these fast moving developments happening out of Washington Dave. Not a Republican leaders today said the vote is now set for Saturday and today we got an indication from a couple of Republican senators. On the fence issue mentioned that the approval of judge Kevin under the Supreme Court is not necessarily a done deal but it is awfully close. Democrats are furious and this could have a big effect on mid term elections now just about a month away. Despite large protest the nomination of Brett Cavanaugh. The Supreme Court today took another step toward approval. One by one senators went to a closed room and you just single copy of the FBI report afterward Democrats were furious calling to report a joke that the FBI didn't even talk we're doctor Ford. Nor judge Kavanagh. That report. About an investigation and must do. The reality is. That is not a full and thorough investigation we had many fears. That this was a very limited process. That would constrain the FBI. From getting all the facts. Having received a thorough briefing on the documents. Those fears have been realized. But Republicans this afternoon said this week long FBI investigation found nothing new wolf we know for sure is the FBI report. Did not corroborate any nudity allegations. Against judge covered by midmorning to Republicans on the fence indicated they may vote yeah skoler reports thorough and that it found no core operation. Senators who requested supplement. FBI background check out what they requested. And I am ready. Doctor Ford's lawyer said his client was extremely disappointed acquaintances or judge Cavanaugh who knew him in high school disagree on whether he lied under oath last week. It surprised me a lot. To hear him say is that he never blacked out because. You know I would be in the room and he would come down and he was slurring. He's not that guy. I'm telling you did he drink yes did he take a too far now. On the one Democrat on the fence how to hide campus North Dakota late today indicated that she will vote no on cap and miles nomination. Hi campus facing an awfully difficult reelection campaign in a red pro trump state but high camp again said she will vote no the overall senate again scheduled to vote this Saturday.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Sen. Heidi Heitkamp decided to vote against President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58293754","title":"Key votes remain undecided on Kavanaugh nomination","url":"/Politics/video/key-votes-remain-undecided-kavanaugh-nomination-58293754"}