Klobuchar takes on Sanders during debate

Sen. Amy Klobuchar discusses challenging Sanders' proposed healthcare bill on the debate stage.
3:36 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Klobuchar takes on Sanders during debate
Yeah which are thanks so much for joining a seat you can had a moment early on in this debate. They're gonna shoot up in a second. Talking about Medicare for all taking on another another senator senator Bernie Sanders we have that mama let's roll it now. Senator just one question for ABC news you pinch yourself tonight as the moderate candidate on that stage and you think a progressive like senator Bernie Sanders can beat president trump. I think a lot of people can be president trump but my point is that we want to not just win we want to win big because we want to actually win the united. Okay we're right there he created Angel ivory trade and it wasn't like Bernie you. You took it all you. You were with vice president Joseph but insane. How we gonna pay for all this and moved well I have said this from the beginning and I think I believe in the doctor's creed do no harm and a we have the Affordable Care Act of what we need to do is build on it and look what that bill that's on page eight which is why I was the only senator up there that wasn't on the belts it says that it will dismantle their insurance system so that every 1149. Million people will lose their current insurance. And I as I said. It's not just a bold idea it's a bad idea and I think adding a public option. I is what we need to do that is bold will willing chaired twelve million more people and bring down the prices. For thirteen million people and it if you add it all together sixteen trillion dollars for. And Paramount packets and I have a three trillion and that's pretty damn big but sixteen trillion dollars. Where the twenty trillion dollar economy that's not bowl that's a bad idea. But it's free college for rich kids I don't think it's bold I think it's a bad idea so if people think that's what they want then I'm not the candidate for them but if they want Maxine move this country forward. And I understand with someone who can not just win with our base and our base is ignited but also win with independents and moderate Republicans that Heidi knows I do every time. Then you picked me what will be asked students will be our final question but what why. Hasn't your campaign caught fire youth who announced in a snowstorm but it's starting today you whether he might very well might yet but. Would you do the researcher one of the senators has gotten the most accomplished in the senate. You from a midwest state movement you you know I speak to maybe some of the strong voters have voted in Obama this humid heat. Got to but you can talk to some of those voters who voted for Obama than switch to trump what's going on. How well first time ahead of eighteen people including every governor and the mayor of New York City so let's keep it in perspective you. Com and secondly. Paul is when things start in Minnesota and Iowa New Hampshire people in Little League games Brohm. But because your mayor. For you know issues there 10% of all homicides in America. Our domestic violence related you have the bill on domestic violence and what was the motivation behind NTT do anything it's a prosecutor. On that uniquely on domestic violence. That's from my time as a prosecutor. Where I sock. But women shot down and the answer here is two make sure that people who commit serious domestic violence. Domestic abusers shouldn't gotten get an AK 47 and right now. They can too if they committed that domestic violence against a girlfriend but not away from that is attacked. Senator Klobuchar we thank you for your time thank you look out that is great to Deanna by the way it was a great debate either I should be really happy at ABC we appreciate things you that note up to the moderator yes. The upstairs subs that are Seale later hey guys that die. I buy if you try that are going to say yeah I got close your want us there about gay pride we got another moment going on here. The highlight real.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Sen. Amy Klobuchar discusses challenging Sanders' proposed healthcare bill on the debate stage. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65585398","title":"Klobuchar takes on Sanders during debate","url":"/Politics/video/klobuchar-takes-sanders-debate-65585398"}