First Lady Michelle Obama's Last White House Garden Harvest

ABC News' Arlette Saenz visits the White House garden where the President and First Lady are harvesting crops with kids for the last time
32:24 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for First Lady Michelle Obama's Last White House Garden Harvest
When I need is Ireland lines I'm of the White House renowned south a lot of White House garden where Michelle Obama he personally it has harvested from the last time we actually be right now Selena and tune in tonight. Look what we begin I just wanted him only because the start entire visiting correspondent. Breaking. Daschle knows we've got this camera reunion part of this for us. It's hard making this great house there are no reality only thanks to help hearts and I just went right now. We're here we can't stand can't it's gonna help out. Is here we. I don't know if you can. Kim you might miss him but Alonzo Mourning. I Mary he needs you know me personally. I sure it's easy here looking glory. Kathy Burton's. We have our former students from big rapids. I'm known it because I didn't. Giving him the recognition that I I Koch is there yesterday. Why my favorite people at the White House. It did a tremendous assets. Because just because he's taking such good care of this garden. It is. The real person who lives in here is listening in. And that he would honor dear dear friend Gayle. Work to make his guns special I hope you feel is proud of this White House kitchen garden. And I knew because. It wouldn't have happened if it were free meals and thank you thank you so much. Eight represented so many parts of lives moon and our programs and initiatives lives. Cities towns and counties lets hear it go on and on. But we are excited that they I'll be here today to help us and a few more special guests as well. So we'll keep some of those a surprise we have. Xena and Elmo who are here. Nick yeah. I heard this. Big they've got to give it played by playing. News toward. You know it's now. Are you guys hadn't been found under the are you ready for this. Oh. And you. Yeah. Yeah our lady right. He's actually about them down and our. 150000. An intern in its active and I think a lot of yeah and on the excellent. Kind of a heart. Here they had all types of vegetables from everything. In houses Keeney. And she says they're gonna have a special guests got eyes hasn't seen food that might eat but I think it might be pretty interesting. And since she's gonna be in there actually heart in the right and right next to a little girl from Flint, Michigan we're glad you're here and her earlier today. And the kids are really excited about this. Some of the kids have been coming all along since 2009 and is actually now they're all grown up and some of them come here you even though there. I had not little kids anymore they sow and her parents have a look her. Sounding like really. Is that they are you calling us from. How can they. Look okay. It's nearly. Pulling up this. I think now doesn't look like yeah. And aren't. Rick Green during the campaign. We often. She mentioned singer. Yeah here on the continent where he wanted to ask my feeling yeah. Pearson's pattern in the background. Don't know is still talking. Don't hear that they're trying. We're very sweet potatoes renounces and regular. It right now ammonia. He has done or you can. Hired me as much here. Oh yeah. Am I don't wind. Right now they're on the morning. Pull out all the news. Block away. Villain like I'm out. I mean current training and it's. I got so you. You don't do. Yeah. Southern yeah. Pay out little bit. Sounds too sweet potatoes. I don't think comes out. Yeah. Okay. They're making yeah and the children were hardest Gimenez there's an adverse ready whenever and and I took my first county news. Personally I hanging. You need from the start into the field at mile immediate Nazi views. This dude foresee dinners so when foreign dignitaries. Such as. The prime minister Kasyanov our president she China came. Oftentimes incorporate vegetables that are in his garden since the many of these therapies Scottish. States. I know you're right now. An early. Yeah yeah. He clearly in every now are seemed to ask for much happier when announcing. Only her. Here at the White House now. My crappy. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You yeah. They don't want to. Yeah. So listen Nextel. It has just yesterday the First Lady actually. Dedicated his garden and unveils a new features are seen catwalk playing. Right I forgot to bring new hairs on Sonoma and he locked plane in the table and commissioner. And it looks like our special gas if your writing now. I think if you're gonna really surprised when they came close in his flock CNN. And alma authority last unlike in the president. You can CNN it is. He's coming harvest them in the final. There are busting. Sometimes it's yeah. It's like president seminary greeting people and yeah I don't know I think China's. Yeah. You probably can't seem to rain hasn't seen back out saying. He is here. The White House kitchen garden is obviously something here in accordance knew him first lien. Investors turning back in 2009 and can. Top her yeah. Yesterday was indicted in an earnings report as 98. In nineteen surprising residents in and stop my its. And the you learn. But one big question is he gonna help prevent these sweet potatoes. Seems like First Lady di Lotta work has. A your turn. Can't over him. I can see the president and an advanced team. Here is seen. Yeah hi business on teens and yeah. Yeah. There yeah. So mark. It's that you're okay. More than. They're going to. I've. Yeah aren't. I'll a government witness. Yeah. I we're. The problem. Yeah. Yeah. You can apparently reluctant husband you don't patriots are on the I mean I admitted yeah. You have. For Sunday. Mrs. Obama hosted by doctor. Yeah. Confident coming right out in the final hour is tantamount all right yeah. The First Lady shelling hand you need evil. Connors going to bring history. Just yesterday she medications available to meet new features of the art in Washington. Reserve beyond his hand on the White House is having Hillary Clinton Crumpler. How many big. Yeah. Yeah. You're around. Personally is right there it's human everywhere. A pounding hauling him. Planning. Or selenium and they're talking yeah. Yeah. And it we'll let me. Oh yeah. Yeah. Once seemingly taken agrees I notice. Kirkland yeah. Dikes and then I'm the only thing you yeah. CN Alonzo Mourning to move out of Atlanta. Yeah oh yeah. But you have. You. Christine couldn't kitchen garden today. I live in a country at some kids here is he in Virginia and others from Flint, Michigan Pennsylvania. It's ready yeah. All from schools and Pristina has. Colleen I'm over here and Vernon. Is 200 yeah. EE. I. Yeah. Oh yeah. And head back to work. Let him go and incurred with data services and. We've had so we're in. Still burn a little lock began serving as davis'. Do. Sammy also. Can barely assess why Ali walk through. You're just seeing and we're in the White House kitchen garden which is the First Lady is guarded achievement here back in 2009. And kicked off her let's move initiative into. Help kids eat healthier and promote active lifestyles. This is the final time they're harvesting and because they Obama's early to the White House come January and the first is hoping that this is something that we'll continue with the next administration. Just yesterday she dedicated a secessionist isn't that something that future first families continue. The message to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton don't mess with me guarded when he's coming here. It's really ups the next president whether they continue this and the obamas are helping them that they will also lets see if I can. His squeezes them. Yeah. Yeah. It's. OK yeah. Tammy around on the I understand. Okay. You'll see the First Lady is ever married now when. Former Shanghai. It looks like from my face. The president was saying was on his Internet makes him. So everything that they just harvest and ran it recovers she had tomatoes. Announced that there. We saw him personally it was her students sleeping. A lot of these items they're actually didn't easy today to meet their own meal. I. Okay. Okay. Andrews in men and seen what exactly it is the First Lady yeah. Yeah looks like they happen immediately ask why she's. Cunningham and and it looks like it looks like they're somehow. Covers over there as well. And these are leaving him. So the other woman at the table every now and speed. And he's I shop here. And the White House. Really like my kids are some of them are still under their washing their hands after they are working hard and environmental commitment hearings. Each senator the station's. Prepare their meals. The kids here yeah. Even occurred as some of them in the why aren't there is this your first time. When children and never traveled out of their neighbors it's actually a very big. And a lot of these. We'll actually have a McCartney teaching artist I'm here on their school campuses. A lot of. C. Al not right now. Being married yeah whatever's going on and apparently Peter Pan. Yeah. Yeah. Currently seen. During the lame and lives in. A sticky viewing and neon governor on this game now. And something the team. I am in the White House announced plans regarding in the spring they underneath and meaning. What took her children around the country. And. You see her let students he might not. Firstly yeah. And she's had in the White House intern for the area last time. Has been. Initiatives are out and the White House nine. Thought of the idea actually. That would her president was first running and now and as I'll come full circle yesterday she sent her an emotional moment being here and start. One of the final times desperately need and we saw the president and you don't like fixing it time Aaron I eat anything and oh. Dot com and on these aren't where are her streams. Of exit.

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{"duration":"32:24","description":"ABC News' Arlette Saenz visits the White House garden where the President and First Lady are harvesting crops with kids for the last time","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42626164","title":"First Lady Michelle Obama's Last White House Garden Harvest","url":"/Politics/video/lady-michelle-obamas-white-house-garden-harvest-42626164"}