Log Cabin Republicans Seek to Reform Anti-LGBT Platform

ABC News' LZ Granderson talks to Log Cabin Republicans President Gregory T. Angelo at the Republican National Convention.
12:51 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Log Cabin Republicans Seek to Reform Anti-LGBT Platform
I am here now with Gregory Angelo who is president of the Log Cabin Republicans and Gregory thank you very very much for for spending time with me. I you know as soon as I saw the platform last week and their criticism about the GOP's what appears to be entitled to BT support. The first ones do this week with Brian Hughes and the talk about. What the market Republicans. Feel about the platform and whether or not as discouraging to its members are. Well number one it's not the most apparently. Anti LTV platform history it is the most anti LG BT platform in history. And there was statement that I put out in the immediate aftermath of the drafting of the platform last week directly puts my feelings in. No on certain words not only did I say that this was. N the most anti elves BT platform this parties ever had and it's 162 year history. It's also not. Representative of the Republican Party that I now the Republicans that I know the Republicans and the Republican Party that our members know. And it's no accident I think that. The this statement the lock out Republicans put out was a top trend on FaceBook for a two out effort for two days last week and that's because. There were people around the country standing up in opposition to planks in the Republican Party platform stating. I continued not only continued opposition to marriage equality which you might expect but. Re assertion of a desire for federal constitutional amendment to ban and overturn all same sex marriages in this country. Apps that wild and then one step farther than that statements that the military is not a place for social engineering that's jab that openly gay and transgender service members. It's planks in the platform saying that identification should be required for. Bathroom and locker room use another elbow at the transgender community and here's a thing LC. And all that other stuff aside. When the GOP platform committee had an opportunity to say look we don't agree philosophically on all these other things. We might have differences about whether government should be in the marriage business we might have differences about whether or nondiscrimination protections should be handled on the federal the state. Where the municipal level or the free market should handle that. But you know what. After 49 people in LG BT community in straight allies were killed in horrific terrorist attack because of that they wore. At the very least the platform to express some sort of sympathy and solidarity with the LG BT community. And given an opportunity the platform committee said no. So it was our responsibility to stand up and push back against that. And I would argue that were it not for the intense spotlight the Log Cabin Republicans shined on the end to get planks in the platform. You and I'm and I'll be talking right now the country might not know just how anti LG BT this platform as a doubling and be pushing back on it we're definitely fighting about that. The Pope who what does the push back on that look like because you had representation. In the boat. You had people they're advocating for don't beat right and they were quickly dismissed. So what do you do from here in order to push this platform. Back to what you would see more and a senator on this issue. Well we're gonna keep fighting and that's not just rhetoric I'm him get I give you little bit of a scoop today meaning in the email that I put out our supporters last week that same email that was trending on FaceBook. I it's sad that we were looking to raise funds very quickly. You place an advertisement calling the platform committee out far past of this anti L two BT platform and a proud to say that we'll be running an ad this week. During the Republican National Convention and you're going to be hearing a lot more about this I mean it's important that. We let folks we let folks the platform committee known that on these Al LG BT issues they made their bed and it's time for them to line it. In unsuited no stranger took there's quite. There are many within coach BT community that would get to block a Republican from sort of surprise and that Europe their pill works. People who are actively working against 02 BT laws and and safety. And why are you part of there's this group do you explain a little bit about the history. The walk that Republicans and also. What do you do now to change the narrative that you aren't participating gays but you sisters my your own pockets resurrection are concerned. With the entire communities hold to stretch a political differences. Well what I like to say when I'm asked that question is that. Personal mark again as you can imagine that's right I the first person asked effective again at a lot in election years right and as as you can imagine but without being glib. What I tell people want to win when I'm asked this question how can you be gay and a Republican. Well. If you get it. No explanation is necessary. And if you don't get it no amount of explaining will do. For the most since the top secret cop outnumbered but well that's the short answer let me give it a longer answer Iraq for folks that think Log Cabin Republicans dissipating they don't know this organization and they don't know me. They are likely unaware that the founding of this organization was a direct result of pushing back against anti Elgin if you legislation that was being pushed in California a voter referendum called the Briggs initiative that would have made it illegal for openly gay. Teachers prefer public individuals to teachers in California public schools law kept Republicans. Was founded against fighting the Briggs initiative fighting anti LG BT legislation the Briggs initiative failed. Log Cabin Republicans sued the George W Bush Administration to. To overturn Don't Ask Don't Tell. Our and our state I and our case law cab Republicans vs United States of America was a direct. Had a direct effect on the pressuring. Later on the Obama administration and the democratic controlled house and senate ultimately repealed that legislation. We are not self loathing I was the chairman of Log Cabin Republicans of New York when we passed. Marriage equality for the first and only time to date in a Republican controlled legislature. And that I am not a self loathing gay gay individual because I am pushing back against the anti LG BT language in the Republican Party platform. If I accepted a Republican Party opposition to marriage equality if I accepted and embraced the Republican party's anti LT BT platform. If I didn't care about LG BT a nondiscrimination protections and I was a Republican will then. You might call me self self loathing but I'm not the fact is though that I feel I can make a far greater difference. As a gay Republican within the Republican Party to effect change in a party where I agree with the preponderance of of the rest of the things the platform says. And let's look let's look at the reality right now in the United States most of the governorships in the United States are controlled by Republicans. And it's no accident that most of those same states. Under Republican control in governorships are also the remaining states that do not have LT BP nondiscrimination protections unless you have Republicans advocating for this. As gay Republicans as straight allies and you're in his wake up call to Democrats out there even independents you not gonna achieve the true equality that we want. How concerned are you with the presence. Our governor pens on Trump's ticket given what. Since its recent history have spent in terms of gender or go to be to equality. Not losing any sleep at night over the pence pick his vice president clearly I have major differences with the his opinions on LG BT issues. Clearly Log Cabin Republicans pushed back. Very hard against these so called religious freedom restoration act. That was passed in Indiana last year that included overly broad exemptions that the technically allow people to discriminate against LG BT community. But in my opinion governor pence is and was far more dangerous as the chief executive of the state of Indiana to the LG BT community. That he can or would be. And the largely symbolic role of vice president of the United States my main concern and I think the main concern of most voters in Democrat or Republican is he's at the top of the ticket. Who who are you voting for is driven largely by who's at the top of the ticket and that the Republican Party is Donald Trump. And while there's simply concerns are still have a mr. trump the fact is that's at this time and again he is quanta finally the most pro LG BT. Nominee this party has ever had. What do you think about. The conversations had that. The idea Barry. The coach BT community loves found and yet when you look at the polls. It doesn't seem to bear fruit to what he's what he's saying. But he's he's holding very very poorly with your speech to community has used the minority community. Do you see that tide turning and is there anything he can do to turn that. There could be an effect let's talk about polls and in some polls I saw a mile after a Lander showed mr. Trump's numbers actually going up. Who within the LG BT electorate. But regardless of numbers and like. Let me be very candid here yet it it's unlikely in a single election cycle even with mr. trump has probe GT as he has been. Completely flipping the number so we have a drastic uptick in terms of the LTT vote. Democrats are probably going to be going out of their way to try to convince LG BT community. That that Hillary Clinton is is the best person for LT BT writes that at. Point that I would disagree with. Talk about that separately collect. However I think symbolically at least it's important that regardless of what the numbers arm the Republican Party understands that they need to start reaching out to. The LG BT community and certain us whether the numbers go up the cycle for the stay the same redundant down with mr. trump. We can analyze all that stuff later. The fact that mr. trump has attended a same sex wedding. Explicitly for the first time in history as Republican nominee for president. Reference to LG BT community reached outlets for support and said he would be our friends if he was elected president. And attended a same sex wedding. A year ago let alone four years ago in the last election cycle see that all three of those things would have been this qualifiers. For Republican presidential candidates and so hopefully if nothing else regardless of polls this cycle shows Republicans that you can be. At least that the very least sympathetic to the elves BT community if not an outright supporter and still win. As I recall though he's not the only of the seventy. Nominees or or or or of these candidates that had a tennis and such reading so so. So are is that a sign that your party is more in bracing despite the platform. Put that there was an anomaly and that what's that well who do voters really aren't your party opposes what the platform that's been rode out. Now I in fact that I don't think it's the people on the platform committee who are worth that the rank and file Republicans those are people of this. Of a particular flavor. Who have our political wonks they've spent decades getting involved in politics expressly because they've social conservative views that they. Want to express for one month every four years the drafting of the platform the platform. It's and he pointed out I mean the last few candidates standing. Governor Jon K sick and Donald Trump both attended the same sex wedding. So does this mean that the Republican Party is now embracing as he said LG BT community I wouldn't maybe go that far in terms. The language that I used but. Let's look at how Donald Trump rose to stardom this election cycle. He shone a spotlight and campaign almost exclusively on two issues. It was opposition to illegal immigration and opposition TU unfair trade policies that do not benefit blue collar American workers that's it. He wasn't really campaigning as a social issue warrior. And as a results. He ended up getting more votes than any Republican presidential nominee in Republican Party history what does that tell me and it tells me that the very least. Voters the Republican Party. Are not prioritizing social issues at least this cycle and maybe not Everett and in the way that they have an election cycles past. The Republican Party might still have in its platform rock ribbed opposition to things like marriage equality. But that shows me that in addition to most all of America most Republicans have moved on from that issue if they're if they don't support helped delta BT community out right. They're they're in different to those issues and they prioritize other issues elsewhere is worth pointing out look look at the evangelical Christian vote that. Mr. trump got anyone would think that that would go part and parcel to Ted Cruz right or Rick Santorum what actually make a play for that. And and and you a man that is not only reached after the LG BT community but he's been married three times he got the other preponderance of the. There were we we we we know very well. It. He's bucked the trend or what we thought should be. And right now and are depressed absolutely listen Greg are really really appreciate your time. A good look one point you report to the advertisements well as the event coming up on Wednesday with treatment Janet were hoping to have that. Elements of that as a included our coverage during president's week here. This is Rosie granderson. With Gregory Angelo of the locker Republicans it's.

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