New Members of Congress Arrive In Washington for Freshman Orientation

Expected majority leader Senator Mitch McConnell meets with new Senate Republicans.
6:36 | 11/12/14

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Transcript for New Members of Congress Arrive In Washington for Freshman Orientation
Photo op expected majority leader senator Mitch McConnell there are taking a class photo. With the incoming senate Republicans freshman getting that tour of what to expect when they start on January 1. On this. Their orientation today. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. College all over again sort of the incoming class members of congress getting up to speed all the newly elected members in Washington today for their orientation figuring out. Where their offices will be what committees they'll be on. For more on this I wanna bring an ABC news senior Washington correspondent Jeff felony on Capitol Hill you know your way around there (%expletive) They are newly minted powerful lawmakers but that doesn't mean there is an a huge learning curve on Capitol Hill are these first few days of information overload. But Shelly read about that this is the time I love. You go from a confident campaign are out there on the campaign trail suddenly there here in Capitol Hill literally asking reporters for directions to the restaurant. So these are moments where it's great for reporters to for to have those conversations with the view these early senators in early house members and really that's. I see them from the ground up but one thing is different about this. Year's freshman class at least here in the senate Michelle. A handful of them are actually already members of congress are actually members of the House of Representatives you have Tom cotton from Arkansas. Frank a Lankford from from Oklahoma. Cory Gardner from Colorado. So it's part of a trend we've seen year by year by year were house members are not staying in a house are actually running for the senate. But even. If you served in the house and now you're in the senate the rules are different than he told people are different and this is a seniority system here so these guys start all at the bottom. A necessary process though for these new members of congress to use of the story ground running right. It absolutely is a means so wiese. Saw them this morning with their new pictorial it. The soon to be a majority leader Mitch McConnell from. From a Kentucky they were a meeting with him than having lunch and understand meetings throughout the David they actually don't come backed workers start to work. Until January that's when the new majority for it comes into it is entirely different place than. It was them we will ask this but you from up here on Capitol Hill before this mid term. A campaign Republicans are now up to a 53. Senators the Alaska race was just called overnight there's one more race together that's the runoff in a Louisiana. So Woolen know the outcome that's of that here next month bush how how long does the orientation last and what's on the agenda for these freshman. Well the orientation is basically. A couple days it's meetings with with members of their party it's meetings with officers of the senate an Easter people who. Who are in one party or the other I actually keep this institution running. So you have everything from small things. I'm exactly what is your office allowance what are your ethics rules as a member of congress to sort of bigger things are more important things actually finding office space there's actually a lottery that will come early next week for house members to. I dropped. The a lottery for for his. The size of their officers and this matters. And if it's big or small but. It's mainly get to know you process get to know your senators we've seen so many spouses and wives appear on Capitol Hill and a couple husbands as well we believe. I'm on the house side. I'm so it's really a now. Just the beginning of this processor the senators will serve for six years of course of that's. I'm a bit of time to house members only serve a couple years two years. Their campaigns are already beginning to right now a lot of wondering freshman around this building and many of those family members also trying to go house hunting at this time too we saw senator Mitch McConnell there with the incoming Republican senators. That will presumably make him majority leader Republicans focusing on in this upcoming new term. The election for majority leader actually comes tomorrow tomorrow morning and we have not heard any rumblings anyone. Will challenge him which is actually somewhat unusual given the sort of fractious nature of this a Republican Party these days that Mitch McConnell. Barring any any on for seen thing will be elected as the new majority leader at tomorrow. So the we've heard a couple sort of windows into how he plans to governor he says again and again he wants to have. A responsible governing majority want to actually have votes on amendments and votes on things on the senate. Sort of a break the gridlock if you will on Capitol Hill but the reality is that he is the newest. Member of senate to leadership the senate to majority leader but the speaker of the house John Boehner he's a Republican he remains the same. And the president remains the same he's still a Democrat of course so we have to have limits on our expectations for what actually can get accomplished here. In next when he fifteen this of course coming off about lunch last week and the first day was not without its politicking senator Mitch McConnell slammed the president's. Climate change deal with China right. He did and Republicans across the board a led by leader McConnell and speaker Boehner they believe that the deal that was that was cut on climate change by President Obama. Andy a Chinese president that actually is a bad deal for the Americans. Senator. From McConnell is very forceful on this he said that and the US has given up everything in China we'll get everything here. Now it's just. It's it sounds like one in the a latest of things that these. Parties are just not going to agree on but climate change is going to be a significant flash point here there are so Republicans on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. I actually don't believe that climate change exists they don't believe that. That. Manmade climate change is actually is actually happening of course the president to disagrees but this is going to be. A debate that is going to rage on here one of many debates but that was. Right out of the box. This morning. Was the be a fight that. Senator McConnell decided to pick with the president this morning. Busy day on Capitol Hill for all those new incoming member a lax Jeff felony thank you very much thanks Michelle. You can keep up what this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happen starring in this story for those exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"Expected majority leader Senator Mitch McConnell meets with new Senate Republicans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"26870032","title":"New Members of Congress Arrive In Washington for Freshman Orientation","url":"/Politics/video/members-congress-arrive-washington-freshman-orientation-26870032"}