Members of Congress join student walkout for gun reform

Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, along with other members of Congress, joined the student-led protest.
11:55 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Members of Congress join student walkout for gun reform
We know by the estimates of the year the organizers of this the women's march youth and power group. They think that hurt there will be more than 3100 schools and colleges across the country. Participating. Aerial as we've mentioned not all of them are and the fact some of them are threatening punishment even suspension to some of the students who choose to leave class and go on demonstrate that. You have our producer Alec wrote an in in the nation's capital in Washington DC and just down the street from that from there are places in Maryland that we're tying their students. Not to walk out of school that they might face punishment back Alley you're with Lenny of students. Toward bear to have their voices heard and we see those signs we hear we do we hear this chance what are you hearing from the students at the end today. Gary all that's absolutely right these students are not they may be facing punishment but they are unbowed they're out here today talking a lot makers. I am it's easy answer it here took eat. And we got stamped they're from local schools I'm old enough to vote and it took it was telling me you're turning eighteen before November 4. Yet eighteen in October's. Hope maggots. It. And make a change. And so what brings you guys out here today wise today so important for you got your rallying. I mean we really should not hear a long time ago but there's been citing incidents recently got a feeling. Made us feel that it is now and now it's time for action and the adults have really dropped the ball and it's our time the ticket so really trying to get a rolling in mixing change. What is your message we're going to be hearing from lawmakers in a second your right outside the speaker's office. What's your message for lawmakers that hopefully they make a change at I'm tired of seeing. My fellow classmates die like constantly is not fair to us that we have to be. That we know that when a safe environment there is actually not see if he had. Yet. We really edition have to worry about dying like. I saw a tweet about a girl who got some shoes that had light up like bottoms and inept school drill like she came home crying because she said they would be able to find me because my shoes can light up so. -- little kids are worried about this were you to represent them to. It's just really it's time knots and really trying to get out here to show that. It means you guys you live so close to the nation's capital we are in the heart. Of democracy right here and you guys are at the front door you're here you're able to talk to these lawmakers and you feel that you have a certain. Responsibility on behalf of your fellow students sixes to be speaking out here today. Yeah a 100% we definitely have a responsibility to utilize our rights because there either gonna go wearing it after use and so if to use your power light outage and we need to use it. Honestly. Yeah I yet but he said. Guys talk Mary Ellen wait we are about to start hearing from some of these lawmakers we know that senator Tim Kaine is going to be among them are going to be trying to talk to him a little bit. There are asking. I don't see the tiny but they're asking kids to sit down so that we can and that they can hear from the lawmakers had just like you might at a school assembly so. This is there and you know we're lesson outside. In civics this is that about it. As powerful lesson in social studies is you can get this is democracy in action these kids who. Yeah isn't all have to vote yet read your hand if you're not out. As attorney CNET. Nixon was pitching I am not afraid and a school that's not OK I learn. I want to be educated and I don't be afraid things aren't needed. We shouldn't have to be afraid to learn to help when we're adults hopefully guns just. I want them disappear there's no need I think lawmakers need to know is that you can only pick one it's nice. I'm convinced I picked. This in the future you can pick out being educated adults that will. Doubts for dorks are Arctic are chosen future. If we. Learn and action news. Keep up their little buying doesn't want the schools are suited up yes we. We. Take the world which makes future. Now are you guys after your after you're done with the rallies today assuming going into classes and talking to lawmakers trying to trying to connect with. We haven't had the opportunity presented to us but if we're gonna talk to our dean of school and try to push from right things and start having more meetings. And start planning things because this is where. I think what's really important we need to get them out when you make sure that lawmakers know what we want to what we're doing anything public. And oncology representatives and extort that they hear your voices next they know what you got to that they don't people want to not doesn't work. What have you been hearing from your teachers or school administrators about I think the question of her leaving school today. Now we have excused absence our school. She's been pretty sweet they beat. Got a bus from them to come out here they're fully supported. It's. A lot of the teachers are really for it because they all care about us now all honesty be safe but they also don't want us to do anything unlawful so we re how. I'm. On excused absences but if you bring in a note within three days of the on the seized out since that says you are for personal reasons. You're legally. Able to me out of school and have an excuse not. Teachers are actually here but that's that is really great because we are just got an eleven piece I mean we should not scared to go to learn. It is even a contest like this is the future congress not to worry about one day missing school has. This item if that means saving gotten hundreds of lives her. Thank you so Irish or talking with me this is an important day. I know you guys are gonna he learning a lot out here we appreciate talking lesson. They say eighth race thanks guys. Alan Nelson I was. Incredibly passionate. All right now I rugged forests and these young capita health thanks so much I just want to point out quickly the left side of your screen here. We are seeing us Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer we see Nancy Pelosi out there the democratic leadership. Heading up to the podium right now and in fact you can also see some tweets. Every other we're putting on the bottom your screen. This group of lawmakers. Are they'd been planning to come out speak to the students who wouldn't take a moment and listen to what they have to say a student is speaking. I. I. It. I. I. Matter. Capping. I. I. Yeah. But you. It. V. Area. There are. Right directs. I what I. Does they they yeah. The national legislators showing their solidarity to the high. 3 that I am deeply honored to interview someone who has been an active advocate forgotten control in congress. In welcoming House Minority Leader Nancy plus. I. Thank you now not. Thank you can thank you to all of the Montgomery County students for your parents and not speak out and walk out. I'm proud to be here with young and parents are Aaron organized. Congressman Ted don't like to lard act leader on this yeah. Currently pending in congress the student. Who heads act of thanks so much spoken so eloquently come ended the attention of the nation. Aaron has helped organize the congressional solidarity. Walked out that all of us are honored to be up art. Right solidarity walked out. Where are moved by your eloquence and your let's insistent. On action to prevent gun violence. Thank you for bringing our urgency to this site today. Doorstep of America. That doorstep of the capital of act congressional solitary walk it's to hear him say and not. Ended up. Remembered in south cal IS bank. Tan it's rings and it. Across the nation. And to act. Violent you might start very. Well it's comments and action to prevent the tragedy of gunfire. 97%. Of Americans support strengthening background checks including 97%. Of gun owners Latin or did they need to hear. There that bipartisan path in congress we need a vote now queen. Now. A vote now and so I want to say all of you. You are creating with this walking out today and your ongoing challenge to all of us to the conscience of America. You aren't creating a drug me across America. A drumbeat that will echo until we get the job done. I and I thank you might Ali. On both sides in the I am no one's political survival. Is more important than that survived all of our children. Let's get that job done. We need to help them young people like you know. Thank you for your eloquent well you carry your presents and perennial insistence. That enough. Is ending up.

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{"duration":"11:55","description":"Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, along with other members of Congress, joined the student-led protest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53748242","title":"Members of Congress join student walkout for gun reform","url":"/Politics/video/members-congress-join-student-walkout-gun-reform-53748242"}