Michael Bloomberg eyes entering 2020 presidential race

Billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering putting his name on the ballot in the Democratic race for president.
10:04 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for Michael Bloomberg eyes entering 2020 presidential race
Next guys to the race to Swanee Swanee and followed from new signs of former. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is back to considering a run for the White House we have not seen or heard from Mike Bloomberg directly. But his team today's filing people work in Alabama to make sure he qualifies. For the ballot in the primary in that state ahead of the deadline later today's team says he's just keeping his options open but of course. This has some people talking all over the place especially the candidates they are on the trail and number than in New Hampshire today that's were whit Johnson. I've caught up with a number the candidates ask them about Bloomberg and how his entry might shake up this race. Devin we are out here outside the New Hampshire state house stand behind a you can actually hear the for a vice president Joseph Biden speaking at a small rally here. This comes after he filed the official paperwork. To be on the New Hampshire primary ballot we've seen many candidates here this week. We spoke with the mayor Pete good and yet we spoke with Andrew Yang all of that here filing that paperwork. Joseph Biden after he was finished with that. Formal process he did come into a side room. For a small gaggle with reporters and answered a few questions among the primary questions you was passed. Was the possibility of a former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg getting into the race here's his response. With regard to Michael Bloomberg welcome the race Michaels a solid guy who lets you heard goats I have no no problem with him getting in the race. It is and in terms of he's running because we I'm last polls I looked at country or head. Another thing the former vice president was also asked about his calls from president from some of his supporters. Virb Joseph Biden himself and his son hunter actually testify on Capitol Hill. As part in the impeachment inquiry today he didn't really answer you vivid it and said. If president trump wants to talk about corruption more tackle corruption. He should look within his own White House and own administration. And specifically called Rudy Giuliani hot dog. Speaking of the president and the White House vice president Mike Pence is also here in New Hampshire yesterday filing that very same paperwork to make sure that president from. Is all on the New Hampshire primary ballot. Coming up in the new year DeVon. Our thanks to which Johnson of that are very active New Hampshire spray and a political directorate Klein here to close of the week Rick. Wild week in politics once again let's just pick up with what the vice former vice president had to say there short time ago that he's. For first time talking about polls he didn't like to talk about polls now we have Joseph Biden saying look listen everybody I'm leaving in all the polls are quite true though he's. Not look at all the polls and that's what he thinks and look at. On one level and Michael Bloomberg's rumblings in the real rumblings this is not some kind of show thing he's gotten close before we're told this is real. Those rumblings are reaction Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the ascendancy of the last. On another level it's a statement about the state of Joseph Biden's candidacy that Michael Bloomberg would find a need to reconsider all on in that lane. That's exactly the lane that he would occupy and it's the angst overt over the Joseph Biden's potential inability. To win the primary that's driving these conversations that puts Mike Bloomberg. Back in the mix here that is the scene idea there around the same age they seem kind of brand of politics. I think Joseph Biden would quickly point out Mike Bloomberg used to be Republican and became an independent something party identity is it is a big argument here. But it's critical took to put this in that context that there's a lot of Democrats just flat worry that they're gonna lose that the Lisbon warrant. Or Bernie Sanders will lose the general election and I'll tell you also Elizabeth Warner Bernie Sanders are much happier to see Bloomberg in the race. Then Joseph Biden has because it gives them an effective foil they can run against billionaires any day of the week. And they they they can run against millionaires and boomer can do. Find himself yell certainly run I mean. People today a lot talking and are you gonna lead into the race not in the debates Kenny raise the money Kenny lineup that don't even need donors he does end up 52 billion dollars in the bank. If that WinFS unlimited funds and he's far richer than Donald Trump he consult on that that campaign when he drinking too intriguing twist here is that the only reason he meaning donors is the given the debate stage you'll work called Evan that the the Democrats for this requirement of grassroots donors so. He can probably spend enough money to get himself the polling numbers but does he even attempts to essentially buy the grassroots grassroots donations. To get resolved on the bases or does he doesn't do it as an out of of one of his advisors cents in today's and you know. He does messing heated debates that that diminishes a lot of the candidates out there he can go out there and use paid advertising and earned media. To get his word out this is effectively is during an amino once tried that before they success and M. Sitting to collect donors of course he has to get out and do some campaigning shakes enhance GS and he has not done you said this is very real it does feel like we've been here before you before. I'm what are you hearing about when we may actually see Mike Bloomberg begin to campaign. So I think it's gonna happen within the next week or two they the critical thing for the team now is they've got a filing deadline Alabama this another one and Arkansas next week we saw. The pictures in New Hampshire they have until next Friday to do that you don't do any of those in person not necessarily traditionally they are gone that way but he can buy himself a little bit of time with this. Look in your right there are people that are skeptical of Bloomberg he's going back to 20072008. Has made noises about running for president ultimately never pulled the trigger this is more than noises this is actions I'm told that the decision is a lot closer. It has been in the past. All right well speaking of billionaires in this race there is an auto and an artist comes dire of course has already been running for awhile pouring a lot of his own cash and Arab Rihanna Stewart. Political reporter now in South Carolina caught up with I Tom Cyrus short time ago and asked him about this Bloomberg possibility to. Look to me the question here's what's your message. I mean I don't care how much money Michael Bloomberg has the question for Michael Bloomberg is what's your message but you have to say to democratic voters and are you trustworthy. You know messenger for that. Statement so you know to me he's exactly the same as all the other candidates which is what does he have to say and who isn't. Campaign has been. Some controversy. Everything fees you know but happy feet in the air campaign. First there was the plan. Eight. Nine actor apparently need. And it. Volunteers. Are he just react to that. Look what we said at the times we want to make sure we understand what happened. That he'd resigned to protect the campaign nothing was ever taken we never use the data that nothing bad ever happened. He just wanted to make sure that we were protected. So as far as I'm concerned I'm sorry it ever happened. I want to make sure that we understand ultimately what it wants but the fact that matters nothing bad happened and he resigned to protect the campaign. For for fear that someone would think we've done something wrong we had. And Christina plant has come out of the fire especially. In order he continues to leave it falls. How are you going to chip the trial. Rihanna. Your first mr. risen about this race and I said this race is wide open this race is wide open. Every political campaign I've ever seen the pundits. And the people for news say after the campaign he broke collect. Will most people don't make up their mind so close to election. Sometime in the last month. So when you say a fire while I don't believe that perception the truth that matters the people South Carolina are looking this race is more open than it's ever been. I'm sorry turn a big game there every Stewart and some Carolina Rick we haven't seen any real movement to be clear. On top sire in its any of these polls released on the very low single digits if you registers at all that's right he's gotten itself to those that basically is what you do beyond that you know I'd fascinated by the first six months or so has rates have been about. How do you the 1% 2% 4%. You don't win anything with those kind of numbers and at some point you have to recognize that reality and. I frankly think is another challenge for Bloomberg who's getting in extraordinarily late yes he's got billions got more billions even the cops fire outsiders shown you can get up you get essentially buy your way into the polls and buy your way to a debate stage that doesn't get you actual support and there's a lot of candidates that the work in this very hard for a long time. It's hard to see that suddenly boom you spend it you know couple couple hundred million dollars and suddenly you're the front lines now works. There is one thing though that Mike Bloomberg has that Tom's tired doesn't have. And that's a nickname from Donald Trump the who today and we're going back might Bloomberg on the South Lawn of the White House Nicholas. He's not hitting it well but I think he's got art Biden actually. But he doesn't have the magic did it well. Let Mike go well now spend a lot of money. He's got. The really big issues that the birds no problem and he's got a lot of other problems. But I know Michael Bloomberg fairly well but do well fairly well well enough. We will not do very well enemy did I'd be happy there's nobody I'd rather run against that little by nomadic. Our little Michelson normally when we have these candidates they get attacked him branded by Donald Trump these are just some fear factor. From down to do you think that Mike Bloomberg poses a threat to Donald Trump or is actually helpful to have Mike Bloomberg in the race damaging simulated Dubai. You Bloomberg advice on how to respond to that but I might point in my wallet or my bank account if I'm little Michael Bloomberg and you even among the the most generous accounting a president from. He can buy and sell them like 458 times over all I think I think Bloomberg knows the trump playbook and they came up doll in the same world the they are creatures of the seemed. Media environment they know the New York tabs they know that the rough and tumble of New York politics they've worked together on things they worked against each other on things as a full picture. Floating around of the them as part of a golfing foursome a couple of years ago with Rudy Giuliani Bill Clinton. These guys know each other really well I think I think if your if you're Donald Trump the idea another New York billionaire maybe that neutralizes something else but. I it's an intriguing match up to say at least that Bloomberg can make it happen these two rich white old New Yorkers running neck against each other believe economies are we could see Bloomberg out there 12 weeks vehicle. Listening to watch for Klein thanks much for cats very weekend.

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