Nate Silver on outstanding ballots in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver says he doesn't see a path for President Donald Trump to win in Nevada.
2:37 | 11/05/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nate Silver on outstanding ballots in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania
Let's could and it's over from 530 and it looked just walk through your best analysis now of where these close states stand let's start in the southwest. Nevada and Arizona. So Nevada the circus tickets for that 90% of the remaining ballots are in Clark County which is very blue. I do not think there is a path back for trump. In Nevada and let's or something we don't know. Arizona stricken we have different types of belt we have some provisional ballots in Arizona we have some late arriving early ballots we about to or dropped off. On Election Day I think Trump's case is a bit more possible there but he needs a lot of breaks to win in Arizona but Nevada is a state where I just don't. Think there's a path so an and an Arizona still an uphill climb. Arizona uphill but doable he can make assumptions where is on a workshop for trump. But I I'd you know I think Biden as bite isn't gonna grow their might when it being more comfortable. March in the end for him let's talk about Georgia now we've seen is the lead now Klein good drop into the teens. Is there and we also potentially a T senate races in play. Yes and if you look at the rate at which Biden. Is a humiliating votes he's winning votes about 7030 the mail that was so he's on track actually overtake front narrowly but. Bit they're covered or that we don't know for sure how many votes there are that's important right if there are as many votes as superior success or more. I think Biden is on track to overtake trumpet sometimes they're different names of Dallas and you expect. Right sometimes it's that they do that she didn't process for the secretaries to did you know that the county finishing that they hadn't turned in to the state. Yeah they can might have been limitless numbers and over counter an undercount or its provisional ballots instead of uncounted ballots so it's it's you have to take everything with a certain. Grain of salt when your kind of looking at a number of outstanding ballots and then you have to Pennsylvania several 100000 bouts of play one number her most recent was about 400000. You have seen Joseph Biden guided closed the lead to below 100000 what does that tell you. I mean this is a big problem for. For Donald Trump is Pennsylvania that's a one way or it might. I mean there's uncertainty right but it might not wind up being all that close. You know because look I mean people forget that like. It's not as though these are coming in late per say they are often ballots that were sent in by mail early in the mail balloting and in Pennsylvania now a city usually had to make absentee program. It's just very very very blew the Biden winning by fifty points and a lot of these mail ballots and so there's a certain inevitability. In Pennsylvania or even read carries Pennsylvania mail ballot is pretty pro Biden and so. I don't know I mean I I can't imagine a world where that math. What's good for trump may be some how listings we don't know many reasons Belcher different categories but but that's the elephant in the room really is Pennsylvania OK thank you Nate.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver says he doesn't see a path for President Donald Trump to win in Nevada.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74047038","title":"Nate Silver on outstanding ballots in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania","url":"/Politics/video/nate-silver-outstanding-ballots-nevada-arizona-pennsylvania-74047038"}