National Urban League’s Marc Morial: 'When there is trust, communities are safe'

Marc Morial discusses police reform in President Joe Biden’s “American Families” plan and today’s meeting between lawmakers and victim’s families of police brutality.
7:28 | 04/29/21

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Transcript for National Urban League’s Marc Morial: 'When there is trust, communities are safe'
In his address last night president Biden emphasized the role the government can and must play in a variety of areas in American lives he touted his work so far. In passing the American rescue plan any promise to keep going by instituting affordable child care and police reform. So joining me now is the president of the National Urban League mark morial for more on how this presidential administration. Can assist historically underserved communities mark thanks for being here too big issue thank you can't do. Very pressing issue in our country now and for a long time and it looks it feels like this administration wants to get Astra may be. So what does a buy demonstration accomplished his first hundred days. That helps these red these goals in the is that traditionally underserved groups and where they falling short. So I think what scattered countless thus far is the all whiteman drove a leadership team the Department of Justice begin it would weird Garland. Lisa Monaco and the need to go and soon to be confirmed Kristin Clark that will restore the integrity of the Justice Department and the role. The Justice Department has achieved in source or. File civil and constitutional rights. Secondly it is the attorney general's. Willingness to if you will cancel. Former attorney general sessions. He refusal. To enforce these civil rights laws later constant investigation. A systemic. Unconstitutional. Gleason. To restore power the Justice Department to do those investigations. He is an important step so in one hundred eighties the president has put a marker down. Here reverses. The course of the last forty years and reestablish the role of the Justice Department. There's in his force or our nation's civil rights laws now. This George toward justice and policing bill which we strongly support. What do you we played a role in so we're asking. We're eight edition also true libertarian want to emphasize. Based general tool is needed. And that to the George Schwartz doesn't always. Would strengthen the hand of the Justice Department in many many ways to rebuild and restore trust. Your accountability. These federal law homo is not enough. There's a role but why would force them to let there's a role. But mayors and City Council members and county council is there's a role for governors and state legislators to Kuwait here's a local community leaders deploy. The trigger rebuild trust. Hold officers school girls and a law breaks a law. Finally people's constitutional rights kill our citizens and always and are accountable and I if you will change that philosophy. Police to a community oriented. Prevention oriented it's you will. Oh. And I think that yeah I understand. First and knowledge you he had been issued here real problem is not to disparage all police officers this is certainly assist Natalie. Challenges. That we confront as an issue. And mark there are glimmers on this issue of some bipartisanship. A rare thing here in Washington people Wharton cross the aisle. To see if they can pass some kind of police reform legislation. A today attorney Ben Crump and family spoke with Republicans and Democrats up there about potential. Reforms. What Ben Crump had to say after one of those means wanna take a listen to for justice security and Crump. This was a the I understand that this is we're real time all of us grated me is more. Two these families did anybody else that house that legislation. We're literally have a blessed thing from their loved ones. And that works. Tone and tenor of the meeting date they listen rely. Talk about how are they wanted to make sure it was a meaningful. You know mark is looking at a picture of those feathers that is that is such a tragic fellowship that we have in this country. And yet there they are in the halls of congress with Ben Crump they're they're they're having their say and it does as I say look likes some people are talking about getting some don't what do you think needs. To be done in congress. To change policing. Well I think that what happened today whose families meeting with members of congress. More that needs to occur. The voice of the victims' families of those who lost their alliance. Police violence needs to be heard. Every member of the United States. Every member house this is not a lot of politics and partisanship. And posturing this. Isn't out. Victims. Of police violence. And whether these statements. Moose family members actually stand as Mars. Whether their experiences. I'm not gonna beat the experiences of another generation parents and grand parents and and wives and sons and daughters cherry that kind of dialogue and challenged. Every member of congress. To speak to victims of police violence. And their communities I know. Basically salons was content that is until a Muslim in this instance kind of dialogue. I think will help us understand the George forward justice and police who aren't he has. Sarah Lawrence bill. This generation. Then it will be a powerful testament. If people came together so their president by a good Cyrus strong sultans and bill. Prior to newer version of George Lewis I'm influences. And then that is his goal as a remarkable scene really talked about trust mark so what impact can't police reform if it happens. At the national or local levels have on other aspects of communities where there's been such a problem. When there is Shrek sesame communities are safe. When there is trust. Law enforcement is more certain staring out. Both sides little sense is that communities welcome. To ferret out. When there is trust and understanding. That an additional police and communities Louis summer jobs for youth. I think holistic housing. Needs in the investments in other areas. And so when there's trust. Are there is an opportunity to do a wire rings isn't the rebuilding trust. With Ross goes our ability. And this is where the system has been sells nearly broken nose some 181000. People in the last few years have been sharp or at least. Ali bin Lugar Sheldon east warns our mission. Ordered conditions. And over a 170. Oh goals folks in charge so it's rare. Or law enforcement. Shoot people and rake in the sand and constitutional rights are held accountable some trust and accountability. Or swim killers. What we need rules would. And it is an issue of the moment no question about a National Urban League director Marc Morial great to see if thanks very much minutes.

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{"duration":"7:28","description":"Marc Morial discusses police reform in President Joe Biden’s “American Families” plan and today’s meeting between lawmakers and victim’s families of police brutality. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77404036","title":"National Urban League’s Marc Morial: 'When there is trust, communities are safe' ","url":"/Politics/video/national-urban-leagues-marc-morial-trust-communities-safe-77404036"}