G-7 nations to donate 1 billion vaccine doses to needy countries

World leaders also agreed to a 15% global corporate tax rate ahead of the summit.
5:04 | 06/11/21

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Transcript for G-7 nations to donate 1 billion vaccine doses to needy countries
The G-7 summit congressional correspondent Rachel Scott joins me now from Cornwall England with all the updates Rachel what's the agenda for today orders on the key issues they'll discuss. The White House is expecting this to you very productive summit isn't the first time since the pandemic has started even have the leaders. I'm the world's biggest democracies the seven biggest democracies coming together face to face. To really talk about the modern challenges that the globe is facing so of course this is taking place against the backdrop of the as countries like the United States in the UK push other world leaders to settle vaccines to some of the world's most. Poorest countries. Also expecting climate change to be an urgent issue that these leaders the going to talk about we know the UK prime minister Boris Johnson is urging other countries to sign the Marshall plan in order to fight against climate change. And of course this summit is all leading up to that face to face that president Biden is going to have with the Russian president flew in. The White House feels like he's going to be heading in to that meeting with the wind at his back. But the White House is going to make clear that they want to be sure that allies are a leading with one voice here to fight against Russia. And racial vaccine diplomacy is that a big part of Biden's message that America is back so. And the G seven's out committing to donate one billion doses to countries in need what does it all mean for the global vaccination ever. It big step but in a lot of ways it is barely scratching the surface the WHO. The World Health Organization. Estimates up eleven billion vaccines are going to be needed across the entire globe and ordered to stay about the pandemic so this. Start these leaders are planning to have pledged one billion vaccines across the globe again to some of the world's most poorest countries the Nat. 500 million is coming from the United States and the president here is really trying to lead by example encouraging. Other world leaders to do this stain and such a little bit more vaccinations. And Rachel how significant is this announcement of a global minimum tax of 15%. This something that president Biden has been pushing course this is pretty much a pretty big win for the White House here the question is why does this matter this is going to make it so that no matter where your company is headquartered across the globe. You would save you pay this seem tax rate that's really important. For the White House here but still some steps had a right so the G-7 the world leaders can all come together on this is gonna leave the ground work and then sort of put the pressure on the G-20 an other world leaders to pass. To make this sort of a standardized tax re and then the next hurdle is going to be back home there in Washington this is gonna have to be passed in congress before it officially gets locked in Diane. And reach all of Boris Johnson called his first meeting with president Biden a breath of fresh air and has been one of those. Instances of people watching closely because they didn't necessarily have the best relationship prevents history going into this meeting so. How are going so far and how are other leaders responding to fight it. Yeah it's really interesting that he said that it's just a sharp contrast to what we have seen before there has been a lot of much talk about how this meeting was going to go of course the White House made it clear that that she would be focused on their shared use but a lot of differences between president died in and Boris Johnson president Biden has been very critical first and foremost a brain leaving the European Union an an and how northern Italy has been treated she. In the glass in the fall out of Braxton and he's also made it pretty clear that heat. And has described him as a clone of Donald Trump who we know that president Biden as not very particularly bond ads here but believing that meeting yesterday the two leaders met for ninety minutes we heard from the Boris Johnson he called at that meeting would died in a breath of fresh air so it seems like it went pretty well off to a good start here and I am. And we know the First Lady doctor Jill Biden and duchess came shortest school earlier today president Biden is also scheduled to meet the queen later this weekend. So all of the royal family playing in the summit. Wolf and aluminum tree here for you die and president Biden is going to be that there to President Bush to meet with the queen at a reception a little bit later today she's going to be hosting some of the world leaders an inch piece on the and the First Lady out. How would she eat bad greetings and school children and talking to them as well and of course this comes as the backdrop where the elderly and a lot of headlines as well reporter shouted some questions to Kate passing its. As she has spoken with her east timed with didn't in the new daughter a little of that of Cherie and Megan she said no but that she's looking forward two meeting her Wednesday so we'll. Getting here but of course the royal family and and the White House and the president and very close ties that it lasted decades AM. Right Rachel's dad thank you. And bi annual cap on this trip. With a face to face showdown with Russian president Vladimir Putin you can watch our full coverage of the Biden Putin summit next Wednesday June 16 right here on ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"World leaders also agreed to a 15% global corporate tax rate ahead of the summit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"78221306","title":"G-7 nations to donate 1 billion vaccine doses to needy countries","url":"/Politics/video/nations-donate-billion-vaccine-doses-needy-countries-78221306"}