Obama Nominates Julian Castro as HUD Secretary

President Obama nominated San Antonio mayor for federal housing secretary.
27:25 | 05/23/14

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Transcript for Obama Nominates Julian Castro as HUD Secretary
My family's story -- special. -- -- Is the America. That makes our story possible. Ours -- the nation like no other. Up plates we're great -- can be made and a single generation no matter who you are where you come from the -- is always -- And that path today leads San Antonio mayor -- in Castro to Washington. -- when I'm down Cutler in New York mayor -- is set to be unveiled as president Obama's choice to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He is expected to -- or from Shaun Donovan who slice of the Office of Management and Budget so joining us now from the White House north lawn. Ahead of today's announcement ABC's Mary Bruce is standing by. Mary tell us a little bit more about -- -- Castro we we about about his family background his prominence in the Democratic Party. Absolutely well he definitely one to watch and he's the mayor of San Antonio but he really burst onto the national stage when he gave that speech the keynote address. At the 2012 Democratic Convention now if confirmed. This position as that Hud secretary would actually raise his national profile and he's already rumored dance. As a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton -- should she decide to run in 2016. And imagine his family I think it's one of the most interesting things about Castro is that he's one part of a set of twins an identical twin brother Joaquin Castro. The congressman just down the street. A representative from Texas. And it's fair to say that together they make the most high ranking identical twins ever to serve in government and of course if if confirmed to hold this position. If he would be one more Hispanic to serve in the president's cabinet of course at this administration tries to continue to push immigration reform so. Actually have a lot to keep an eye on here when it comes to Julian Castro -- -- pointed out Mary that he really rose to prominence national at a national level in 2012. So why now and in why the announcement. This game of musical cabinet chairs while you're gonna hear today -- it all stems from Kathleen -- believes the embattled. HHS secretary she is stepping aside now in the wake of of course the box roll out of health -- dot gov. The OMV director has been nominated by the president to take over as HHS secretary that leaves a slot open. The current -- Secretary Shaun Donovan is being -- today to fill that spot that leaves the Hud secretary spot -- And now Castro can come in and be nominated for that it's quite a flow chart when you look at the whole thing. And really underscores the fact that this president likes to promote from within and that's something we're gonna see and continue here today well that's that I want to point. The fact that is a flow chart indeed but it's almost a cyclical flow chart because it's a flow chart within -- diagrams as well because the president as you pointed out merry. Doesn't really like to go from the outside. Now and you know it's interesting he really as John Donovan one of dead people but he's nominating today the current Hud secretary. Who is being nominated to fill that position. Over -- Allenby is the director there he is one of the longest serving serving members of the president's cabinet he's been in the -- since president -- -- first came to office so and he will still continue in the cabinet if he. In this is. Confirmed by the senate so just the sort of ongoing cyclical. Rotating cast of characters here let's go now into the White House -- the president is making its way up to the forty. Have a street. What I took office. Businesses were shedding 800000 jobs a month. Our deficit. Were heading towards a trillion dollars -- year. And every member of my cabinet have a tough job in front. If you had a tougher -- -- Shaun Donovan. The housing bubble that burst triggered the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes and the irresponsibility of a few bad actors. Badly hurt millions of responsible. Hardworking Americans. Home values have fallen 20%. From the year before. New housing starts have fallen nearly 80% from their peak. Hundreds of thousands of construction workers were out of a job. And a record number of people were behind on the mortgage. Five years later things. -- -- -- different. Home sales are up nearly 35%. Construction is up. By more than a 120%. New foreclosures are down by nearly half. And while we're not anywhere near where we need to be yet. Millions of families been able to come up for air because they're no longer underwater. On -- mortars. A fifty billion dollar settlement. By big banks means justice has been done for hundreds of thousands of homeowners who were unfairly targeted by deceptive mortgage schemes. And all this. Is in part because of the outstanding work. Shaun Donovan. Now here's the problem. When you're -- -- your job that people always want to do even -- That's why today I am nominating -- to be the next director of the Office of Management and Budget. And to take its place at -- I am nominating another all star who's done a fantastic job. In San Antonio over the past five years mayor -- -- -- Before I talk about -- -- -- a lot of embarrassed -- a little more. Over the years shots taken agency with 840 billion dollar budget. He's made it smarter and he's made -- -- -- issue. He's changed the way -- uses data to solve problems and save taxpayer dollars. He's helped build strong sustainable neighborhoods and connect those neighborhoods with good schools and good jobs. He's helped reduce homelessness among our veterans by 24%. Since twenty. And he's helped four point three million families buy their piece of the American dream. A new home. -- helped us navigate some unexpected challenges as well when hurricane sandy slammed ashore. It was personal for shop he was born in New York City got married in New Jersey. Races kids in Brooklyn. Once he took his driver he wants took his driving tests -- -- -- that was wiped out by the storm so. He understood. What this devastation meant to a community that he -- So when we were looking for somebody to lead the recovery and rebuilding efforts under -- was the right person for the job and he has come through. Helping the communities he knows so well not only rebuild. But rebuild smarter and better. -- -- certain reputation as a great manager a fiscally responsible leader. And somebody who knows how the decisions we make -- in Washington. Affect people's lives all across the country. That's why I'm absolutely confident he will do a great job leading the Office of Management and Budget. And help even more hardworking Americans get -- And my guess is that John's. Grateful to my outgoing. Head of OMB -- -- well and her team for leaving behind. A deficit that they -- cut by more than half cents I took office I'm just saying let's -- Site. Now obviously we've also got make sure that as we move shot into a new. Position that we've got somebody. Who is gonna do an outstanding job cut. And that public servant. It's -- -- -- -- first time most. Americans. Heard this man speakers when he gave a speech of the Democratic National Convention almost two years ago and I saw this young guy. -- -- -- Not bad looking. Talk about how America is the only place where his story. Could even be possible. And I watched I thought. That's not bad. But. The people of San Antonio have known about. Him and his brother congressman. -- Joaquin Castro -- who's here today along with. Leader Pelosi and congressmen and chair of congressional Hispanic caucus. In -- -- they've known about for a long time. As mayor New Orleans been focused on revitalizing. One of our. Most wonderful service. Planning thousands of housing units downtown attracting hundreds of millions dollars and investment. -- bill relationships -- mayors all across the country he's become a leader in housing and economic development. Today companies are choosing to create jobs in San Antonio -- This year my administration named the east side of San Antonio they promise -- the place where. Citizens and the federal government are working together to remake the community family by family and block by block. This speaks to the fact that Korean cares deeply about the people he serves and the city that -- loss. It's also a reminder that he's never forgotten where it comes from. Romance grandmother came to this country from Mexico she worked as a made worked as a -- worked as a baby sitter. We're ships due to people roof. Over -- said. That's because for her and generations of Americans like her. Home is more than just -- house home as a source of pride and secure. Place -- -- -- and put down roots and build up savings for college. Or business. Or retirement. Or write a lifetime of memories. And maybe one day the kid grows up in that home. Is able to go on to. Get a great education and become the mayor of San Antonio and become a member of the president's cabinet. William you don't. Elsewhere -- -- America. That's precisely because he's lived out the American dream that he'll work his tail off to make sure more people. Can travel that same path. And earned their own dreams as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very. Outstanding Boris one of whom badly beat -- in ping pong. During a Super Bowl game I want thank them for sharing. Husband and dad where this little bit longer. -- wanna thank Graham's wife Erica. This adorable young lady who gave me a hug before we came in for agreeing to actually I'm take on a new challenge. I'm absolutely confident that these two. Individuals. Are gonna do a great job because they've. Done a great job and everything that they -- done in the past. They are proven leaders they're proven managers. -- -- going to be effective and most importantly. They've got huge heart. There -- involved. In public service for the right reasons. And for that reason I hope that the senate confirms them both. Without games or without the white. And when that I wanna give both of Aminopterin is very few words -- -- -- was -- Thank you so much Mr. President. At first heard the name Barack Obama in 1991. At a dinner with a couple who are among my closest friends. The night before. The husband had taken over the Harvard. I asked how could that be. And he explained that he was required to address the entire law school. Immediately after the outgoing head Barack Obama. Of course he had it easy. Try going between Barack Obama and -- pastor. But then his wife said that Morocco doubt Obama would one day be president. Because he was one of the most remarkable people she never Matt. Mr. President after watching you guide this country through one of its most trying periods in history with courage and grace. I believe those words even more today and I did five and a half years ago when -- -- -- Thank you. Thank you for your leadership and the confidence that you've shown in me. I also want to offer my congratulations to mayor Castro. You've done outstanding work in San Antonio I've seen it with my own eyes. And I know that you'll do exactly the same in your new role. And let me tell you you are one lucky guy. Because the -- team is a group of extraordinary public servants. It's been my honor to work with them to help the nation recover from an historic economic crisis that began in the housing market. I'm proud to say that together. We've worked with millions of families to fight off foreclosure. Reduce the number of veterans experiencing homelessness by 24%. In the last three years helped communities hit by natural disaster rebuilt stronger. And before. And revitalize distressed neighborhoods. So that children's futures won't be determined by their zip code but by their talent and work ethic. I have loved this war and I'm reminded today that Doctor King said human progress is neither automatic. Nor inevitable. Every step towards justice requires dedicated individuals. Heidi is made up of such individuals. And I will miss everything about working with them thank you -- Almost everything. I'm known around the office is -- numbers aren't. And it -- I often hear groans. When I asked to see a spreadsheet that someone is holding at a meeting. If confirmed I'll be glad to go to a place where my -- spreadsheets will finally be embrace. In all seriousness is the president said earlier this year. The budget is not just about numbers it's about our values and it's about our future. That's why I have always viewed on -- unique role as one of the most critical in government. Let me recognize Sylvia for -- -- -- extra large shoes I have to fail. Some of you know silly and I actually lived in the same dorm freshman year in college and we've been friends ever sense. So I know she won't mind -- late night calls for her safe late after her sage advice. And guidance. And I look forward to building on your work Sylvia with the remarkable team that you built -- on -- Brian d.s death -- every one of units here today and across OMB. A really stellar team. If congress approves my nomination Mr. President it will be a great honor to -- weren't your White House mr. vice president to join yours as well. And work even more closely with you -- to continue to move our nation forward. I also want -- say a special thank you to my colleagues in the cabinet. You've become not only close partners but also good friends. Now I'm gonna be taking your calls for more funding. But I know. That the mutual respect and trust that we yeah. Will allow us to make difficult decisions to lead this country a better place for the next generation thank you. Finally I want to thank my wife Liza and -- two sons Lucas -- -- Who after -- half of -- being a -- left our beloved Brooklyn to join us here in DC. I'll never forget the morning for -- was first nominated in 2000. Lies and I woke them up early brought them down -- -- To have that difficult conversation. That I wouldn't be there on school days but that -- make it back on weekends whenever I could. After explaining everything. The very first thing that came out of malice -- he was nine at the time and watch order that it wasn't about the hardship that they would -- He looked up at me and said first of all -- Congratulations. My public service is there public service and I can't thank them and it's. Congratulations -- Castro. Thank you Mr. President mr. vice president. -- Let's hope Mr. President. This is quite an honor thank you very much for the honor and for the opportunity. Two secretary Donovan. I have some very big shoes to fill I know. I understand that fully. However I just want to say you understand the importance. Urban development and housing in your new role. This -- vice president it's an honor to join. Your administration the president's administration and I also want to thank. -- leader you in Germany also for being here. And I and here today with my father. With my mother. Who along with my grandmother. Raised my brother Joaquin and I. As a single parent after the age of eight. And I'm here with the two ladies who have stolen my heart. My wife Erica. And my daughter -- Note to be your nominee. Present Obama it is. Simply a blessing to me. Eight and here alone at the podium right now but I stand on the shoulders of so many folks. Over the generations who have worked very hard -- -- the American dream and have reached it. And I feel blessed to have -- as well. And especially to the great many folks in San Antonio. I want -- say a huge more TC must pass yes thank you very much for your support. And my brother Joaquin and I grew up on the west side of San Antonio. Taking public transportation. And living in -- homes as we grew up and it was there that both of us got a sense. Of what is possible in America. And an understanding that just because -- of of modest means. Does not mean. That. Your aspirations are -- opportunity ought to be limited. And it certainly means that you can have the talent to succeed. And achieve the American dream. After five years as mayor of my hometown. I know this much. We are in a century of cities. America's cities are growing again. And housing is at the top of the agenda. I look forward to being part of a department that will help ensure that. Millions of Americans all across the country have the chance to get good safe affordable housing. And to reach their American dreams. And if confirmed. I stand ready to assist you Mr. President your administration. And local officials across the country. To ensure that we do housing right. And it because of it more Americans achieve. Their dreams thank you very much. -- I'm hoping for a quick confirmation. I think listening cousins took these two individuals -- -- pretty good sense of why I'm I'm -- -- them for these positions. They're gonna do outstanding work. I have -- told charm it's very rare where. An announcement about him or be confirmation gets people choked up. That's. Erode erode no commitment and -- and I do want to. I do want to point out. That. The mayor was remiss. Just in in one. Last element in his remarks I'm assuming. That he's Poland for the spurs to -- -- Don't -- spurs Parker -- -- -- -- -- -- Friday afternoon announcement at the White House there President Obama. Naming his choice for the housing and urban development position that being. Mayor of San Antonio who -- Castro rising star in the Democratic Party. Replacing expected to anyway -- senate confirmation -- congressional confirmation is made. From Shaun Donovan who was headed over to the Office of Management and Budget. I want to bring in now from Miami fusion Arianna -- years -- -- the significance of this afternoon's announcement and Mariana -- -- with this we really appreciate that. Is -- Democrats have been -- and that will thank you -- as the Democrats have been very active trying to consolidate support. From Latino voters so what does having a popular young mayor lately -- Castro in the president's cabinet what does that do for that cabinet. It doesn't want for the Obama administration at this point remember that 60% of Hispanics in the US are Mexican American and William Custer story speaks to that. But it also helps the president to put this young mayor on a national platform. Get him by his side in a time when Obama has really been grilled on -- -- the political will to pass immigration reform. And also his nefarious deportation record so he's hoping that this will do wonders for him in in 2016 also because of your take a look at the Republican bench. They already had three very strong. Hispanic politicians senator rubio senator crews and of course governor Susanna Martinez -- the Democrats really needed somebody. Like Castro to counterbalanced. -- Castro's name has been bounced -- as a potential vice presidential nominee. For 2016. He's -- no stranger to going on the attack as well effect curious taking a shot at Mitt Romney. Back -- 2012. Mitt Romney. Quite simply. Doesn't get it. A few months ago he -- the university in Ohio. And -- students there little entrepreneurial advice. Start -- business he said. But how borrow money you have to from your parents be told him. -- What and I think of that. The line was well received but what is his reputation that within a Latino community. Actually they are covering the 2012 conventions when mayor Castro spoke. And that's speech -- certainly catapulted him in the eyes of the Hispanic community and ever since then he's been considered a rising star. Again as I mentioned it's very important that he is of Mexican American descent his story and that's what he was going at within with a Mitt Romney attacked. -- speaks of the story of man has many Hispanics in this country he was raised. By a single mother he credits affirmative action for having gotten him into Stanford. But again it's it's not enough for him just to be you know a lot of Latino voice or a Latino man on the ticket. I think having a Latino on the ticket for both parties will likely increase Latino turnout. But I don't think that -- will guarantee Latino votes I think Latinos tend to vote on -- issue and that's what really play out in 2016. And -- last before we let you go one of the more significant issues immigration and and as time is continuing to pass. Despite the rhetoric from both were Democrats and Republicans if there is not much progress on reform. Is there hope being lost as more time is passing that anything it's gonna change any time soon certainly in mid term or even by 2016. -- really what what I've seen from the immigrant community is disappointment. Toward the Democrats and toward the Republicans the new deadline now is July 31. For the GOP to move on immigration reform. But really I think that won one event this week really speaks to the disappointed in our communities feeling I'm I don't know if you saw journalist Jorge Ramos. On on the presser with house speaker John Boehner telling him you know you keep blaming Obama and Obama care. But you could really. Put his vote on the floor next Tuesday and you just don't have. The will to do that and and -- really spoke to the way our community is feeling in terms of both parties regarding -- the were. And at this point parents Marianna -- different fusion Mario thank you so much is really appreciate your time inside on this -- thank you. This has -- an ABC news digital live coverage of president of -- keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news -- start -- the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm down Cutler in New York.

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