Obama Becomes First President to Have 3-D Printed Portrait

White House video shows the process that produced a bust of the president from a 3-D printer.
3:08 | 12/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Becomes First President to Have 3-D Printed Portrait
Are here at the White House working with the Smithsonian Institution and creating a 3-D presidential portrait. And a system that we've brought to be part of this process is called our mobile late stage it's. Right over there and we're setting it up right now so they can be used record. Almost certainly the highest resolution digital model that's ever been made and the head of state. The inspiration for the project of creating a three portrait of President Obama. Really comes from the Lincoln like math and our National Portrait Gallery. And I have. I think in life mask with me today and their complex math because he stood directly taken from his likeness of it was to put on this case. The rope to little holes. Over whether or not just for us we could still grieve and seeing that meanest thing. What would happen if he could actually two that was a sitting president using modern. To create. I think movie authentic experience that connects us to the street to connect those two moment in time and connects us to a person's. So the process should go relatively quickly we will by the president to sit down. He will be surrounded in front by fifty custom built LED lights a high resolution sports photography cameras and an additional six wider angle cameras. In about 12 as he holds his presidential pose. He'll be illuminated by ten different lighting conditions which will change the polarization of the light that direction now and it the way. We'll give us everything that we need to understand the shape of the space and how it transforms incidents elimination into the images that we see of him. Ten years ago it was just barely possible think that's to be done. Theory of structurally treaty scanner and reasons and the president her hand held their flashing a strange pattern of play. And there are stereo cameras recording another strange pattern forms every geometry in this case it's K. The president getting it is like Netscape. As cool as that is is also about a broader trend that's going and that is the third industrial revolution. It's the combination of the digital world and physical. That is allowing. Students and entrepreneurs to be a would go from idea to put. In place and I. Then a few days since we've. Treaties can the president and we're looking at some raw data on screen right here. This is that data came all of the handheld scanners that at a hotel and I were reason scandal president this is the first. Bust that's created head of state from objected treaty scanned data so this isn't an artistic likeness. The president this actually. Millions upon millions of measurements they create treaty. Likeness of the president that we can now treaty prints and make something that's never been done.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"White House video shows the process that produced a bust of the president from a 3-D printer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"27371022","title":"Obama Becomes First President to Have 3-D Printed Portrait","url":"/Politics/video/obama-printed-bust-president-printed-portrait-27371022"}