President Trump stumps for Republican senator facing allegations of racism

Mississippi GOP candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith faces Democratic opponent Mike Espy in Senate runoff race.
5:13 | 11/26/18

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Transcript for President Trump stumps for Republican senator facing allegations of racism
So he'll next me. Checked in on the border earlier with some Marcy and Mack who are there for us but this is obviously that involves the White House is well we've heard Matt talk about that a little bit what the president is going to do not heard anything at the White House about. Oh how the president is going to respond to the situation. Tweets from the president over the last few days Maggie have been putting pressure on Mexico the president is saying that Mexico needs to stop these caravans this morning he says they have to say any migrants bound to their home countries. Writing do it by plane do it by bus do it anyway you want but they are not coming into the USA the president once again threatening to close the US side of the Mexico border permanently as we heard not gotten in talking about down there what the ramifications are there of course would be significant. And the White House has not said yet how the president thinks he can do this how they would not a plan like that and what would mean for the people that cross that border legally every day for work for school for other business. How are they impacted by this if the president moves forward on that threat which for now is just a threat. At issue here Maggie is this potential deal between the trunk administration and the incoming Mexican government new president takes office on Saturday December 1 and the result lot of talk over the weekend that there is an agreement reached where. People are seeking a silent here in the United States will remain in Mexico. While courts are going through that process while their application is making its way through the system which could be quite lengthy and these things don't happen overnight the president not happy that some people can come here. Apply for asylum and then stay here they say that that ends up where people just don't show up for their hearings humans and to say on the Mexican side of the border. Maggie Mexican officials after having said that was an agreement. Now saying right now there isn't any deal in place with the administration that doesn't mean there won't who won coming soon. But I think it will wait and see what happens when the new president comes in this weekend in Mexico. Now that the could be even more conflict. A we'll carry and I also really want talking about this one because this report environmental court came out Friday but was kind of buried in bud Black Friday ace giving holiday weekend but it it's terrifying carrying. It's a dozen doomsday report some of these backs that were being given so I'm curious. Amid addresses climate change and they're saying the climbing genes have a huge impact on us both economically and on human life. Now we've seen the White House sort of brushed aside these kinds of reports in the past so. Do you think they're going to brush it aside again if they do. Anything then columnists reporters this report almost had just breathless of this. And this is a government report this isn't some outside group it's not a think tank that put this together this is the administration the US government. Who has completed this and you're right it's a really dire picture of what climate change is doing to this country what we'll do for public health. What it will do for people's pocketbooks add natural resource is infrastructure. The effects are very severe now that truck administration will say that this was a report that began under the Obama in ministry (%expletive) and that it looks at the most extreme scenarios kind of the worst case examples of what would happen with climate change. They say essentially stay tuned for the next report when their perspective we'll have more of a say in it. But Maggie you know I we've seen the president dismiss. An Alice is dismiss evidence of climate change. And I wouldn't be surprised if we see a similar take on this report even though it's much harder to ignore when it's coming from your own government. What Karen Anderson he of a busy day as well as soon as we finished chatting you're about to head on out of fear and go to Mississippi with the president he has want us to rally is there today so explain below I know you have to runs over. But quickly you don't get to advertise but why is he holding two rallies there is there for a race mid terms apparently are still going on. But why spend so much time in such a heavily red state. Yes it that he won by twenty points and had sixteen and going into Republican strongholds today in Mississippi Tupelo and Biloxi to hold make America great again rallies for Republican incumbent senator Cindy hides net. She's a runoff election tomorrow in Mississippi against democratic challenger Mike SE and Maggie the fact that the president. It's going there tonight I think we're even talking about this as a contest. A worried Republicans are about this race. Then he hides Smith should be cruising to victory in such a red state like Mississippi but she has really stumbled in the last week. She made a comment that she says was in jest about public hangings that of course created a lot of controversy in Mississippi. The president has defended her he said that she made that comment as a joke and that she feels very badly about it. But he's going down there essentially to try and push her cross the finish line rev up republicans' drive turnout in the red as part the reds eight. And get her this win tomorrow but Maggie. Going to give Simon got to bring in the top and the party down to a very red state. The night before voters head to the polls and here we arts December Republicans are spending a lot of money down there in Mississippi adds. And get out the vote efforts money that they did not really want to be spending. And here you thought you were done with and it turns Karen Travers a nice guy and he. I will go back and shall be catching a Marta Marva Mississippi.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"Mississippi GOP candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith faces Democratic opponent Mike Espy in Senate runoff race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59422525","title":"President Trump stumps for Republican senator facing allegations of racism","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-stumps-republican-senator-facing-allegations-racism-59422525"}