Presidential Inaugurations: Past and Present

How inaugural ceremonies have changed since George Washington took the oath of office in 1789.
2:47 | 01/21/13

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Transcript for Presidential Inaugurations: Past and Present
It's an unmistakable snapshot of American democracy. One American a 35 word oath. And the world bearing witness to the start of a new president's coming -- graduation mr. Path. And -- like the nation itself. The inauguration ceremony has changed since our first commander in chief George Washington -- his Whitehead -- Tokyo in 789. In fact the first ceremony was nowhere near Washington DC but in New York City the temporary capital. Let me ask good night from the -- That the only thing we have proof that. Until 1933. Inauguration date was march 4. But in order to shorten the time between Election Day and then turn. Congress changed to. January 20 and now this is the seventh time of the date has fallen on Sunday forcing. The public ceremony. Monday yeah. Beyond the ceremony and inaugural -- rates have -- -- to reflect the changing America. The first parade was essentially the equivalent of an eighteenth century flash -- As George Washington made his way from his home in Mount Vernon to New York. Local militias joined the journey started the tradition of public presidential display. In 1865. And president Lincoln's second inaugural ceremony African Americans participate in the parade for the first time. And in 1917. Women but step in Woodrow Wilson's second inaugural parade. Two years before they were allowed to vote. Can in 1949 Americans. Crowded around television sets to watch Harry Truman take PO in the first televised ceremony. Security had noticeably changed in 1965. Following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson was the first president to ride in -- bulletproof limousine to the ceremony. But in 1977. President Carter -- his -- to become the first president to walk from the capitol to the White House. Forty years later. The world logged -- to watch president Clinton's inauguration the first ever to be carried on line William Jefferson Clinton. In a post 9/11 world inauguration security reached a new line in 2005. For President Bush's second swearing him. Snipers and armored vehicles surrounded the event. Thousand. One point eight million. Watch blogger -- become the 44 president.

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{"id":18271645,"title":"Presidential Inaugurations: Past and Present","duration":"2:47","description":"How inaugural ceremonies have changed since George Washington took the oath of office in 1789.","url":"/Politics/video/history-presidential-inaugurations-past-present-18271645","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}