Pro-democracy protesters fight back against Chinese government

Professor Dali Yang at the University of Chicago discusses why protesters in Hong Kong are fighting to "expand the democratic process."
3:57 | 08/13/19

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Transcript for Pro-democracy protesters fight back against Chinese government
Do you want to bring in Dali Yang he's a professor over the university of Chicago he's been monitoring the situation expert. On Hong Kong professor thanks much for taking in. The time this Tuesday afternoon to speak with us we appreciate it and this all started sir because of unrest. With curry lawn she is the chief executive. All Hong Kong and amendments. She wanted to make to the extradition bill. Today odd to be signed up to be up about. Be mainland of China so that Hong Kong residents. Could be extradited to the mainland and there is a lot of the speech down. Aaron this trust of the mainland properties aren't aren't out about oh vote. Model on grass and Angola especially among young especially because she tried to push the B at all. The legislature you know very sharp line. And just explain this team he can because obviously. Different countries different political systems. The chief executive position. Carol and she's been asked to resign by these protesters she's rebuffed those requests she is remaining. On the job but one of protestors here want to see because. If she was to go which does is doing is gonna happen they are calling for open elections. Our yes indeed I so she is deeply unpopular if there is a popular vote today she went so maybe I'll loaded out. Op are currently on its way out branded Bible's central government out I now. I'm Molly who used always need us. Through our limited boat who demands is basically out opt out of essentially ask special consol. And usually a candidate applauded by the central government are pan awaiting that he. A process. The Apollo eight accident at Bieber unhappy bit is this town under the basic law there is some problem as bad bears should be out. Broadly popular vote directly by the people. The that we draw essentially poppy tradition B I'll. Are in fact ERB. Alternate accident begin to demand Maltby and cousin. You don't simply want us all being processed into the extradition beyond Bobby bond rhapsody and expand the democratic Bronson be on a rat oh well it got beat the. And professor lastly as a mentioning the EU are an expert on Hong Kong you follow their politics. Four years. What do you believe now. Is the impetus for this sort out rages Julian just said you've now seen the airport there closed for day five. Potentially as were in the overnight hours right now could be going in two days six what do you believe was the driving force. Behind these protests and frankly the wages looking at this footage that we're showing right now on screen. The way they're just growing and growing at and frankly successfully shutting down an airport. Yeah well I think that's it may yeah yeah I'm all I'm process carry. Has already offered to resign to the central authorities. What are resigned what I have actually mitigated a lot of upbeat and not. He's the center has backed op as aunt dot com companies so as a resounding argues that and it. In comp front team cracking down on the process. Accident the process is behind being out galvanizing. Our public opinion be accidents on of their high speed ratio topping mom's. On both sides are proud of clumsy centers netted the era haunt and beating of pop up need to buys and Olaf. Both Roy weaves a damp ball is merely argue that the beast up a teacher beaten whose. A professor thank you so much for your expertise and as we do appreciate.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Professor Dali Yang at the University of Chicago discusses why protesters in Hong Kong are fighting to \"expand the democratic process.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64955308","title":"Pro-democracy protesters fight back against Chinese government","url":"/Politics/video/pro-democracy-protesters-fight-back-chinese-government-64955308"}