Rabbi calls Trump's comments on lawmakers 'race baiting'

Rabbi Avi Olitzky of the Bethel Synagogue discusses President Trump's hateful rhetoric at Wednesday's rally, calling the remarks "pretty terrifying."
5:02 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for Rabbi calls Trump's comments on lawmakers 'race baiting'
Want to bring in a rabbi from Minnesota where congressman Al on Omar is a represented. Rabbi ideal in ski who's joining us who wrote an op and about. Needing to take down the temperature in our political discourse right things for joining us tell us your reaction to those chants that we're talking about last night. It's pretty terrifying thank you for having needs is pretty terrifying. The idea. This sheet that's being fomented being carried out suit's arms orders presents porter's. Eat it fuels like it's quite rural. Tight viral and your community turn rousing in this momentum. It to come together hurting responding what are the emotions like today. Jordan emotions are very idea it hosted. My op and it which followed the previous votes on fees yesterday and its re all that I experienced. The sport on one side he on the other. Is it really doesn't matter what's happening EU's view sees a convert seat belt to Jewish community he used as a political football. And week due to. I heard you sing earlier Reese they eat. And garner support in a way that it really terrifying. I would also act when you asked about standing at the rally. Congressmen Omar not I don't we see our guy I didn't publicly coal. Doubts. Her stance on Israel and her comments or speaking publicly. Out against. The pro Pete yes resolution that just was put out error but beyond that. I still can't six Ers and silently. All our sitting president. Is he sort racist rhetoric and puts out her and we make our. RI and sprint race further out. Rabbi is Terry are writing calling you're on your professional wisdom here what's happening in your judgment you look across and hear these. These these cries just send this congresswoman back and the divisions that are opening up. What's your take on I'm glad you got any special take from your position isn't as the leader of the if your faith community. He uses a very eerie green. Similar situations or disagree with them sword you're alluding to. Ethernet Nazi Germany or elsewhere where people are coming to that are in and coming out of the woodwork to go law ought to be right here eight. And saying you know I didn't publicly hateful ED publicly are. I don't need to shy away from bats and it doesn't matter you're on the left and right we're seeing that on the right right sea outlet to. And as it gets it is and that the real it's just it's. It's paralyzing. Its terror. Yet that is exactly though the feeling that I got. It in that arena it is in everybody's given themselves permission to be the worst version of themselves imagine somebody for example. Who has been raised in a very very strict environment and has never been allowed to stick curse word on their whole lives and all symptoms as you can say whatever you want to dancing. Dropping F bombs in kind of delirious Ecstasy is the worst instincts coming out. And as the rabbi says it is it's somehow people feel permitted right now may be the leadership whatever the moment whatever it is. People feel they can't. But what happens next round I do people. Stand up with the congresswoman Omar in Minnesota is they're gonna be a distancing effect from her and how politics play out there. Sure I think that part of this I'd always said loudly and proudly dialogue. And civil discourse is always the true path to peace and reconciliation. I think what's happening right now is on both sides idol were just screaming into the chambers and does borders on both sides are not even listening to beat her so we can turn down to eat out and Oxley keeps at it and it's. It's all. And didn't read all by Lisa down and try to figure out wolf we're talking out instead of talking each other's. Hominem attacks. Equal language. We can finally sit down to discuss speeches and made some progress. Rabbit and this is Rachel Scott I just ask you. You know this does not give does not start with the president is certainly does not end with the president they're people that have been saying this for years they've been saying it for decades what do you say it's a thousand Americans. That believe that that racist troll is okay to say at this time. There is no place for each in this country. One of the reasons I'm a proud American citizen one of the reasons I'm proud to support and lead in this country. Is because I stand might know you are or out there which is there is no police for eight. And what he says all eyes and they can be. Brett I really appreciate you joining us especially at short notice it's important press to have. Boys bear for Minnesota and your voice in his conversations are thinking I'm.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Rabbi Avi Olitzky of the Bethel Synagogue discusses President Trump's hateful rhetoric at Wednesday's rally, calling the remarks \"pretty terrifying.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64427020","title":"Rabbi calls Trump's comments on lawmakers 'race baiting'","url":"/Politics/video/rabbi-calls-trumps-comments-lawmakers-race-baiting-64427020"}