Rep. Peter King Assesses Potential 2016 Presidential Candidates

The New York Republican jabs at "isolationist" policies of other contenders.
3:00 | 07/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rep. Peter King Assesses Potential 2016 Presidential Candidates
So let's talk about the rest of the field because you mentioned to you mentioned -- -- senator Paul someone that you do you couldn't imagine supporting. For shore possibly of the folks that have been out there -- a lot Ted -- traveling he's an Iowa even this weekend what do you think of him what he's done on the fence. I'm not a big -- -- proves I think that he again. Is sort from isolationist. And has too -- to negative review bad image of the party and that policy. Marco -- I have a lot of regard for senator rubio but I have some hard feelings. -- to what he did voting against each new -- -- -- something New York. But the tens of billions of dollars went to Florida after previous natural disasters and him to vote against -- to. New York and New Jersey shows familiar and certain narratives which -- -- review if Chris Christie runs to Iran. I actually went to Trenton three years ago sent down on them -- to run for president and -- -- Chris Christie the I have a lot of regard for we've had some ups and downs but -- -- on the same side right now so get to see. He probably the strongest candidate. I can see out there and a potential candidate right now Paul Ryan -- -- Paul on the practice and they are reported to us and on defense as well. While as far as -- forward we have spoken out and defend towns but again he has to three is particularly -- a policy so far north particularly -- -- is out there. Talk about national -- economy is important immigration -- important. But the fact is if we don't survive as a nation -- that matters. So he's taken a boxing in the last couple years any any boxing metaphors that spring to mind this as part of us yeah I would say basically I'm -- be a feeling out -- the first few rounds thrown jabs and jabs on the not welcome right across and over. C a little bit about what the democratic field may look like -- 4016 Hillary Clinton clearly the democratic front runner a lot of folks think it's hers it if she wants it where we're do you view her from you her time percent of their time as secretary of state on the issues that -- -- -- -- I I don't know -- very -- worked very closely whether I think she's very strong on foreign policy and I think that if we nominate somebody from our isolationist wing of the party. Shall destroy them. We need someone who can stand up to -- and debate foreign policy in an intelligent coherent way not name calling and not. Pandering to people's fears.

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{"id":19715833,"title":"Rep. Peter King Assesses Potential 2016 Presidential Candidates","duration":"3:00","description":"The New York Republican jabs at \"isolationist\" policies of other contenders.","url":"/Politics/video/rep-peter-king-assesses-potential-2016-presidential-candidates-19715833","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}