Republicans face backlash for voting with Democrats to convict Trump

Seven Republicans voted with Democrats in former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.
4:12 | 02/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Republicans face backlash for voting with Democrats to convict Trump
Some of those Republicans who voted to convict Donald Trump are now facing a backlash from their home states at least one senator bill Cassidy. Has been censured. By the Louisiana GOP the north Carolina Republican Party called senator Richard birds vote shocking and disappointment disappointing and Pennsylvania's. GOP chair called senator Pat Toomey decision. Our disappointment so. Let's go to former Republican congressman Denver redolent of Virginia he joins us now for more it's great to see you again and and let me ask you first about that last question. Eyed kid to Rick Klein there about Donald Trump's and the trump family's future what do you think is he is he did. Is he poison goods Oreo or is he is able to run again and you think you will. None. That they trapped me history to be back but I think his name in the support that he is he's actually in an original lobby's church and you're just about. Bill Cassidy censured. I believe there was unanimous. So that tops of the power this this he'll lose. The namely president should be impeached and all these belief systems they came from disinformation is very powerful Republican Party right now. And we can make your committee is more ideologically bed. He noted and are all voting public however. These committees control all the power is doable here is unleashing a unanimous vote for censure. Massive just stared east all of it useless chain mileage fees are disunity should he's completely innocent again. These districts I don't think the GOP is at all I think they're actually going to be pretty well 122. So since the senate failed to convict him chump is free to run for office again at this point. Is anyone in the Republican Party that could challenge him in for the nomination twenty point four if but Terry suspicions are correct and if he does decide to pursue office again. I don't know I mean that police don't think he'd be 78 years old I think is only would these then. Now president Biden wanted at age due today and stage present trust and one brilliant former president. I think electronic he could satisfy the when you're talking about harsh robbery was our. Color trumpeted North Carolina fuselage true names I think that sort of better and better trotted out others aren't pretty for president well. You know I don't. I think I have this bridge chances anybody else from the right now this all happened to don't know usually gets from me right now unfortunately Tony floor or. If you refuse to embrace. Magnetic fusion is usually pure fusion British Armstrong leaves me very difficult to fund raise and some of these cities. Well let's talk about what that means substantively for the country for the reality that we share Donald Trump of course he hasn't admitted that he lost the election. Law. Didn't express any remorse about his role leading up to the assault on the capital despite what Mitch McConnell and plenty of other Republicans are saying so assuming none of them. Changes. What are the next couple years before Republicans look alike as they try to get a rep elected is that loyalty tests now for Republican candidates. They have to embrace the trump alternative for Maria we alternative reality. I want recede surprised if you can't protect our luck donors carnal mind. Just bring representatives and senators tried have been ignored Alan dig at his blessing I mean I just don't think that's really that's a life. Bush was on alright now me for myself I would rather see policy taxes this issue is an it is. What will be and you don't actually massacre this I disagree with president Biden a lot of things in policy soon I do that. Keller very typical got a serious policy discussion. These people at her side appreciate things that you think that aliens is somehow inserted coding machine should change votes but an NS agent. Rightward and the Democrats are all pedophiles. That are trying to run GCQ I mean there comes a point that you got to have a baseline and impact of policy. But right now that's what's selling certain portions of the Republican Party were selling. Israeli election integrity encroached property to Libya top Tuesday to people run on those factors China's NASA flight data. There's going to be Connell and mark motto try to try to get to present from. Proof. And former Republican congressman Denver Adelman we appreciate your time as always thank you. You.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Seven Republicans voted with Democrats in former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75910847","title":"Republicans face backlash for voting with Democrats to convict Trump","url":"/Politics/video/republicans-face-backlash-voting-democrats-convict-trump-75910847"}