Retired Gen. John Allen and Veterans Greeted With 'USA' Chants at the DNC

The former Marine general endorses Hillary Clinton for president at the Democratic National Convention.
9:05 | 07/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Retired Gen. John Allen and Veterans Greeted With 'USA' Chants at the DNC
My fellow Americans. I stand with you tonight the retired. Four star general. Of the United States Marine Corps. I. Saw it. By my fellow generals and admirals. And with these magnificent young veterans. From Iraq and up studies done. They went there and they risk their lives because they loved this country. They'll. Earn mirror. There are here before you because this most consequential election. It's the greatest wanted in our memory for the president of the United States. But stakes. Are enormous. We must not and we could not stand on the sidelines. This election can carry us. To a future of unity and hope. Or to look dark place of discord and fear. We must choose a vote. Every American in uniform. In the White House. Florida no. We. Must be a force for unity in America. Tour of vision. That includes all of us. All of us every man and woman. Every race. Every other news today. Every fan. Every faith then creed. Including the Americans who are restless practice Muslims. And every gender and every gender orientation. A. All of us together. All of us together. Presuming are common values. My fellow Americans from the battlefield. Through the capitals of our allies and friends and partners. The free people of the world. Look to America. That's the last best hope for peace and liberty for all human kind. He. We are. We are thought greatest country on this planet. Food. Please stand before you tonight. Do endorse Hillary Clinton for the president's by the united. We trust in Hurd. We trusted her judgment we believe in her vision for a united America we believe in her vision. Of an America at that Justin's strong leader against the forces of hatred the forces of chaos and darkness we know that seat. Adds no other. Knows how to use all instruments of American power not just the military. Do keep us all safe and free. Yeah. My tummy. Without hesitation or a reservation. That Hillary Clinton will be exactly. Exactly the kind of commander in chief America needs. Yeah. Just because. I served with terror I know that says the former special presidential envoy to the global coalition to counter crisis. What car that's our commander in chief America will continue to lead this volatile world. We well oppose and resist tyranny and we will defeat evil. America will defeat I six. We'll honor. Our treaty obligations. We will leave and strengthen NATO. And the Atlantic alliance. A stage and Iraq. To defend. We will stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Dangerous states and broke. A. Our armed. Horses. We'll be stronger they will have the finest weapons the greatest equipment they won't have the support of the American people. Good example for them. And our very best. And no. Play a grateful nation. And there will be cared more in the manner they deserve. For the sacrifices they have made for all of us. And we're world. But I also know. That would birds our commander in chief our international relations. Will not be reduced. To a business transaction. And the the it. Know. That our armed forces will not become an instrument of torture. And then. Cork area. Other illegal activities. Quit Hillary Clinton as our commander in chief. The United States book continue to be. That indispensable. Transformational. Power in the world. Do around lines. And to our friends and partners. Listen closely. We are with you America will not abandon you. Acting against peace acting against civilization in the world order we will oppose you. And to our enemies. To our enemies we will pursue you that's only America can. Do welfare on us. At devices and others we will defeat you. Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen my fellow Americans. My fellow veterans. This is V moment this is free opportunity. Or our future. And that of the world we must seize this moment. Two in left. Hillary Clinton as president.

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{"duration":"9:05","description":"The former Marine general endorses Hillary Clinton for president at the Democratic National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40978858","title":"Retired Gen. John Allen and Veterans Greeted With 'USA' Chants at the DNC","url":"/Politics/video/retired-gen-john-allen-veterans-greeted-usa-chants-40978858"}