RNC Night 1: Trumpism vs. Traditionalism | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

The crew reacts to the first night of the 2020 Republican National Convention.
39:20 | 08/25/20

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Transcript for RNC Night 1: Trumpism vs. Traditionalism | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
And by the way Perry you should tobacco and your mom thinks we're trying to. Pretty apparent podcast. On players' parents on the podcast well I didn't. But I didn't have the DNC. I did have a dinner conversation. In which he it's a culture was brought up not by me questions were asked about it said. Hello and welcome to this week night reaction edition of the 530 politics podcast I'm Gayle injury and we've Johnston wrapped up the first night of the Republican National Convention. It was a mix of ordering trump defenders for example his son and Kimberly Guilfoyle his son's girlfriend. Mixed in with some voices in the party that haven't been quite as enthusiastic about trump for example. The governor Nikki he leaves senator Tim Scott. Then I also showed off some of the voices of color within the party again for example Haley and Scott with others such as can Kleiza who's running for congress in Baltimore so is an interesting guy and he would meet to break it down for you are editor in chief Nate Silver Haney Africa on. It's going well has going for you Galen. Company while happy to Lebanon announced free house once again. Alls here thus is the senior politics senator Clinton's own declared. He. And also senior politics right or Perry bacon junior hitter. Well. So let's start off. Where it's. Perhaps the prime time hour of the evening which was that ten to eleven hour where we've hurt some of them more measured arguments for the president perhaps you could say. On the what did we make up for example Tim Scott speech and and Nikki haley's speech for the Republican Party event. Stacy was at the Republican Party. That exists in reality. It's the Republican party of of the sort of dream of the post 2012. Election plan witches like. You know party that showcases diversity a party that. Ostensibly reaches out to voters of color it was kind of reached the Sheen. Worse we're doing conventional politics right like. Part of the part of this UP contention. You know trump junior and Kimberly Guilfoyle were doing real answers child world speak the Tim Scott and Nikki Haley were due Aden. Old school. Republican in. Talking right. And I think you know we can tuchman has more depth later like. Who are those messages for they for voters of color for white suburban voters to make them feel at the party is less racist. But goes to those two you know primetime places. An Indian American woman. And a black man where vary. Notable I think. 81. I mean it's it's the first the convention. Obviously. When I saw the programming for the foreigners to that this was the best night of the four. Because it has the speaker's list that we also have you know. Kimberly Guilfoyle and don't from Jr. You have probably too must from people that actually showed up at the commission were invited RR. Paley and Scott that are not explicitly. Trump loving Republicans. I thought it was recently. Effective and well put together. I think it says something that like trump wants gonna get. Those rather good speakers out of the way so to speak on Monday in the last three nights are vary two Olympian. You know the first hour that first hour and half actually it was a didn't make the prime time network coverage. There's also Maurer trump Ian in nature Sino it's it was kind of it's kind of the grab bag of themes tonight right. Diversity is when it came through more clearly I guess right but also a lot of rhetoric with you know gun toting. Saint Louis couple for example that are at least on the verge of issuing some pretty you know. Which you so we all hate racially charged straight but like you know there's a live dog whistling in in. In that segment for example. And they probably will be. The rest of week leaving here very much cut. Immigration and negative way too damn sure we will on the final against the convention and so mean chemists are often like this right you're trying to get out two or three or four. Different messages. And it may mean no one thinks six to like it's kinda the way you play. You play politics. We need I'm curious you said that when you booked at the right aren't you thought Monday it was the best night and because it features as high profile not necessarily trop lauding. Politicians. And when you see that's you mean like most collect portly advantageous to trump in terms of making a message for all. Or what do you what do you mean and why is that the most electorally I. SS best both in terms of having the most interest thing. Contact for media snobs like me. To watch and I think most dangerous that connect completely suit and I think for reaching out to. To swing voters right look trump is not new position. Like say Barack Obama wasn't when he twelve where Obama was just popular enough. And the democratic base of the bit bigger and Republican base and point twelve Obama had a pretty good map and Electoral College right Obama was. Doing just well enough we are heated. Rally the democratic base he actually lost independents and of running an election and he still won right. That will probably not work for Donald Trump his base is not that large. Even with his advantages and after college he needs of win back at the very least. At the very least win back the kind of Republican that likes Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. And is agnostic on track you might not get the trump aiding Republicans but the truck. You know the mild disapproval mild approval agnostic. He might give us to pull back and having speakers like that would be part of what you boy I diluted. Proceed province say there are other things JP dies in the line that we have to go for even though term can be a little bit. You know if you're my Republican may be embarrassing to your times. Perry did it seem to you light the messages that. Hayley and Scott deliberate would get those starters in a term called. I'm not sure but I think it definitely seen do that tonight was cannon. Diversity unite like you and the person are you Georgia's state rooms and in the Democrat named Vernon Jones who gave a speech is black who. I was a black state resident of the supports trump. You have Herschel Walker the former NFL player talk about supporting trump. You had Nikki Haley said Tim Scott and you have bunches because also some white speakers whose of the talked about. Issues of school choice for minority community issues like you a lot to get this they say. Look the Republican Party is the best party for black and Latino voters and the Democrat its take to take you progress that was being with that was sent by an eighty. Eater nine speakers night that same message. It's I think it did connect come through I thought Tim Scott was the best personally deliver that misses his speech I was. One of the best beaches of these five days of divisions on the part of it was a relief well done speech by Tim Scott. Almost a good speech for him if he's thinking about running for office himself. For president or vice president later on forget about trump is featured in some ways not really about trump and that was much more optimistic. Personal Republican Party and a speech this. Devil look at I don't know you know the kind of because you hear a conventions for up and coming people often typing tonight was really I didn't think some of the rhetoric was. Was really targeted and I think fairly effectively by Scott Nikki Haley and basically being like the Democrats say the Republican Party ignores. Racial issues and ignores minorities in Europe sort of a white centrist voter maybe. Voted for Romney it's when he well maybe political or her trump and sixteen. You don't mean you when you your Republican and issues that you don't want to support a party that his seat is being races I think Tim's got a regular trying to say. Hey this party has some good east new policies on race Lucy's. And Tim Scott also highlighted some of Biden's kind of bad countenance. On racial issues. And kind of lifted them loosen them in some ways and that was a prolific that message to. Yeah. I mean it was traditional. I just ran in it let's start with the well he's an. In a sense of aesthetically. Traditional news mostly single podium and flags. A lot lot women in the first learn. You were paying great power suit she's wearing Cain. And then I think substantively. That message was kind of like. Humanizing trop. On to people saying he's not racist and then talking trying to give it to. And here's a unity at the policies that. The use that we we we talk about a lot tape by the it Democrats about policies. That much either so it it was kind of this but nothing to use a neat this is actually currently. There's still that normal DNA of the Republican Party that we act yes of course there definitely like. The scene Lewis couple. Who were also I will point out. The magic of television you know America. Mrs. Alec wild eyed. Nance dwelling cowboy couple and they where tell sitting in their beautiful mahogany room. You know in perfect in there pressed suits so it was also kind of like. Griese hits us we are. Indo and and they went on I mean I would aid the excitement. That dog woods earliest. Any of the segments because they opted. They talked about how old. It was made it. Tell quietly suburban neighbors yet they have this whole thing about low quality apartment buildings here. Is easing don't let. Black people a bit and so obvious element to trumpet them but just. The it's that it kind of trying to funnel them into. Racist with. And there are those elements of traditional. Yeah the McCloskey is I think it is there and names they sense that Democrats want you. Destroy the suburbs which is. Perhaps an ironic argument in an era when Democrats have practically never done better in the suburbs and while on the house. Based on their popularity in the suburbs. Particularly well educated more affluent suburbs around places like Atlanta Dallas Fort Worth Houston Orange County. Etc. so want to cluck writes the chase in. The messaging and the strategy and it seems like Democrats we're speaking to you. Romney Clinton voters at least at the end of their convention and much more than there were speaking to Erie you know Obama trump martyrs who might feel like. Economic system is rigged and and so on. Isn't clear who exactly this convention is for so far is it overwhelmingly like we mention. You know tentative trump voters or is there. Eating in total so far more for the Obama trump voters like. And just basically people or interest and Brittany park I mean all conventions try to do a little bit of both right you have. Quite a bit of programming to fill. I thought Democrats were more clearly picked to sizing you shall especially in Joseph Biden's. Closing speech was a fairly explicit outreach to. Republicans write a play that video Republicans. That loop like every night or something right the same people talking missing something every night. You know you had John Casey featured some prominently. Even then there were plenty of base appealing elements as well where it's has like may be. May be a 7030 mix. You know tonight was a 6040 mix in favor of actually Renault resentment trade so I was kind of slipped on the middle I would say. I we think anatomy to Thursday its commit drift more firmly to the base camp. I think. The base camp it I mean trump. Borough see if you until election then all these people around the living me right. I think in general trump. Over rates electoral importance of US. Well I'm in the forecast is wrong and the forecast might change anyway if front rebels in the polls which I'm not sure he will but. But I mean like. You know I think that from. Vastly over rates how much he knew with his base alone his base is not that large he clearly disagrees. You know tonight there is at least half it was outreach toward other groups. And in that seem Smart. If I were them I would do the same thing for three more nights in trying to happened they probably won't slow mostly. I think it was like yes a lot I think summed it like hey Lee and the Scott was it was outreach to. Maybe use that verb and Republicans. Who have strayed. Or who are you know kind of intrigued by the case sick cross over to Biden. But it it's bound to mind with all of the talk about how all you know. What do the Georgia State rep saying that that Democrats tablet the presentation of the mine. There was a lot of this like I kept thinking about in tool in 2016 there where. You know ads and black radio stations that were kind of like meant cued depressed black turnout. And listen I don't know how many voters are watching or people in general are watching the first hour programming of the RNC. Necessarily. But they did have I did start to think about like. A lot of or Tim Scott talking about the crime bill and Biden let there was a certain amount of Haiti. Black voters. Babies don't vote for this guy you know like almost like them depressed yet depressive demographic groups turnout. If not win the if you can't win over their vote to press their. I was very struck by the scenes in which the president was in the White House talking to cannon everyday citizens the first group was like down. Medical professionals who worked on Covert recovery the second group was hostages who unification again from the country's so. There was a real attempt to reality than Ronald McDaniel the RNC chairman's statements to say. Donald Trump is very time he cares about people he cares about you so I saw a lot of the night was focused. Ten of voters who. Are nervous about I don't work in the middle who they voted for and we sixteenth minute voters in the middle who might be open to Trump's policies but maybe think he's a knee. I think there was definitely a focus on trying to say he's a nice gagged he cares about you there was a bit it'll also be very focused on. The cope with situation is not as bad as you think it is which was I would argue the video was full of misstatements on top of this statements. But there was definitely a position that strong as Rick trumps efforts on Coakley are have been. Bad they've read the polls seem. The aren't he's been to the polls Tuesday trying to sort of build back him in back up in terms of I think it was an overall presentation idea tonight did. Trying to re frame trumps character acting in the same within Joseph binds him it was about how nice of a guy Joseph Biden is. Does not attempt to make of that attorney trusting his knife is Joseph Biden but there's definite have to make him seem to show a sort of softer side of Donald Trump. Yeah I think that's a good point right and that when you look at where overall approval ratings right now trump isn't about negative twelve and Biden as that meeting negative too but. Has ticked up today and most recent polls after the Democratic National Convention. We know the Antoinette sixteen trump won in part based on the fact that people who dislike both of them. Ended up voting both Clinton and truck ended up voting for trucks supporter trumps equation is like you better get above that negative twelve or he's got to bring bargained down to hand. After last week maybe it's a little harder to bring Biden down to a negative twelve. And so they got to do some work to pull him up make it seem like the good guy I do when asked about the red meat portion of the evening. So we talk about the part of an act that appeals to maybe you're more. Marginal voter who is interested in the Republican Party hesitant about some of Trump's brand up until now. We also did of course hear from Kimberly Guilfoyle who was giving a very impassioned speech we. We surged ahead. She was shouting and passions. And passion and we heard from Mac gates. We hurt Charlie clerk open the night. Meeting an appeal I just to young voters but also very much based on this dark gloomy picture of who the Democrats are. Social list cancel culture things like that. Who else did we hear from Kuwait the unit reorganize in the McCloskey is. But. You know what's. What it remarkable that what's the goal there are destined to bring the Democrats down but it's or anything smarter to sign. Our I think the real goal was the last he's convinced it was very much to. Disassociate. Joseph Biden from Bernie Sanders guar in the squad. Liberalism and acting tonight was very much. To put like basically all of Tyler I think coats Nicole and it's Jones AO CE. Elizabeth Warren Bernie look every liberal person Democrat party but also so that every. Liberal idea reparations. You know that the founders are bad they don't buy it was an idea the idea was to you cannot put every ten. More controversial. Liberal ideas and I think Joseph Biden actively opposes an and that suggests. He's for those things or at least if he's president. EOC or policy or whoever will force those those upon it was very let's not about Joseph Biden's policy ideas as Joseph Biden. As poll has ideas and excellent popular weapons and very much trying to find more unpopular things to graft on. Yeah I mean it was it's it was striking that they they had. Segment in the middle where they bases Regis lashed the sort of dark and grainy images of Bernie Sanders. Answer actually socialist. Men and Bernie panel looks like. Guys are popping. Lots of pictures. Oh on Omar. Lots of pictures of ANC in fact that entire patent. Interested shall have voted to Qaeda. Decades. The response today ST rate these these two sisters who had started. Where you know onto regulars who were kind of like we're the answer to you ASE we'd all heard co ops. You know what it means to be. A woman Hispanic woman you know that there is this idea. Let's push back against the socialists. Ideas like Evian. Agents he gets Ed there's no reason why they they're constantly class picture she she easterners great emotions. And the in your city resident and reader its tablet. I can tell you that this morning's. Near post. Had a still shot of ANC as its partner. Because she had done eighty video interview with where she. Shows her Bradley routine while talking about policy. Rate but the New York Post had made that's like. Oh she's sharing her make up to it so like she sells papers she people she she sort of people log on to it. So that felt like kind of the year classic like Fox News. Segment. That that's sort of socialism ANC. Pain. When. Comes to president tries message for the past several years it's been a lot based around you know draining the swamp anti establishment at satirist he's now the sitting president. He is using the White House and monuments in Washington DC to host its convention. Is like how to battle worked out like is he owning the current. C two region and American life is he trying to say that it's Biden's responsibility is he owning the 2019 version of American life. But what parts of establishment. Or our current situation has. Owning and what part does he project they're not really joining the Covert stuff I don't think rate. I'm not sure you will but they can argument that like okay. Truck took decisive action. By banning cattle from China. Isn't that great right now he an operation works be kind of ignores a part rendered in. 70000 Americans have died so far in her performance is one of the worst in the world. Yet and I shortly would say I thought he could elect lean a little bit more heavily into like. Hey things are actually improving now on there's a comeback and I guess they're saying like the best is yet to come out like I do you think some voters are gonna be like. Find it is it really ring true right I mean again. I don't know what you do you say because how poorly corona virus has been handled by the White House let's and other people. Then. I mean it's a real problem right it may be what ultimately costs out from to lose reelection. But they didn't have anything that's in my year sent a particularly. Smart or effective. Again with us and I'm not sure way to it would have told them to do you hurt couples. He hears even note that the economy was released wrong until early next year so you could tell that's with a convincing was supposed to be out. Economic growth and help it was kept saying basically. He's grade on the economy stepped this cope with indicate quite seen that bluntly. But that's Nixon did is give him a second term he titled back to normal and that's the kind of thing he's great it. His part of the challenges that things don't beat out other competent yet conservatives is. Judges but I don't really think these judges as the issue that moves people. Al-Qaeda based relief at all because I think that's the what they and you could say. Trump has and a great job in terms of cutting taxes reducing regulations. And appoint conservative judges but they didn't lose tonight really want to sell those things and my guess is that's because those are things that motivate. Tenet tempers Republicans really not anybody else. There was one point which didn't some sticker like actually say economy was going rate until then yes we lit a cigarette and that's right yes. I'm an irony is like trump super running an economy Korean economy is still. Pretty decent it's like 48%. Which is a lot Behrens approval over all also like maybe isn't makes sense but for better or worse people seem to be able to separate out. Covert aid from the economy is an oral and so it's probably not the worst order for them to make. It helps him you have seen some bounce back. In the past couple of months on some of these numbers. Our model where Lisa Meyer model is not. As quite. As down and Travis some other miles than actually assumes that. Because the economic recovery gets underway that it Mina looked so bad for trumped by a by November I'm since kind of following the 538. Model I guess and in talking it up instead of making excuses. I will not. I built a model I mean I don't opt out check none of the bills itself the model built itself really clear on just there to chaperone and make sure it doesn't make. Unwise decisions. A couple more themes. Problem that the events of the day that I want to touch on one is that it seem like just about every speaker. And maybe I'm getting that wrong maybe not Nikki daily mentioned cancel culture in some form and essentially that the Democratic Party. Is not a party for a freedom of idea is for freedom of speech thought at Sutter and that they wanna basically tired anarchist. Good even some of the speakers who seemed a little more in the mainstream. Why was. Is that like a cultural war issue that they feel like that they can win on and pulling Barrett got out. But the polling but I think it's like items off the hands at some does it should cut rate now. I mean like I don't think anyone on either side of the aisle would be I love cancel culture. Except for immediately to Ian the rate. It did Crist for them. But I you know Nikki do is really you'd acting need it's that you're into element culinary Nikki Haley said I want to be clear America is not a racist country. And they're lazy teachers in the first hour programming. The top tobacco unions which I took to be stand in her liberals in general. Are trying to teach your children and alternate history of America where America is bash. And you know. And so they're right we're having an entire national conversation about how we didn't deny how important. Racism and that foundation on the which accurate bill a lot of matier really trouble it. And that talk to people right so where we're also having this kind of like it was almost two levels one was like. You can't say anything that you want to say people don't want to accept new ones they don't wanna hear pastor for you know your first. Sentence you wanna give them the paragraph explanation dates want you'd. You know repeat the Matra. I think in 28 well then when he sixteen the phrase I think in Carson used lose political correctness. I think cancel clauses that new borrowers and a little red carpets which is basically. I think conservatives opposition teams kind of liberal values on race religion. Activity and so like the eight years is my more conservative views on. Hot button issues are being canceled and so rather than and it discuss what those are sort of open when. The eight years the kind of you know saved my user you can't I think Hayley times. Hayley line of America is not racist that was released. Tenet Judy to the central really talk about here is that. This artists you know what we've had Republican congressmen and the secretary of state. Discuss the 1619. Project in New York Times did about slavery we're talking about yours like. Since there's some obvious and Republican parties like yeah that is America as this. You know America's foundation is racism access to those cattle were talking about here we're using code words disgusted because it's challenging to sort of did then America's history in some ways. On racial issues. So n.'s cameras they're saying Democrats want want you to feel bad about the country we want beautiful good country. It's unclear what we're determined yet. Thoroughness. Will ensure this yes the spartans. I mean I think. One of the problems with canceled culture is that it's of the eerie kind news. Very online. Argument right and it's something like. You leave scare about a lot. I am not sure that it's something that regular voters will care about so I think. Mean to me feel like there are they're I think it's filtered through them rights to cared about it for a couple of years I'd like. You know they might not know the online discourse are put at but I think that that single catch phrase canceled Piltz culture. Is making its way. Through to I mean. Doesn't this convention kind of prove it thirty you know. No public is you're assuming these people are our oxygen it understanding public sentiment I don't know they are. I mean I think caught using a phrase like put the correct but actually need them or that. You more familiar to people right. I. Isn't it likely to mean. Yet. I look at it Nikki Haley telling people that like. Hey you are not racist might. Sound reassuring to some. You know suburban. Republican leaning white people I don't know. While awaiting the polio kept a culture it's a tough issue to pull because like. It's true for all polling but like it's very very sensitive to the way that you frame. And phrase questions. So to do their research they probably would have. Focus tripped or whatever. How different masters would resonate. Are not. I think just saying cancel culture might be in. Not terribly familiar phrase it some people. Senator it's hard to know. Yet I found a poll actually. From Politico. And they use the dictionary definition of kept a Coulter which has the practice of withdrawing support for or canceling public figures and companies after they have Don percent something. Considered objectionable or offensive. And the result was 27% of voters are canticle replace somewhat positive we're very positive impact on society. But almost half 49%. And at a somewhat negative or very negative impact. So just around that out since. You know we that's that's like that's right OK but like if you also say. Should we sanction. We're condemn racist speech or never write. People say yes we should sanction it. So. You know I think it's tricky issue to pull united kind of be persuaded that like. There would be some fertile ground for the right Republican. With the right messaging. To. To use it to his electoral advantage I think rivers and I mean 20/20 four Mike Dee that. I think with trump I don't know if he's if he's the right Republican for that right. You mean physically artery when he speaks about. Yes. I'm and half electorate right and people think that he can make its way out of line when he goes on in. And talk some ambles about things and that he's not the most polite guy. Some pressure that he's a wanted dealing I think and it may be the coming from it. Nikki hey we're Tim Scott it's more powerful I suppose. So I think you can. Get the same argument by saying he's in the phrase reparations commission cancel culture its people actually know what preparations are and that would have liked me it's also reparations lawsuits from the we have popular. But divide the Democrats are certainly that would address this like I don't actually think. Yes sir bellicose about ton of people don't know what cancel culture needs. Everyone knows of reparations means it would hit the same I do think. I do not take a poll cancel culture. I think they re Twitter too much to Andrus and are like Nate that are consuming any discourse that is actually in. Affected by don't think my mom does a Catholic altar of the Alaska tomorrow but I think it's like a varied political terms not really. In Manassas in regular like the way reparations. For example with wouldn't cover the city and grew out of it. I think it's filtering down maybe not to freeze Knology but the sentiment which people are Smart pick up through. The speeches but perhaps a sign that we are all. Elitists who read Twitter too much respect office on time I camp uncle. Which reminds me that the one of and it wanted to break up is and by the way Perry you should get back to us on what your mom thinks we're trying to. Clear parents podcast we're trying to players' parents on the pod cast. Well I didn't I didn't have Indians. I did have a dinner conversation. In which its culture was not not IP. Questions were asked about it says. For what it's worth 88 MI need to show my it's easier. So Barry let us narrow but the last thing I wanted to talk about was Trump's speech. In Charlotte today he and the vice president. Showed up during the roll call and they both gave corn court surprise speech is trump talked for a long time about. You need he said basically Democrats are trying to rig the election and they're using coded as an excuse and that. Voting by mail is fraudulent etc. etc. Of course we know that for decades in both democratic and Republican states people have safely and effectively voted by mail at this is a conspiracy theory. Dep went. But watch what is trump doing here does he just not think he's gonna win he's setting the ground work to contested or like. Is there strategy here near right and I think you have thoughts on this but what is he doing. A home. I mean eloquence he had you know I think run. Make Daniel trying to tell people that he should vote. Trying to sell some of the masses in little confusing I mean look. I think there are few things going on I think number one is that Trump's ego. Would have trouble handling a loss. So yes you kind of set himself up psychologically for like. Oh my gathered at the polls are right. And did you lose. How hike in a process that with myself right and it certainly is like the makings of a coherent strategy where. If you word to cause a big partisan split and give us by mail and then you where to find ways to prevent from. As me in the mail ballots being counted. As people attended to have been counted and that could shift things for sure rates like it. Fairly coherent plan right if that actually what's happening. At the USPS right now. I don't know you know I think a lot of people are taking. Activities that are fairly normal in and claiming their extraordinary legacy is this going around Lyndon. Here are. All the swing states where sorting the she'll sorting machines have been removed are decommissioned right. Now if you look at the complete list there are just as many non swing states for the same thing has happened in North Dakota or Rhode Island or whatever right. And so there's no relation between. The swings tennis in the Stater governor blew it is and when these machines have been removed or not I do think that you know there are. Are the tents for the post office sit. To cut corners now. That may be disconnected for in the pandemic. Which may have some of the same effects on a minor scale -- when it's intentional or not I don't know. But you know I think but it isn't like it's a plausible plan. And trump has kind of said that he thinks that. The less you'll be rigged by mail balloting. I think is just sick between that and like. Are the Daschle things were seeing reflective of any kind of effort to enact that plan I don't know I don't know about that. I am curious to see if the polling starts reflecting this like the pulling up to now has been. Democrats say they're much likely more likely to vote by mail and Republicans are. I'll be curious at the same two weeks his truck possibly announcing. He is vote by mail obstruction plan is. Or his intentions there I would assume. A lot of Democrats don't want to win again I wonder if the number of Democrats who say they're going to vote in person early. Goes in the know who is available by mail changed haven't seen it yet as Kennedy and looking for his you would think that the democratic message you know parties seeing some of that. Of more encouraging sort of report but I wonder could groups facilitated a do this stuff actually start really Cameron nick is acting trump is in some ways. Maybe if it's an area strategy he should probably stop announcing his daily. Which is may be evidence that it's not and it's not bestow what I didn't yes exactly right. Yeah and as harassment thing Michelle Obama as well as others have sent you should prioritize building it read in person. All right well entering a final thoughts as we wrap it up for the evening. So my last thought was like last week sometimes the biggest news was not at the convention. Maybe this isn't the biggest news but the break up of the Con-way other than its articles on the Conway. Family both leaving their jobs. President George working with the Lincoln project Kelly only in the White House. And it sounds like Jerry Falwell junior. Resigned. Didn't utter resigned so an Indian and eases their musical gossipy stories of the XX also do. Reflects an important figures in the Republican Party and has an extensive report on people that sort of help from here in the first place but cannot are now available to upstate. Interest. There I don't even know they covered up interest of interest. For another pod casts. A previous select you guys. What. Maybe maybe I am. Because unscripted reality is doing so poorly for trump may be anything it's scripted is an improvement on that. Unit mean. Anything he can have. Two hours and 45 minutes. Somewhat coherent missing that some. Person thought about in advance. If he. That's. Better than for example the remarks his impromptu remarks in his acceptance I guess we have real or call it. Speech today. So who knows maybe we'll see some improvement out of just kind in at least forty in the effort to to say what a normal party. Would say. A lot of lot of things that they might not. I want to ask you if Joseph Biden has seen and he thing in terms of the convention bounce yeah. Wanna wanna keep people in suspense and cute I know that we haven't gotten much data and ask if not later in the week support. Something's here tune back in for. Eric I'll leave it there soap opera. So it's like a soap opera in. Thank you Nate. Thank you do they declare. And thank you Perry. They still. And also mentioned that our colleagues over at ABC news are doing daily podcast this week on these start here pod cast and the powerhouse politics podcast. Suit coat checkers are where ever you listen to your podcasts. And although check out a 530s the war part 3COM. Slash store. My name is do you enter Tony chow is in the virtual control room you get in touch by emailing us at pod cast at 530 dot com you know of course greeted us with questions or comments. If you're a fan of the show beat us or reading a review in the apple podcasts to work. Or tell someone about us. Thanks for listening and policies. And also don't forget to subscribe to 530. A I.

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