Sen. Amy Klobuchar fights ‘difficult to work for’ reputation over dinner with voters

Amy Klobuchar, 2020 presidential candidate, sits down with three voters at a restaurant in Bedford, New Hampshire, for a conversation about the issues.
20:19 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for Sen. Amy Klobuchar fights ‘difficult to work for’ reputation over dinner with voters
Welcome to around the table were undecided voters get to ask their questions tonight we're meeting with Amy who oversaw. For dinner at the copper door restaurant in New Hampshire. A state where a successful primary result will be critical to her candidacy. So I heard you say that you can use that role ability to pay schooled how would you do that do you believe preparation. ABC news this carefully chosen three undecided voters to bring their questions to the table. They decide we'll get their vote. In the democratic presidential primary. The one thing that happens at a and our our. In this moment witnessed the most talked about. Impeachment. As undecided voters yes care. I did that I absolutely can't I think that terms. At present occupant of the White House is it history. How many people feel about themselves. And his derogatory statements written he mom. And I am concerned about that I'm concerned about it and I wanna pose a question to you saw her. Because how people operate and how we treat each other is huge for me and I I am concerned about that I'm concerned about. How we're going through cabinets and how he fires people when they don't agree with that we don't have a leadership. And I'm concerned about next leader of my question to you as. How are you going to govern when and how are you a minute think people you have a wonderful person. Ability to pass bills but you. What I'm concerned about the one thing that has been set about to that your difficult or harm. It because I know yet. When you work for somebody who is different cults it. It brings huge. And I am concerned about I'd like you to speak Spanish any amount I don't know it's good I thank you got it out because when you can do bipartisan work on the floor and yet bills. I know that on the benefactor of that many people are you are bipartisan Saturday you're asking us for itself does. But yet what about your staff in February there was an article here times and I I do use the sheer act in slightly east yes. So first I love my staff isn't meant to them out there I'm now and. My one of the reasons we're so successful it's not me it's that and I am tough on people and you can always be batch. And I push some people and as a result of few of them didn't like me but let me. Abbott seventy of them wrote a letter with their names on it. Where a whole different people's schedule others that people that were my assistance the chiefs of staff. Saying they had a really good experience and her office so you always have that happened but for me the key is having high standards for myself my staff and our country. Your father. Figure he'd get slack and you don't believe it should be crime possible I don't I know that's a radical position person like I hadn't but like I don't I'm. By American history is predicated on what I think about like Ellis Island and it's like okay if you didn't looks at you were allowed in because you were coming out later this pretty residents like. That's what it was like you're sick they send you back as executive otherwise you're welcome here you're in American and so that's kind of like I. That's how we got to where we are worked pretty well for a couple hundred years what life. Why is it becoming so much more difficult. Certainly use it as a crime across the border I let me just step back here for the I agree anyone who actually expands. Immigration I want to have path to citizenship for that. Twelve million people that are here saying we got tired and it would be. That we need comprehensive immigration reform. For those sick care about the debt and deficit. It was Grover Norquist number one priority in point thirteen. Why the Congressional Budget Office scored provident had deficit down by 158 billion dollars it's even more now. Just passing that because people aren't paying their taxes they're in a shadow economy then you have that money. You can spend some of that on asylum processing and and targeted. Border security you can spend some of that on helping those northern triangle countries so that we don't see this flood of asylum seekers there really Smart things you can do but not at all you're trying to do is use immigrants as political pawns. My kinda tough all the question here I'm sorry. I doubt it. Were hurt in New Hampshire right now. And that this state is all like 9597%. White I mean it's a very very whites are not many people of color here is this Wednesday and it can go for Donald Trump. It is it's this white how do you get people are scared because they're being fed fear by people who are in power how do you convince those people they shouldn't be scared there's nobody of color and Iraq with the round. Well I think they're starting everywhere they go there are immigrants that are working. In this area there are aftershocks more than at where ten years ago twenty years. So I think more and more Americans. As we traveled the country see immigrants as part of our economy if you see is a pressing need though where we do need these workers in the midwest and what we do that then yeah I know then why. Why shouldn't we established an Ellis Island type system where if you want to come here but you can do it much more. Smartly if you do it expanding legally. We happen to percent of folks that actually graduating. From four year universities so let's talk about the book and I graduated before we came in did. Students to the point here to the sick she university. What is the campaign doing around ensuring that our students can't compete with some of this are separate and count. Apart from me. What you need to do first of all if you've really gonna make the economy work for everyone from his address act. And make sure that we pair teachers like that's the first thing. And then making sure we're investing in impoverished areas that have. Consistently had more poverty in the schools the second thing is I've worked alignment truancy. Getting kids interest and in school and staying in school and high school. And ends up trying to think what you're an act because I had my way. My age population and 90% students can ancient rite free lines however. The representation. Teachers of color. It when he was. Happening peace and pipeline of teachers of color comes into other school systems. You weren't a model actress involved training teachers while you are a teacher. And I think getting more. Making sure that teachers are higher paid is gonna. Getting kids so they graduate from school and part of this is doing or what these one and two year degrees while kids are in school. And that is harder and urban areas sometimes and it's also can be heard an extreme rural rural areas and they have something comments here because. You may not have the community college right now on the street in either place so it's getting the kids to the community college to a friend to ships so they're interested in work. Or appealed right away and it made it motivate isn't one graduate and that's not because we need these workers took our jobs and our economy that's why I'm. In favor of 12 year free college and this Abbas a report just came out the Boston have a pro produced this reports Kyle. Race is an image and reality. And they talked about. Hour and eat institutions and how they're only letting in 3% of students. From that herb industry and some of their school's backing replicating. All around turn right. Venetian when you look at your company. Folks are going and I mean folks are going to Colombia. Spain and I did it he Eric every kid's notebook weights it's down but it's like when you got a picture of exactly Google stock options as you rent a backyard. Dominance attract kids I agree but I thought about this problem we have in Atlanta. Jessica letting kids in. Rural areas of trauma extra eighty survey doing a one. I just want to make it work for the kids that need it most which advocate she's teaching and then make it work for kids in rural areas that have. That different needs and we've got to make sure they're also going into areas. As much as we can't that they wanted to do but that are enemies make them have painful. And it. I'm a firm believer that what people will take the jobs that are higher select what. College professors are able to get paid the Clinton what exorbitant and more than any public school teacher even though they worked as things get so I heard you say that you can use federal ability to pay school teachers how would you do that. You just supplement what the states are right now the State's also continued to do that local governments. That you want to help supplement the federal level because it should be of value of our. Country do you plan at a new federal tax for that I'll tell you minute increments of the Republican tax bill I know you were Republicans. You know I independent un enrolled in Massachusetts or analyze. I don't I don't know what I. Independent and moderate Republican support yet here that the corporate tax rate which I think shouldn't count went down way to go it went 21%. Every point and was a hundred billion dollars. So if you leading up to 25 for say 28% it gives you. 4000400. Million or 800. The way they did the international tax street you can gain 150 billion just by going back outlets before. Hedge fund all. Fourteen billion dollars for that her hedge fund managers oil subsidies. Tens of buildings down right there. And I know the public is with us on this. It's just my job to meet the case. But how do you make an argument in this current environment Republicans the president will say the kimes him better unemployment from the floor. If it ain't broke don't fix. OK I asked these guys doesn't keep taking care is grammar right now underground place. As she's got a bunch of kids that she wants to get to be gainfully employed that all kinds of obstacles and she's got a bunch of sensors out three acts that have. Student loan debt OK so it's it's not working for everyone ever want and we have to make it work better for everyone. Very kind. How health care and pressing costs. For the upcoming cars and I know for myself. As a health care provider it was only just a call. To sit down with your incentives church time and where were often telling people what to do in health care for telling him what to do. We need to do this you need to do consumers timing of these prescriptions that you want to take him. Thank you read them. So. They leave and they often fail because they can for their it was so. We can talk about let's talk about it Carmen and yeah particle health care and not much talked about affordable tax really. So. The product prices is completely out of control as. For a good reason. That's because nothing has happened for me literally have to form a lobbyist for every member of congress. Have the numbers right so if you wonder right now. Happened there is a law that says that. Medicare can negotiate for better price through that there's action. And that's not true for Medicaid or for that yet. So I've been reading the bill in its present I could get it done where you unleash the power of 43 million seniors would which wouldn't just help those seniors that would help everyone. Would you start negotiating better prices that's the first the second as Ted. I bring in less expensive drugs. When there's no competition or just period from safe countries like Kent so creating some competition to bring down the prices. Great now big pharma pays off generics to keep their products off the market and it's a generic. Drug companies get the money. Big pharma gets no competition. And we get stuck with about and so stopping that practice universal health care. Well I think we should move to universal health care was animated and affordable. And there's a lot of different ideas on. And it yet there we gotta start with. With. President Obama's. Affordable Care Act but that's just the beginning. And there are many ways you can get there were having a debate in the Democratic Party if you did Magnuson. And how to get there and I elected in the public option because it allows people to it creates a competitive. Alternative. Two private insurance. But people can still keep their own practice which party and so that's 149. Americans and in doing something about long term care. Which is just that elephant in the room at Alan steel plant to make it easier to get long term carriage. We're having a doubling our senior population. I'm currently. But my question to. She's actually living in my house right now she's not our intent. It's in your. Luckily she was released outpatient facility opera. So what you just in this has yet. But picking up help I was like messaging on on expanding obamacare working with what we why do you think. Which in the democratic artery now it seems like it's more popular with all accounts are over. People are so frustrated with the costs and so I'm and this is always been something that's considered out there. The idea of just starting over with Medicare for so my argument would be we can look at everything. But we've got to starts where. You start is by allowing the people to buy into Medicaid or Medicare. From saint well. York rural area I am well and people where I live. They hunt. But I now we need an assault weapon. Snow. Speak to. Preface it with this is going to do such patronage. Taste yeah. Pretty good spot. I had you not come. It I just got Andre you might be used to east exit Matt shoot it right let a 160. Believe it. And masculine where folks are talking about there rates by an entry and its. Regarding from the trots right in that I'd be in Ohio. Look at. Paso which alters motivated each and people so I can transfer it exactly high. This is not black issue it's not by issues this and Muslim issues as Pat White issue again but this isn't married home grown. Issue to wouldn't be doing. Actually it is going to be doing a well they aren't any case how gun when I was. Prosecutor we would have. Horrific crimes every day street violence and violence. And we tried to get that assault weapons ban reinstated. The local level. Washington it's in. And I got to Washington is horrible mass shootings including sandy. Graham still my saddest day in those families in my office and telling them that they had the courage to come. And the names of their baby they lost to fight for something that actually wouldn't have saved their babies but save the most lives that was universal background checks which really helps with. Domestic violence cases and says it's. And we at a time then we're in a creek just votes in the US senate to pass it. Then her but that changed everything is those. Quote it is okay I'm teachers what god cake walk and I'm right I guess it got the provision in the bill for school safety. It's that you can't teachers. It's okay. It's out but what changed knocked up truck he was I was in the White House sitting across him at a table exactly right this. When he sat. And nine times. That he wanted to pass universe of checks I wrote it down a piece of paper sitting next vice president of the work done and and I have that these pictures with hash marks. He didn't do it he met with the inner and the next thing people. So he's not changing but what is changing the people. There are the majority of hunters at least one universal chess champ majority of tribe voters universal background checks. And so there's been a sea change in its ever since those kids stood up and then kids across the country kind of liking marriage kids across the country started talking to other. Dads are grant that's their moms and hunting rural areas and it changed the issue and that was in part we took back that. House represented as a way that passing bills. I think we should happen assault weapons. And I think we should happen magazine limit capsule in the best example these horrific shootings that. Wednesday up. In one minute the cops got there and go back to. In thirty seconds of that when he killed nine people because he can pass things. I I think the public's. Once again he mean he got public opinion we go against him. Publicly state this one and so at that part of the reason why don't want to swing one win. My last question that I'm a black woman and an act today. I had not had opportunity or fortunate to have need to benefit them generational well. Do you believe reparations. And yes I'm on the bills to set up this commission that yeah I believe in. This bill which is a senate the commission to figure out how we can do this at their house to be away. To help people that have been sober from the discrimination and passed it may not be individuals acts in May be that we are investing. In areas that have been perpetually impoverished because of this. What this bill is its center Booker is leaving and in examined yet Sheila Jackson Lee is leading an in house. And what it is as it looks at what would be the best way. To work so that is what I think went. My last question would be if. Tomorrow was your first name for. The first thing he knew it down the personality is constantly mean tweet. That would be in his job we'll know what to do it out now back to sleep going to bring it up on the world public the other letters they had to do. I'm would be I have laid out over a hundred things you can count in the first 100 days first thing we do is sign this back into the international climate change agreement. I you can do that without congress and the great do it legally I think it actually instead it just. Seeing everything as such negative way right now which is so easy to seeing this is ample opportunity for our country to come back as one team. That's what votes that have been oppressed for half the man about all of America and that America's at this table right now. During this meal certainly we've seniors march here passion your heart. But it's October. Oh wait in the polls and memories of that. I have money in the bank are running ads right now in New Hampshire. And in Iowa. And I am not someone that has come from a big state that's right for president before. But neither did Bill Clinton Jimmy Carter it is a crowded field. I look at it past the the last helpful and that is that I'm ahead of teen people very arrogant or were in the field. And continue to make the bars to make the debate stage thanks so that's what I'm doing and I just think that someone you know we already got allowed its voice and that ties in the White House. I don't think that's what people think they're retired the noise and nonsense. And the extremes that want to find someone who actually wants to get things done and they're back out the truth. So it's on me in these next 34 months to get that out there people which is why we're here today I wish every meals like.

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