Sen. Joe Manchin to vote to begin debate on updated voting rights bill

Manchin announced his support after negotiating several compromises with his fellow Democrats.
5:40 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for Sen. Joe Manchin to vote to begin debate on updated voting rights bill
That senate voted respected in just a few hours and there's will consider a sweeping voting rights bill. Backed by Democrats is widely expected to fail because of the lack of Republican support this says GOP backed bills suites sweep state legislatures across the country effectively. Limiting voter access in many areas in response. To the 22 X twenty election and for president trumps false claims of fraud there the senate bill. What requires states to offer same day voter registration for federal elections. It would voters would also be guaranteed the ability to register online. And vote early for at least fifteen days voting sites would have to be open for at least ten hours intraday all aimed obviously getting more people to polls. So joining us to discuss the vote and where the battle goes from here. ABC's political director Rick Klein. Rick so I'll give Democrats have any shot at getting this bill passed with pres Obama as intervention sandy supports what mansion is doing. No defeated fifty votes at which they appear poised to get is an exact. Majority when you have a tiebreaking vote but it is not sixty votes which is the flesh told you need to break a filibuster and this debate has not changed since the mansion said the sentinel or maybe other senators' minds about the filibuster this is about political positioning. Either putting their their best foot forward they're giving it their best effort but there's no realistic way. That this law this fills you become law frankly it was never going to become law and I think the advocates around it knew it they wanted it is protect primarily a messaging device. And potentially as an argument to change the senate rules and now the argument goes outs of the public because these senators not. Change that position even those at a mansion is supporting this bill. Well. The Democrats did and Joseph Manchin and others did try to get at this substance of this and try to reach a compliment compromise we've learned that mansion. Is going to be voting to move this legislation Ford after winning some concessions he'd asked for. Did he say what he got. In to get him on board here. And the Republicans I understand you know they were asking for some of the things that he's put in this bill now. Is it going to be one Republican that votes given that they got some of what they want at least for mansion. Almost certainly not that doesn't like it will be any Republicans what's interesting about the mansion proposals there's one thing in particular was a requirement. That voter ID be used in the Indian ascertaining identity. At the polls now some states require that already but most Democrats out at least the national level have opposed that they think it's a particular hardship. On on minority and older voters voters. Who may not have access to that this same government services maybe homeless voters as well. I did but this appears to be some give on that issue that has a broadly popular provision. Did to some democrats' minds this is exposing Republicans. Is never be serious about negotiations in the first place although Republicans have other reasons for opposing this bill that is though if a significant movement in terms of the policy debate. Not a this is gonna pass but it but it is a pretty big pretty big concession for Democrats to go along with that proposal from some of the mansion. And to what extent is he says it does kind of call the republicans' bluff on the things don't want a bill here it seems that president Biden's prompted play every tool used to supposedly says to get this passed. So what other tools does he how. What's the next movie I know it's there it looked at patrols are working what he could do what is obvious call that use the bully pulpit to try to get people soliciting congress and around the around the country put more pressure on senators he could start from scratch with a new bill was doesn't foreclose that pop that possibility there's another bill that John Lewis voting rights act the much more modest effort. That might still get traction in both the house and the senate he's also already empowered his Justice Department with. Looking at some of the new voting restrictions that have been put in particularly in Republican states. And he can he can continue to it to use leverage livers powers of the executive branch. In that direction but this was the biggest priority to Democrats put forward. I may have failed and you can't take away the from the Republican opposition the fact that much of it has been inspired by the deep doubt that was sold in the election based on the lies that president trump. I many of allies that have told that was the inspiration for what's happened in many states. I'm if not the only reason for opposing this bill as I don't think it it was it certainly played a role in how Republicans view the issue of voting rights right now. It does show the corrosive a factor of those kind of false claims about. Elections this election as safe and secure as any we've ever had that's been demonstrated in the courts and all the second is a state senator Ted a Justice Department. So it usually said that Deb politics is again in addition. Not subtraction so why why Republicans. Not liking a bill that would get more people of the polls legacy they don't like the the math of the people. Who these measures would help vote. Well one thing if they're talking about up for quite extensively is that this bill does do a lot to lead to enhanced through the the ability of people to vote. But it also does other things like public financing of campaigns it also federalized is a lot of the regulations. Our route elections Republicans point our that. Elections are run by states and done so for a reason that if indeed no reason that the voting in Maine or Delaware should be set for the same as Colorado or new Yorker California. And this goes and a significant way down that road. To be honest Terry this was not a bill that was initially introduced with the thought that it was going to become law. As weird as that sounds it was put forward by the Democrats. A when they were out of power I they like the principles many of them would like it to become law but that really wasn't the initial intent in when they've when they put this together. The deeds became something bigger than that any became the vehicle for a lot of the hopes and aspirations of Democrats particularly with Republicans going so dramatically in the other direction. And they hope that this would expose some divisions among Republicans. That appears not to have happen. And it is trumps party no question about it Rick Klein thanks very much as always.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"Manchin announced his support after negotiating several compromises with his fellow Democrats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"78427734","title":"Sen. Joe Manchin to vote to begin debate on updated voting rights bill","url":"/Politics/video/sen-joe-manchin-vote-begin-debate-updated-voting-78427734"}