Senate advances vote on Supreme Court nominee

After a delay for a supplemental FBI investigation, the Supreme Court voted this morning to advance the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.
6:41 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for Senate advances vote on Supreme Court nominee
Welcome to ABC news live we want to start things off with that Supreme Court confirmation battle the senate. Has just voted to end debate on the confirmation for potential Supreme Court justice Brett Cavanaugh. Now we could see a vote as early as tomorrow Stephanie Ramos is on Capitol Hill and Terry Moran is at the Supreme Court forest and step they want to start with you just. Walk us through what just happened and what happens next. This is a very significant time here in the senate of course Republican leaders are confident that judge Brett Cavanaugh will be confirmed. As a Supreme Court justice despite. The sexual assault allegations need. Against him while senate Democrats they're still few think they're still upset about this latest FBI investigation calling it extremely limited. By the White House and also. Questioning Kavanagh temperament we heard it just a few moments ago on the senate floor which. Just a few moments ago they pass that procedural vote to move we'll work to take this process forward. And blow to confirm judge capital so that will likely happen Saturday at some point to him. Terry this vote was 51 to 49 that is incredibly close is this a foreshadowing of what's to come tomorrow and what does that tell you. It probably is a foreshadowing time that that. That the senate has now expressed its opinion that this should go to war vote and in the last one of those analysts who are those votes switch sides. In less Joseph Manchin said I voted have a final vote but now I'm gonna take it back when it comes to confirming a more Susan Collins does the same thing. Judge Kavanagh is going to be justice Kavanagh here and what that means is that this court is now right in the midst. Of the partisan wars that we've been living through. For the past couple years and that's not good for the court the court as no way of enforcing its. It's opinions aside from the respective legitimacy that it has in the minds of all Americans and it tends not to like to be in. Politics but right now. Look I mean Republicans might want to re name this building to Mitch McConnell federal courthouse. I mean if you think about it that through. Through his from a tactical standpoint brilliant senate maneuvering he kept Merrick Garland off this court now it got nailed courses in Brent Cavanaugh then perhaps more com. So would the court right now and I'm sure Chief Justice John Roberts has this on his mind will want to insulate itself. From that chaos and partisan battles that are happening around it as justice as judge Kavanagh becomes justice Kavanagh if that's what we see tomorrow. Get justice is normally steer away from media and the spotlight but so many so curious to know what the justices think. Of all of this but on that note. You know we saw Brett Cavanaugh give an interview we saw his wife give an interview and just yesterday we saw this op Ed where he's essentially. Making his case for nomination Terry how unusual is that politics. Ornette on the anybody can remember when a justice on when it judge it contact nominee on the verge of a senate vote. Publicly campaigned force confirmation but you know in this. Story as we have all expert on both sides all of those old rules and traditions were tossed out we've never seen the senate dig into somebody's house high school years either. To find. Things that that that might. Tend towards a vote against the nominee and I think that the Republicans and the Democrats have both thought all gloves were off. And Kavanagh thought so too he got in the arena himself. As you point out to fight for his own confirmation. I think that will once again. Give give some Americans perhaps some justices are concerned about this court getting dragged deep into this partisan moment. And and justice is the Chief Justice in particular will look for ways to pull the court back from that in the kinds of cases it. Agrees to take in the ways it rules on maybe just to lower the temperature around this place to preserve that respect and legitimacy as best they can. And is Stephanie in terms of the senate there are sort of for big names here's Susan Collins a Republican Lisa Murkowski Republican. Jeff flake a Republican and Joseph Manchin those seem to be the undecideds. Mostly along party lines police. Joseph mention vote in favor of ending debate and Lisa Murkowski the Republican. Voting no we understand they got quite a reception. On the hill. This morning. Absolutely Diane and I am not certain kids here that there are so many demonstrators here in the building right now in the Russell senate building but. Going back to that moment I absolutely senator Joseph Manchin and senator Lisa Murkowski. Broke party reins. On this key vote for just capping off public phantom voting to advance the nomination but he's missed out Murkowski voted to block it that was huge. And was unexpected. Both of them. Lisa Murkowski and senator Susan Collins lastly greeted like celebrities. By. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle again these are key and critical swing vote they have we've been watching them for the last week herself. Yesterday we heard from senator Susan Collins and senator Jeff flake. Both. Seemed satisfied with the FBI report. It's kind of led a lot many people to speculate how they would vote today and how would it would vote. Tomorrow but even though jet's cabin I'll pass that cloture vote today. The decision and asked him whether he will be confirmed tomorrow that is still in some. All right and and Terry one left questioning on that note sort of these senators get so much attention for being the swing vote. We have elections just around the corner a lot of people are saying this whole thing is really revved up the Republican base how do think this all plays out. Politically. Well that certainly seems to be the case. That this was going into the Kavanagh nomination the poll showed that Republicans were much less enthusiastic about voting in the mid terms that Democrats that's turned around. And so we now have an all out nationalized. Election Kavanagh is. Nomination and possible conversely comp confirmation would be an important part of that. I just want to say one thing though a silver lining to all things which is being up in the past few days to see so many protesters. Taking their their voices making their case survivors of sexual assault. Bravely coming forward to other stores supporters of judge Kavanagh talking about how they thought he'd been treating unfairly. Directly to United States there's. You know it did and that's the way it's supposed to work at the end of the day one side is gonna win once that is gonna lose. But the direct democracy that you felt up here has been has been really remarkable really inspire. All right something to take in there Terry Moran for us from the Supreme Court stepping around us from Capitol Hill. Thank you both.

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{"duration":"6:41","description":"After a delay for a supplemental FBI investigation, the Supreme Court voted this morning to advance the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58312091","title":"Senate advances vote on Supreme Court nominee","url":"/Politics/video/senate-advances-vote-supreme-court-nominee-58312091"}