SPECIAL REPORT: Ceremony for former President George H.W. Bush at US Capitol

The former president will lie in state in the Capitol rotunda until Wednesday.
9:58 | 12/03/18

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: Ceremony for former President George H.W. Bush at US Capitol
This is an ABC news special Rupp. Celebrating president George Herbert Walker Bush now reporting George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon and welcome back as we continue to. Honor president George H. W. Bush. Here you see the hearse carrying his casket pulling up to the United States capitol right now. All of official Washington coming at a military honor guard as well. To say farewell. The president. They worked west over the course of a remarkable forty year career. Surge in just about every branch of government not a judge he was in the house the president of the senate CIA chair of the Republican National Committee. Eighty years as vice president for years as president. And now he will be celebrated in the US capitol. With the leaders of both parties. And policy see there at the top of the steps. The men and women he served went to serve with him when he was president in his cap and military honor guard in place. David Muir will news anchors inside the capitol right now as the president's family is also being escorted in their day of course. Made the trip with him on special air mission 41 that's what Air Force One was called today. In honor of the 41 president of the United States and gave it as I said he'll be celebrated by Republicans and Democrats. From the house and the senate. No question George he's being welcomed back to Washington the nation's 41 president of remarkable scene playing out. Here in the nation's capital it is golden hour as the sun begins to set here. Truly a beautiful. Beautiful early evening here in Washington for the return of president George. HW bush George as you know he so often shied away from answering that question how. Would you like your legacy to be defined he was uncomfortable would that question. Part of that was what his mother had taught him not to speak about himself. But he did say that I hope that I'm remembered for what we did right I didn't make mistakes but we often did things right. And that reflected George Bush when he said I made mistakes. We did things right referring to his team through the years when he served as president and as vice president Ronald Reagan of course. We also know that Barbara Bush before we lost her. Spoke about how she would like her husband to be remembered and she said that he was the most honorable decent wonderful man I've ever met. Nobody has ever been as lucky as I've and I want people to remember him as courageous. I want them to remember him as he is. I think she would be proud of how a nation is coming together to remember us. Kind gentle a moderate politician particularly in these times and certainly we hope the former president would be proud of the demonstration. Already in Washington and an outpouring of support we've seen across the country toward. Jimmy's coming in from across the country around the world. His fellow military. Those who served in the military the defining experience. Of President Bush's life he sat at this time as a fighter pilot when he was shot down at the age of 20 over the Pacific. Now the military honor guard every single branch of the service represented there to greet him we see Laura Bush of course president George W. Bush number 43. Who made the trip. With the president with his father across the country today the rest of the family that its major general Michael Howard. They can be commander that in any district in Washington DC who's been in charge these funeral preparations. 21 gun salute to follow up. Honorary Pall bearers for the president. We've captains and animals who commanded the carrier group in his name. There at the top of the stairs as I said. Vice president Quayle other members of cabinet including his chiefs of staff. Johnson Sam Skinner came it is going to be going privately. It's shacks. And Cokie Roberts he will lie in state to press alliance day before the state funeral on Wednesday hallowed tradition going back to Abraham. Actually Henry Clay he was the first and because he was in the congress of place speaker of the house. Famous senator and signatures say that he was in Pakistani guide. And so they brought into the rotunda and since then with Lincoln what happened was. His funeral is in the east room of the White House and the day before 20000. People came through the east room. So they set another day of viewing the cab. Built this cat upon. President Bush's from ally on for president Lincoln some thousands more could come into the capital to see him. Before it. He was taken Dylan and as you were noting Israel Washington motorcade come and passed on 20000 people lining the streets motorcade comes through Washington today and I I suspected as the night wears on and people come all night. It's remarkable into the rotunda. As the night wears on I suspected US evening newscasts. And the family I I suspect we'll also be keeping watch you know they'd they have been keeping watch. For months now and the last time Laura and George some saw him as far as I know it was a Barbara Bush's wedding. Where they are pushed on the case to the casket will now be ought brought up the steps. For congressional correspondent mayor Bruce out there remarkable tableau. Absolutely George I have to tell you is your relief. Quiet out here right now in what normally is quite aid boisterous. Area on the east front. Of the capital has been remarkable over the last hours to see just a steady stream of dignitaries arriving mayors and governors members of congress. Justices of the Supreme Court members of President Bush's members of his cabinet as well as members of the current cabinet all coming. To pay their respects to be part of this. Ceremony we are going back to hear later course from. The leaders. Congress the majority leader Mitch McConnell house speaker. Paul Ryan and the vice president arrives not long ago he will be. The only member of the current administration speaking here today and as Cokie mentioned is of course also a chance for the public. To come and pay tribute we are seeing them starting lineup here as well. And the honor guard has reached the casket. After the call to present arms we'll hear hail to the chief. That is coming out being escorted atop the steps as well. Led by President Bush. Son Neil as well. Two granddaughters. What a lovely sky disease. I'm giving you this day would come to you see the where I'm George w.'s tax. And they. On the other side of the general is Darrow bush Karl Koch and she. Is. Really was at her father's side for months and months. This is this very hard he's nine before you gonna lose and he should dad. And it's hard. Especially the senior youth minister. You're saying what we're all thinking what a beautiful night. I. Anyone dose needed today from President Bush. He has seen this on again. Persons up. I. Casting about who placed on the person's own place. Somber and grand ritual. And so much summed up and face president George W. Bush good emotions of the father. President George W. Bush and covered for seven. I asked once what he got from his dad that helped in the most in the White House and he said unconditional love. His father was in July Leno enjoyed its children like. I'm also struck in this beautifully solemn moment the military character of it. George Herbert Walker Bush graduated Yale University from one of America's a wealthier families. Joining enlisting in the navy. Young as he could you don't see that much anymore. He represents a generation that they didn't seek out public service. Less fewer than 1% of the graduates the ivy leagues today. Gathering today. It's different generation a different set of values and that is one other. We're celebrating. And so close to President Bush himself who talk about this earlier today Terry. When his wishes. To be wearing those socks commemorating its time. As a fighter pilot. Was you pointed out to defining episode of his life when asked of all the great positions that he held vice president and member of congress. As head of the CIA envoy to giant business. What prepared him the best. Being in the Oval Office said without hesitating and getting shot out of the sky to. It was test. We're seeing. President George W. Bush Jeb Bush of course Neil Bush. And other bush children now filing again. Into the capital. Cokie Roberts in the service of all. Ask us that George Bush said. But his public service public in an elected office started right here. Started in this building. Were present in me. A Houston district of the safe Republican no way to know that he would go on the same types. That he realized in the rotunda of the United States capitol. Here's think bush cabinet filing in. Right now general Colin Powell of course William Barr served as attorney general. General Powell yesterday. Called president George H. W. Bush a perfect American. Because of that commitment to service Johnson served as White House chief of staff as well. Waiting gray as White House counsel. Lamar Alexander now a senator to secretary of education. Now that they're there remain huge panes in this rotunda but the most significant of them. Is that of George Washington giving over the military component command at the end of the revolutionary war the signal. That the civilians would move this country so in the middle of all of this beautiful. Military pageantry. And and celebrating the place of the institution the military and I society. It's still the civilian rule. That made the difference in the our constitution. In this ceremony military ceremony that every detail going. Tuesday it doesn't into the distance usually every. No music you hear he picked. He wouldn't equating lives there to cattle fell. Waiting for the best. And a powerful images to words to think about. Of the family that were walking. The casket. Bearing their father on his return trip is finals. He knew he wrote when he enlisted in the navy as a young man to the woman he admitted that Christmas dance Barbara Pierce. What a wonderful mother she would make one. And I love that story that. Former secretary of state James Baker former chief of staff. As well president George H. W. Bush has been sharing in recent days he told you as well George. That he was one of the last to visit. President Bush at home. Keep the calls being there on Friday in the president opening his eyes and asking where are we going to say we're going to have. Going to heaven ethic which was what he called the president. The president left Washington. That relationship or friendship so consequential in American history. They met in Houston back in 1970. I believe. James Baker did widow of George Bush reached out to them. Tennis partners friends. I think it was immigrant was a Democrat Ben managed all of George Bush's campaign statements and when it comes your staff. The secretary of state has been remembering his friend. Could you not only token gesture bestseller. Three years ago I think for this it's between James Baker broke down. And then and Susan baker his wife also PA UD. Eulogized. Of the family and the historian Barbara Bush is generally very very close to each other the two families. But you know it goes back these relationships. When Robin died in the door the person who came costs to be was summoned to help them was let. It was a democratic congressman from many years and I'm those kinds of friendships it's nothing like that kind of action when you win some plan. It is terrible time in their lives you've become closer friends remembering James made history that happened was Hammond and he changed that relationship usage and some were. The two of them together and negotiated. Their ways. The end of the co. There we see the capitol rotunda as president Mike Pence Paul Ryan speaker of the house outgoing speaker of the house Mitch McConnell. The leader of the senate they will all speak. This memorial service. When President Bush members the supreme court of course also there chief Justice Roberts just prior. Justice Thomas. All of official Washington. Coming together to. Fourth. Tour takes him. The honor guard exits. Communication will now be delivered from the chaplain of the house and Patrick. Today I'm. We give you next almighty god for the appearance among Hamas. Of great men and women. Who served as inspirations for all Americans to be their best in service. To god country. And name. This date. We honor our 41 president. George. H. W. Bush. President Bush dedicated his entire life to public service. As a vocation. First in the military. Then as a member of congress they diplomat. Director of the CIA. Vice president and finally president. It is or record of service reminiscent of John Quincy Adams and unmatched. In nearly a century. We thank you oh god. For having in doubt President Bush with no blessed so bleak news. And asked that his example of service to others. Might be an inspiration. To all Americans. Indeed to all the world. As we continue this celebration of honor. Grant that all who what tent through these proceedings. Might be desirous of being our best selves and service to all our Brothers and sisters. As you might call us to be. Here lord thank you. For inspiring such greatness in president George H. W. Bush. And continue to bless us. The United States of America. Amen. That was the reverend Patrick Conroy and LB hearing from the senate majority leader. Mitch McConnell. Thirty years ago. On the west front of this capital. George. Herbert Walker Bush addressed the nation. For the first time. As our president. He said. We made on democracy's front porch. A good place to law. As neighbors. And its round. The words of a humble servant who loved his fellow citizens. And over principal leader who knew America not only guards at our own future but also safeguard democracy. For the world. Today this hero has returned to the capital final time. Not on the front porch of our democracy in this job. But here. In his hallowed cathedrals. Beneath paid age. The tell those four. Of our land. And our liberty. And flanked by statues. Of his fellow champions. Whom he joined. In making that story possible. George Bush was just a teenager when he volunteered for military service. And became the navy's youngest aviator. He was all electronic all nuts up numbered. In 1944 when his plane was hit on a bombing run. But through the fire up and smoke. George Bush Dade study it at the controls. Only wants the accomplish his mission. Did he parachuted out over the Pacific. A steady hand. Staying the course. That's what George Bush gave us. Productive. And decorated aviator. Congressman. Ambassador good to the United Nations. Envoy to try and CIA director or eight years is vice president. And that our commander in tree. Through the cold warm. And the Soviet union's collapse but he kept us on course. When the rule of law needed defending in the Persian gulf. He kept us on course. Wood is even temperament and hard work. Part one expert to each. George Herbert Walker Bush steered this country as straight as he steered that airplane. He kept us flying. And challenge just to plot higher still. And he did it was modestly. And kindness. That would have been surprising in someone one tent as tough an accomplishment. As he Wallace. The patriot who lies before us well. Was blessed with many gifts. But there was no doubt which he per. Martial law. A great love story began at that Christmas doubts when George Bush met Barbara Pierce. And the grayish and Berkshire. They've taught their children. Have been richest nation through a family. Of leaders. Today the nation stands for that balance. With our 43 president. With Joseph but Neil. Marvin. And go world and all the bush grandchildren. And great action grand children. We stand with you and morning. But also and gratitude. Gratitude for lobs well Lou. And duties thoroughly. Fulfilled. Gratitude. That god gave this country George and Barbara Bush. And that they may now be reunited. In the lied. Of his grayish. Mitch McConnell speaking the steady hand. Staying the course to remarkable career know here the speaker of the house Paul Ryan. As Americans. We have no more solemn duty. Then laying a great patriots arrest. Here lies a great man. To the bush family. On behalf of the whole house. Republicans and Democrats. We are profoundly sorry for your loss. And we are honored to celebrate this wonderful life with you. Like so many. I feel a personal data dreaded T today. A sentiment no doubt countless millions and Americans are feeling at this moment. The 1988 campaign that was the first one I was ever involved it. We handed out literature at the diesel trade cougar ball games at the rock county four H fair. I remember going this big rally. At Miami of Ohio about the day after the first debate. The whole experience really drew me into politics. He was the first president I had the chance to vote for. And he was the first president. To teach me and many of us. That in a democracy. Sometimes you fall short. And that how you handle Vance. That is just as important. As how you win. In old preacher once said. Grace is but glory begun. And glory is but grace perfected. Grace is a glory begun up. And glory is but grace perfected. Glory is transcendence. In the life of our republic. This rotund god is a trumpet call to glory. Tributes to the giants. All the way up into the sky. Grace. Grace is different. It's more elemental. It is not larger than life it is the stuff of life. The connective tissue and a free society. It deepens the well of our common humanity. Throughout his life of service. President. Bush personified. Race. His character. His character was second to none. She reached the heights of power with on in a common. Humility. He made monumental contributions to freedom with the fundamental decency. That resonates across generations. No one better harmonize the joy of life. And the duty of life. Third that indelible image of him as commander in chief. During the gulf war. Waving to a sea of troops during a visit during Thanksgiving. They're all these images we have of him as a devoted husband. That twinkle in his eye that Barbour always brought out. Especially those big huge family photos you all had in Kennebunkport. This what I will never forget there is that image. Of him as a loving father. Reaching out to hold his son's hand. At the national cathedral after 9/11. There's this letter he wrote his children. On the last day of 1990. As he wrestled with the decision over Operation Desert Storm. He begins hurt by recounting the family Christmas. And he apologized. If he seem distracted. I tried not to be he writes. Then for about a page. He elaborates. On his struggle. Over sending young Americans in harm's way. Twice in the letter what he writes. Every human life is precious. And the original copy out he adds by hand the note wishing is Stanley and new year. In consequential times. George Herbert Walker Bush. Demonstrated its finest qualities of our nation and of human kind. A great leader and a good man. A gentle soul. Of firm resolve. He showed us but that how we live. Is as important as what we achieve. His life was a hymn of honor. His legacy. Is grace perfected. His memory. Will belong to glory. God bless the 41 president of the United States. Palace the speaker of the house Paul Ryan and now represented the administration as we see. That remarkable Mir on the ceiling of the capital will hear. Vice president Mike Pence. Speaker Ryan. Leader McConnell. Leader Schumer. Leader Pelosi. Members of congress. Distinguished guest. But most of all. President George W. Bush. Governor Jeb Bush. Neil Marvin. Dora. And the entire bush fail. It is deeply humbling. To stand before you today. At the beginning. Of a weaken our nation's capital when we will commemorate. And celebrate. The lifetime of service and leadership. Of the 41 president of the united State's. President George Herbert Walker Bush. The Bible tells us to mourn with those who mourn and grieve with those who grieve. And today. On behalf of the first family. And my family. And the American people. We offer our deepest sympathies. And respects to your Fam. And we thank you for sharing this special man. With our nation and the world. Today the President Bush becomes the 32 American to lie in state in the United States capitol rotunda. Soon. Americans from every corner of the country and every walk of life. We'll make their way to this rotunda to pay the respects of a grateful nation. On the death of Abner it is written that King David said do you not realize that it commander. And a great man has fallen in Israel this day. George Herbert Walker Bush. Was such a man. While he was known as the quiet man. It was not for lack of nerve or daring. We're in all of this 94 years President Bush never lost his love of adventure. And he never failed to answer the call to serve this country. Born into a tradition of public service. George Herbert Walker Bush began his own life of service. When he was still high school. After the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. He wanted to do his part so he enlisted in the United States navy on his eighteenth birthday. On receiving his wings he became the nation's youngest naval aviator. And was sent to the South Pacific. We're his story almost ended. September 1944. On a bombing raid over Chichi jima. His aircraft was hit. His engine caught fire but he still managed to hit his target. For bailing out and being rescued by American. Forces after some four hours at sea. All told he flew 58 combat missions. And for his bravery under fire he earned the distinguished flying cross which would have been enough honor for any American life. George Herbert Walker Bush. Was just getting started. After he came home he staked his claim to a booming post war America by making a name for himself in the oil business. For four years she walked these halls as a congressman from Houston. President Nixon took notice of the young Texan and asked him to the our ambassador to the United Nations he let our party during a tumultuous. Time for the presidency. And after earning the respect of another president he did the work of the diplomat as the first United States on board to China. And led the CI. And then. For eight years George Herbert Walker Bush served as the 43 vice president of the United States. I'm told us he was preparing to become vice president he once joked about the job saying that there was quote. Nothing substantive to do it all. But as history records. During those years. He set the standard. As a sound counselor and loyal advisor. To an outsider who came to Washington DC to shake things up. Cut taxes rebuild the military. And together they did just that. And then. In 1988 he made history again. When George Herbert Walker Bush was elected in a landslide. As the 41 president of the United States of America. Becoming the first sitting vice president to win the presidency. In more than a 150. Years of our history. He served during an uncertain time in the world. Made momentous by his leadership. President Bush oversaw the fall of the Soviet Union the crumbling of the Berlin Wall. And under his leadership. America won the Cold War. He took our nation to war to repel aggression in the Persian gulf and through his leadership as commander in chief. And the brilliance of our armed forces the United States won a decisive victory. When president George Herbert Walker Bush left office he left America and the world. More peaceful. Prosperous. And secure. President Bush was a great leader. Who made a great difference in the life of this nation. Pretty it is also. Just a good man. Who was devoted to his wife his family and his friends. I was lucky enough to medium in 1988. When he was vice president. And I was a 29 year old just getting started in politics. Then as always I. Was struck by his approach ability. There was a kindness about the man. That was evident to everyone who ever met him. All his years in public service were characterized by kindness. I modesty and patriotism. He was so modest in fact that he never wrote an autobiography. But he did leave a record of his life in the thousands. Of letters. That he room. I'm totally started writing letters to his parents when he was eighteen years old. And over time his circle correspondence grew to include family and friends advisors. Staff business associates former president's. I just about anyone who take the trouble to write to heal. After a lifetime of writing letters. My son got one just not too long ago. As I told two of his sons this weekend. When our son made his first Tailhook landing as a marine aviator on the USS George Herbert Walker Bush. I took the liberty of writing the ship's namesake. To ask for small favor. I didn't write him as vice president to a former president a I just wrote is a proud dad of a marine aviator to former navy pilot. I asked him to sign picture of the flight deck that I could give too much sun. Now we were told by the staff that the president had long since ended the practice of signing autographs. And we understood that. But little to my surprise. Just in time for my son's wing. There came not only a signed photograph. But of course. A letter. And signed as well. August 2018. In that letter President Bush wrote to my son in his words congratulations on receiving your wings of gold I know how proud you and your family are at this moment. And then in words that assured us that the letter came directly from him. He wrote quote. Though we have not met. I share the pride your father has for you during this momentous occasion. And I wish you many see day the U days ahead. All the best. G bush. I would come to learn. The debt Akron and taboo for short is a term navy pilots in view since World War II. The stands for. Ceiling and visibility. Unlimited. President Bush described taboo. In his words is that kind of weather we navy pilots wanted when we were to fly off our carrier in the Pacific and he once wrote a a letter whose children. Saying that taboo. In his words. Describes my own life as it's been over the years and as it is right now. Ceiling. And visibility. Unlimited. No that may well describe the essence of this man. And they may well have been his vision. The vision he had for his life. For his children his children children and his country. No barriers but no boundaries. No limits. So we mourn what those who mourn and grieve with those who grieve. But we do not grieve like those who have no hope. A president George Herbert Walker Bush. Had that hope. His face sustained in throughout his life of service and and we pray that faith will be a source of comfort. For all those who mourn the loss of this good man. And great America. President George Herbert Walker Bush loved his family. He served his country. His example will always inspire. In his lifetime of service. Will be enshrined in the hearts of the American people forever. The god bless the memory of George Herbert Walker Bush. And god comfort his family and friends. And may god continue to bless the United States. Of America. Vice president Mike Pence or call and enable British phrase ceiling and visibility. Unlimited can have moved. That was also the Covert use to inform the bush family that their father and grandfather. Had passed. And now we'll hear from the US Naval Academy glee club. And all. Who'll do. We're. We're. Okay. Okay. Yeah. S. We loomed in the. Okay. And he. Okay. Okay. Wrong. Okay. This will be the laying of the wreath. A senate. Democratic and Republican leaders. Senators Mitch McConnell interruption. And now another. Wreath will be made. By the house speaker. Paul Ryan. Democratic leader Nancy Lewis. And now for the administration vice president has belatedly. Bush called. Occasionally Bush's role model. Vice president. Content baseman can now pay respects to the here again. The municipal and. It's. Hello. Good. She's okay. Us. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. And other than it actually delivered by the senate chaplain. Dr. Barry black. Strong to Syria. In the whom we lives and moved. And have Beers. We've please you. For your generous profit acts. That provided to our nation and world. With the gift of your sort. President. George Herbert Walker Bush. Lord we're grateful. For the privilege. You've JBoss. Allure. And zero. From his integrity. Trying to mess. Heroism. Current coach. Excellence. Service. And select. Few military. Civility. And spirituality. As we celebrate. This well lived good lives. Challenge our school gonna vote to won't sold leave the world. Better than we found dripped. Continued. Took comfort booths who mourn. Touch each member of the bush scrambling. With your mercy and love and grace. And draw out. Support us hole but do wrong. On to overshadows. Linked. And the deepening problems. And the busy world lies polished. Ambush Steve's room of life is over. And our world views don't. Then in your mercy. Grant us policies lodging. And the holding arrest. And BT's. At the last. We pray. In the main mode George Herbert walker reports shoes save fuel and friends. Jesus. Christ. All. Back in the black the senate chaplain. And that concludes the ceremony. Well now pay their respects. The capitol rotunda will open to the public at 7:30 PM tonight. Stay open all through the night 35 and a half hours up until the state. President Bush. We'll lose a little twinkle there. Kevin first one. Of the last hour. I think he's been having a very hard time getting through this is as well as might think that it was kind of ago Baghdad. Moments that you know this is the time and the public gets to you. Save their respects and it's quite extraordinary. There he will lie under the fabulously. George Washington heaven the apotheosis of George Washington. And thousands of people come man and and people all different types all walks of life I remembered Lady Bird Johnson sat Carlisle was. Lyndon Johnson's. So an anti war protesters came and sent to her I'm sorry Weaver's home to an ma'am. And that kind of thing happens it's a reconciliation. Of people who didn't like him and aid and admiration of people who did. And it's America coming together. A leader and as we've just. Not just a great man good. Celebrating that we've seen. In that meant to carry a camera and as was seen of all right talk about the lesson took. From George H. W. Bush lesson about how to handle defeated reminding me the words that the president wrote in his diary that night be kind to be generous a spirit. Let people know how great for you are probably the lowest moment. Of his political life always conscious. Of his duties of beauties the public. And his duties to himself. And that character that old tried and true. American values that he learned in his family and that is schools and just in and of himself and in whatever relationship he had with the almighty. That helped him rise up from that devastating defeat. And that rising his post presidency. Was distinguished and and kindly if it was obviously his son was elected president. All that growing out of that that decision that one half to make in moments of crisis and in moments of defeat. That this won't be the last chapter and it was. They've reached there on Capitol Hill were celebrating. The spirit very far removed from the when you covering capitol every day right now. Yeah and Georgia have to say I was struck earlier as we watch out here. As the casket of former president was brought up those steps that if you looked. The windows of the capital were filled with the pieces of staffers peeking out to get a look. At the former presidents he arrived here for the last time and there have been so many reflections this week about the lessons that this congress and those staffers can take from the legacy. Of President Bush is dated. Hailed. And we'll continue to be ices I suspect as. A real icon of bipartisanship something that is lacking very much here in the halls of congress today and there's a real sense is you'd talk. To leaders members of congress the new President Bush who worked with him closely. That that that political error may be ending but now others avoid. In our political discourse about kind of unifying leader who have their political courage to to reach across the Ohio and forge those kinds of relationships that for President Bush. We know lasted throughout much of his life. Did he hear the second time now. In as many months that we've seen. Two American to so many Americans Revere him lying in state in the capital John McCain present George H. W. Bush. No question and they've represented the finest of America George and it was very just pointed out President Bush was known for his bipartisan efforts. And in a time that we're witnessing in this country it's. Sort of hard to imagine the sort of moderate stance he took on so many issues. But he also represented something else in this country and that is. It was love of family he was a family man and in the description of those final hours on Friday. A James Baker there in the home and some members of the family were there but for those who weren't there were phone calls from so many of his children. Who did have a chance to talk would their father. Before he passed on Friday and the last phone call was George W. Bush. Who told his father you have been a great dad I love you. President Bush saying back I put you to extraordinarily powerful moment. Certainly was. And we're gonna have many more coming. After the public pays her respects of course we'll have the state funeral at the national cathedral on Wednesday morning. Any new Roebuck back in Houston. Right now a celebration. Of the former president there tonight as well. That's right George at 7 PM here in Houston. There will be a free concert in city Houston symphony here behind me rehearsing tonight the Houston symphony you'll Wanda Adams the gatlin Brothers can't walk Clay Walker. All musical artists that connects to the bush family will be performing here tonight thousands of cues don't needs are expected to attend. To honor the life of George H. W. Bush it's really beautiful here. This evening and people who attend are asked to bring colorful socks there will be a donation. And recipients will be from the meals on wheels program here is his Christmas gifts. Of course honoring them like that surface thanks it was so important to George HW. Signature of President Bush has goofy Saxony robot thanks very much we're gonna sign off right now there you see. The scene in the capital right now President Bush will lie in state we will cover. All of the events around this of course we will back to be back as they sat on Wednesday morning in this state funeral to national cathedral. This has been a special report. From ABC news.

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