Strike highlights 'highly unregulated' ride-share industry

Uber and Lyft drivers have difficulty accessing payment information, which is part of why they are protesting.
2:10 | 05/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strike highlights 'highly unregulated' ride-share industry
Did Ed talk a little bit earlier with a professor here Georgetown University Katie wells. Who has researched the whole ride share economy in this country the gig economy. To for a deeper look at what that means four society and here's Letterman of that conversation. Rice industry is highly unregulated in comparison to its peers and that taxi industry. But also in comparison to you know industries like Dennis street right and that's a that's an Ohio his businesses regulated Barry different way. And the rights and a mystery and we think at that raises concerns. About contemporary standards. How significant is today's protest fourteen cities. Different parts of the globe all these Hoover drivers coming together. Recorded an online to stay just protesting to go make a difference. I think it will make a difference. An adult fantasy we look at the history of social movements in the US and a bride. They always start somewhere has the biggest issue. We've seen these workers right now favorite drivers to not have access to the information they need and easy accessible way to try to figure out. I think making money are not 33% of the drivers in our study ended up taking non work related to act while as a sophomore the second thing that I want to pot highlight. About the resource that we've done. It's that the right drivers are encouraged to take on significant financial risk and what is that is that taking a new loan. Car. And I mean that it also comedian and senior existing car this hearing me out the suspension system and then not having enough money to be able to preparing. To safety standards. If you had a meeting with Hoover that the executives at state embark on this big IPO what. It would be one or two things that they could do you should do right now to make things better in direct federal workers. Yes I think it's I think there's two things that they could do one as they could immediately. Share their data. He's an eight trance parent what's actually happening are drivers really earning more and losing what's happening by the findings that we found in this study. Are they representative of what's happening across the bore it. The second thing they could do is also raise wages in line with what New York City has now promised drivers seventeenth when he took an hour after expects.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Uber and Lyft drivers have difficulty accessing payment information, which is part of why they are protesting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62916492","title":"Strike highlights 'highly unregulated' ride-share industry","url":"/Politics/video/strike-highlights-highly-unregulated-ride-share-industry-62916492"}