Tension at Corey Lewandowski's House Judiciary Committee hearing

The former campaign manager for President Donald Trump also posted a series of tweets during his Capitol Hill testimony teasing a possible Senate run.
3:31 | 09/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tension at Corey Lewandowski's House Judiciary Committee hearing
And as did you see it yesterday a dramatic. Five hour hearing with the House Judiciary Committee. Trying their best to extract information from former trump campaign manager quarry Lou and Dow ski so I'll refresh your memory take a look. I simply ask you is it correct that as reported in the remote point on June 19. 2017. You met alone in the Oval Office with the president could you read the exact language and reports her don't have it available to me. I don't think I need to do that I have limited time did you meet alone with the president. Tarzan like you refresh my memory by providing a copy the reports like in fall along the eight. You don't have a group W with I don't have a copy of the report congressman. I was chairman I requested that the clock be stopped while this is greatest sorted out. Yeah lots of friction there around and ended with Cherie chairman Jerry Nadler threatening. Quarry with contends that want to bring in Katherine folders on Capitol Hill Katherine to have we ever seen a witness likeness. Yes it looked as the first time that a former. Tom. Campaign advisor to the president has testified of publicly before a committee and it definitely was. Different than a hearing. And before one because this was the first hearing that the committee has designated at an impeachment. Hearing which means that council. The democratic lawyers also got crushed Philadelphia. But really you saw him in that clip that you played in the beginning. At stalled. He didn't answer any questions really about his dealings with the president. He was directed by the White House not to response and did. Get much new information out of him but we did learn is that he did confirm at least. I want the Muller reports says that the president dictated the message to lend out speech delivered to his former attorney general Jeff Sessions. To limit the scope of the Mueller investigations something that really down he said he could not do. And something else that was pretty interesting during the hearing is that. When docking he launched his senate campaign. In the middle of it. Yes we didn't nobody wants to run for senate he requested a five minute recess and telling that we sexy fired off a series of weeks now and an official campaign months that ended and it was it was it's cleaning Allen has senate's money money in hand with. Gloria links left packed website for support. His running for senate nonetheless. He took a break to do that and using this hearing really bad. To promote his future senate campaign something Democrats quickly capitalize on. Saying that it's not what he's him. Mary Katherine so what happens next how we move forward. Oh well loved they've heard have finally tells you they're still. Focusing on this world. You obstruction of justice five president's father focusing on on Russia and impeachment. What to look for now though is how much Democrats. Focus on impeachment. Through various theories that they're going to have we know that they want the former attorney general Jeff Sessions to contest and finally could see him up innocent and will be focused on that but. They're also going to shift to other an investigation that's well we know they want to look into hush money payments. In also. Some trump properties. Example so we'll be seeing a lot more of that of course Republicans say they want the Democrats to focus on gun control. In immigration vote but for now Kimberly this remains for us. All right Catherine father is on Capitol Hill thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"The former campaign manager for President Donald Trump also posted a series of tweets during his Capitol Hill testimony teasing a possible Senate run.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65695910","title":"Tension at Corey Lewandowski's House Judiciary Committee hearing","url":"/Politics/video/tension-corey-lewandowskis-house-judiciary-committee-hearing-65695910"}