Tim Kaine Expected to Come Out Swinging at Debate

ABC News' Cecilia Vega talks about the expectations on Tim Kaine at the vice presidential debate.
5:58 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Tim Kaine Expected to Come Out Swinging at Debate
We figure earlier governor Mike and entering the building apparently university can office and review. That's senator Tim Kaine is in the building so they are both out there and we can go live now to longwood where our own Cecilia Vega joins us. He has been Wii is the Clinton mean there Cecelia it's as big night for Tim Kaine they said he active sort of reintroduce himself again. A Q and national audience but what of email about how he's been preparing. Fourteen. You know it's sort of it seems like it's the Hillary Clinton model of debate prep that he's going with here he's been ED in briefing books I'm told by aides that are closed I have been following him. Over the last few weeks that he's a policy locked just like Hillary Clinton at the narrative they're trying to sell right now. Not just that you know she did at time of mock debates leading her big showdown with Donald Trump last week same sports came keen in fact. Interestingly enough at the Clinton Campaign has has been really heavily involved ivory McClintock camp have been involved in. Tim Kaine debate prep so the same person who plea Bernie Sanders for Hillary Clinton's debate. Is the same person who's playing Mike Pence or Tim Kane and his lead ups to this he's been. Down and rally mostly out working his debate perhaps but easier night ready for is pictured on you know the Clinton team says. There's some pressure on him and he certainly is feeling it my kid tickets at recently that. After Hillary Clinton's performance last Monday that that scare Tuesday normally it we it is an inquiry that he feels like pressure is on for generally performs I. I guess it's on for me to know what day it is right now. There's no pressure argue as far as we're concerned you know you can do no wrong and that that that last past the election it would be clear about that they get that. And I want that in writing you also may have been email and and inmate Italy later. You use instead earlier sent out an email internally here earlier. Day ABC news staff about what you hear from the team Clinton about their expectations for tonight and one of the things you that he was that they actually expect pence to come out swinging it he's gonna have to make up. For the perceived defeat of his boss. At the last debate. The U do you think is actually true or is that kind of an weird jujitsu expectations setting things that the Clinton folks are doing. Is definitely this in com. But I'll tell you or whether it's spinners on their minds that going into this and maybe this is something that they need to tell Tim Kaine to perform well as that really. The pressure is on the other team right now. Though the big being that Tim Kaine asked to do on this stage tonight in one sense is really simple. He needs to screw this up I mean the Clinton Campaign has been riding this wave of momentum. Over the last week I bet on this campaign every year half I would tell you I've never seen Hillary Clinton like I've seen her over the last week in one day. On the campaign plane the day after the debate she she she was stepping back here to see depressed or you know this is the candidate. Who certainly doesn't look forward to speaking out on a regular breeze as an issue with like howling she was laughing so hard. That he would be so there's this definite hear about that right now and I think they're trying to project that. On to to Tim Kaine spike but like he's got he's got another job at hand here and preparing for this debate in Wentz and the other side has been. Really tough for him because he's since he has to debate. Two people up there rate he's got to take his opponent the direct opponent sitting at that table right across from him he's also take on his opponent for Donald Trump and the cold tonight will be. Two on to nail him on some of Trump's policies we know for a fact that he's gonna go. Heart on taxes we know for a fact that he's gonna go hard on things like if it Machado and what Donald Trump's that in the last debate. About about women and and and some of the stuff he said over the course of this campaign about women and they're gonna really try and hold. Mike Pence to Donald terms policies and I try to get him to either. Support or disavowed them so so in absence of the top I do know our team knows from talking to people on the inside his campaign it. When an F. There will be fireworks they will come early on they expect him to come out swinging and that there's verse thirty to forty I'd get their fears people might not watch. We know not our viewers our viewers state pretty tired but with the name of that nature I'm not seen job. I think an aesthetic and house. Are. Curious about him came in terms of its future he's only in his early fifties. We know that there have been fourteen vice president could have gone on to become president themselves. Does he had with our eyes on more than just be vice president. You know and that the one of the interesting things about Tim Kaine is. How the campaign the Clinton Campaign and his campaign is using ten night as an opportunity to basically sell him. To the American public they have he's only really had. Three shops and and tonight being the biggest need is nearly as voice of god that's I'm sorry that's distracting telling all of our wireless my. But gate you know what it looked they introduced him on the national stage went way Hillary Clinton picked him as his running mates at that was a big moment for him. Of course his big speech at the DNC his second shot but he's never had an audience is big is this when he's not he's here recently and as turned senator of course and a politician and that but he tonight needs to introduce himself there was an interesting thing that's been floating around on the Internet today. Where someone took photos of Tim Kaine and Mike Pence out on the streets of New York after you guys thought tried to get people to name who they work. Most people couldn't even do it so it just shows you how hard the box hi how high the bar is tonight. For these guys to really have to introduce themselves so a look at her on the VP ticket on the ticket out clearly you've got your eye on the bigger prize. We'll see if he can't be can pull off and start by himself your eyes. Resilient thank you so much go watch the debate we'll talk to you afterwards we hope.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"ABC News' Cecilia Vega talks about the expectations on Tim Kaine at the vice presidential debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42571160","title":"Tim Kaine Expected to Come Out Swinging at Debate","url":"/Politics/video/tim-kaine-expected-swinging-debate-42571160"}